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The black screen blinked to life and begun an insistent beep. Alyssa Arano looked up from the book she had buried her head in for the past few hours. She left orders not to be disturbed. Reading to orchestral music provided a brief respite that the piercing ringtone shattered. Alyssa briefly contemplated if she should allow the incoming call to interrupt her rest.

Recent events were exhausting. The loss of her leader and childhood companion affected not just her work but also shook her personally. The Zeon leadership was quick to shove her into the vacuum created by the death of Haman Karn. Alyssa had been groomed for this all her life, yet she never felt ready, not even now. Yet she had to be strong for Neo Zeon to succeed in reclaiming their birthright. They prepared for this for years. The hardships suffered by her people would soon be over once they moved back to Side 3.

The incessant beep broke through her thoughts. Alyssa sighed and closed the book in front of her. She brushed her hair out of her face and checked her appearance vaguely through the reflection of the console screen. Satisfied, she pressed the answer button. The face of her assistant appeared on the screen. He did not appear pleased to be tasked with relaying the message to her, she knew at first glance. Alyssa knew Lieutenant Alexander Mori well enough to sense his discomfort even through the screen. She wondered what bothered him so much, he usually kept a better composure. Alex saluted at the sight of the Zeon Regent. “M’Lady, we have reports that a salvage team scoured the wreckage zone before our recovery team arrived. I’m ashamed—“

“It happens.” Alex did not have to mention Haman’s name. He understood her pain, and she thanked him silently for that. “I trust you’ve dispatched a team to track down the salvagers.”

“Yes, M’Lady. Reports indicate that they are heading for the Moon.” Alyssa expected no less from her assistant. “I will look into this myself, Alex.”

“But, M’Lady—“ Alyssa cut off his protest with a raised hand. He knew she would take over the search personally. That explained his reluctance to make the call. It meant he understood her reasons too, as much as he disliked it. “You know I have to do this, Alex. The fleet will continue on course as planned. The delegation must reach Side 3. Patch the Vice Admiral through.”

“Yes, M’Lady.” There was a brief pause before Vice Admiral Darius Solomon appeared on the screen in a second video link beside Alexander. The Lieutenant saluted his superior while the Vice Admiral saluted the Regent. “Good evening, Lady Alyssa.”

“Vice Admiral,” Alyssa nodded in acknowledgement. “Alex, please.”

Her assistant proceeded to fill Solomon in on the intelligence report. The middle-aged veteran listened quietly. When Alexander finished, Solomon finally spoke, “Do you wish to take matters into your own hands, Lady Alyssa?”

“I leave the Doyenne in your command, Darius. I will leave at once on the Repentance. If all goes well, we will rendezvous with the fleet at Side 3.”

“I’m against this, Alyssa. I should have been firm with Lady Haman and stopped her from going out into combat against enemy ace pilots. With all due respect, it’s too soon to let the new Regent to be off chasing after a rabbit trail.” Solomon was a father-like figure for both Haman and Alyssa. He was a close and old friend of Maharaja Karn, Haman’s father and Alyssa’s guardian.

Alyssa pursed her lip in annoyance. She expected resistance and understood their reasons, but she was going regardless of their opinions and feelings. They stopped her from joining the recovery team and the search parties after the battle. There was no stopping her this time. “The Repentance can handle whatever surprises we encounter. I’ll also be bringing the Black Tri Stars along as escorts. Don’t worry, Darius. You can help me by bringing the delegates to Side 3 and protect Princess Mineva.”

Solomon sighed and said, “You and Haman are too alike. There is not stopping you once your mind is made up. There’s so much of Maharaja in the two of you. I promised him I would take care of you both. I have failed him once and I don’t want to fail him again.”

“I’m not going up against enemy ace pilots in a battle. We are intercepting a group of civilian salvagers. We will outgun them.” Alyssa noticed Solomon’s expression softening slightly. She recognised that look since young when he finally gave in to their pestering him for candy. “Besides, Haman would have done the same for me if our roles were reversed.”

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"I'm not a know it all! I just treat it like my baby!" Huffed out Artemis as she pulled her head out of one of her Gaza-C's verniers, "You'd be protective too if you had to fly around in this scrap heap."

The hanger of the Repentance was filled with mobile suits, with most of them belonging to the Gaza family line. Artemis's was one of the few not painted a drab olive green. Plates of armor hung off of the machine as the green haired girl and her mechanic, a short redhead named Ginger. They were both smeared with grease and grime alike.

"How do you bang this thing up so bad in the first place if you treat it like your baby?" Ginger snapped back as she elbowed a plate of armor down into place.

"Everyone else is a better shot than I expect..." Artemis mumbled the words under her breath as she dragged a rag around the rim of the vernier, "I'm here ain't I?"

"Oh yea. And this is what? The seventh leg we've replaced on your Gaza?" Ginger could't help smirk as she finished putting the armor back onto the mobile suit's leg.

Rather than respond, Artemis peeled her grease stained tank top off and flung it at Ginger's face, blinding her. As the girl managed to get the garment off she was blinded again by Artemis's pants. Tangled up in the clothes Ginger drifted for a few moments before finally getting free and seeing that Artemis had changed into her flight uniform, helmet and all. 

"How do you keep doing that? Does everyone else just see you naked all the time?" Ginger didn't sound cross but was instead smiling ear to ear as she kicked back over to the black Gaza-C, helping Artemis open up the cockpit and slide in, "Remember just bring it back in after you're done testing it. We don't wanna get in trouble for just launching the thing out..."

Artemis gave Ginger a squeeze before vanishing into the Gaza's interior. She nestled herself into the cockpit before the screens around her blinked to life. As the machine finishes starting up she grabs onto the controls and walks the mobile suit onto the catapult.

"Artemis MacGriever, Gaza. Launching!" 

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Leon's Zero Sky Zaku was flying in space in search of the Repentance, while muttering to himself.

"I swear, they better pay well or the old man is gonna hear about it... Wait, is that..."

He saw and then approached the huge, red ship slowly, and witnessed a Gaza launching out.

"Guess that's how they greet allies..."

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The frame of the Gelgoog juddered almost violently around him, the antique metal cocooning the machine’s retrofitted panoramic cockpit creaking and groaning under the stress of high-G maneuvers. Perhaps it was a poor decision, redesigning such an old machine up to the standards of contemporary mobile suit technology: in just eight short years, the fundamental nature of mobile suit warfare had changed, making large, heavy machines like this almost obsolete. Briefly, addled by the inertial stress of a rapid deceleration, followed by a rapid pivot, Teo Nygaard considered the viability of his father’s decision to build the Gelgoog Stutzer. On paper, it was perfect, matching the performance of many of its contemporaries, but in practice, Teo noted that without the agility afforded by a movable frame, the myriad thrusters on the Gelgoog Stutzer made it far more difficult to use.


Teo grit his teeth as he repeated the maneuver, despite the loud beeping of a high-G warning on his monitor. The blood rushed to his head as he inverted the Gelgoog Stutzer in space before slowing the machine to a relative halt. He took several deep breaths, squeezing his fingers vise-tight against the twin control sticks on either side of his body to redistribute the blood back throughout his body. “Maneuvering tests complete…” he panted, speaking through a short-range comms channel. “I’m coming back to refuel.”


Nearby, a civilian cargo craft was nestled between pieces of space debris. It bore the insignia of the Nygaard Concern, and presumably so did the heavily modified mobile suit it was observing. On the other side of the channel, Teo would hear a gruff, pompous voice. “No, Teo. We’ve received orders from the Neo Zeon military: you’re to rendezvous with one of their vessels nearby, the Repentance. We’ve sent you its coordinates, and a laser message ahead of you. They’ll know you’re coming. It’s time to shine.”




Teo sucked out the last few sips of beverage base from the packet, nearly cringing at the overly tangy flavour. He’d been drifting through space for a bit more than half an hour, by now, and he was starting to get bored. The marker labeled ‘RENDEZVOUS’ ahead of him slowly ticked down: ninety kilometers, eighty-five, eighty, seventy-five.


By now, he reasoned he was close enough to try and get long-range communications with the vessel “Repentance, this is Ensign Teo Nygaard, I’ve been told to rendezvous with you, coming in on vector 0-6-0. How copy?” Soon, however, he would watch as a second IFF marker emerged from inside of the Repentance, labeled 'GAZA-C'. "Oh, great..."

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After the Gaza-C was flung into the star filled abyss of space Artemis accidentally dragged her hand over her controls, flicking off her communication channels. She cleared the cockpit screens of numbers, indicators and gauges and took in the carpet of twinkling lights with a deep pent up sigh that came from deep inside of her. Tears began to blur her vision as she drifts soundlessly through the void. For once her thoughts were her own. But her moment of silent reflection was never meant to last. 

A red flash brings the screen back to life as a circular target is drawn around a distant dot of moving light followed by a line of text branching off of the red circle; MS-06? Zaku II. The girl stared at it with a mixture of anger and resentment before bringing her screens back to life. The screens brought a surprise back with them, another target drawn over another rapidly moving dot. This one was only given a BOGIE label.

"I thought the One Year War was over," Artemis croaked out, her voice cracking as she lifted her helmet to dry her eyes, "You interrupted me time. You're dead. Both of you."

The girl smashed the communication button with her fist, opening up a channel with the Repentance.

"CPO MacGriever outside the Repentance. Two unidentified mobile suits are approaching."  The voice that came back to her questioned not about the mobile suits but about her voice, it sounded hollow and dry. She was then quickly told to wait and not to engage with the suits, "Sorry Repentance, couldn't catch that. Com's probably still fucked."

Artemis switched the com back off with a heavy hand as she aimed her Knuckle Buster at the bogie. The pair of green lenses on her Gaza were both focused on the rapidly moving dot. At such an extreme range any shot from the Gaza would be a crapshoot and might as well be a warning shot, or at least was Artemis's justification to firing at the distant bogie. 

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"No way, old man! I'm piloting it!" Yelled out Amber is she opened the cockpit of her orange custom suit, the Dra-C Oct. "It's my suit, and I'm using it!" She looked at her father, who had seen better days. Years and years of hard work had made him weaker and more feeble. His age was also becoming an issue since he couldn't do much of the heavy lifting anymore. However, Neo Zeon needed all the help they could get. "They want you to pilot a Gaza-C, like the others." said her father, Kem. Amber looked around to see rows and rows of the mobile suit. "No." She said. "I've put so much effort into this." Inside though, she knew that it was a better MS, but her Dra-C was so special to her. She was just glad it got on the ship.

Amber glazed back down to her father and saw how distraught he looked. She realized that the only times she wasn't her happy, goofy self was when she was with her father, who would frequently restrict her time and time again. What she didn't realize was that her father only did this to make sure she didn't get hurt. "I'm... I'm sorry, dad." she said as the cockpit closed. The orange suit started, causing cameras to blink into the interior. I knew that meant her purple and green lights for the monoeye were on. "Man, it took forever to get that to work." She thought. The legless mobile suit floated to the catapult, connecting at the bottom. "Amber Destara, Dra-C Oct, LAUNCHING!"

Kem glanced one of the mechanics, Ginger. "I just want her to be safe." he said to her. Ginger smirked. "Oh, don't worry. She'll be fine!"

She held on to the controls as the suit jetted through the depths of space. Amber loved the speed her mobile suit could create. Suddenly, she saw a gray machine flying toward their ship. "Is that a Gelgoog?" she said. She wasn't sure because it was so far away, but she was sure that a black Gaza was firing at another mobile suit. "Artemis!" She yelled out. "We're being attacked?!" 

Amber pointed her mega gatling gun directly at the other mobile suit. "It's a long shot, but I gotta try!" She shouted as she fired bullets at the unknown suit.


OOC: (I'll have the Dra-C be damaged after the battle to that she can use the Gaza.

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Quickly, the yellow circle that labeled the Gaza-C turned into a red diamond as its pilot brought its weapons to bear. Teo hadn’t prepared for a fight, but if that’s what she wanted, he would need to defend himself. “Repentance, call your mobile suit off!” He’d call out, though slowly, he’d unlatch the beam machine gun at his mobile suit’s rear skirt, tucking the stock under the Gelgoog’s arm. The Gelgoog Stutzer surged forward, oddly enough much in the same manner a certain ace would usually do during the One Year War. He was trying to scare the Gaza pilot off in hopes of defusing the situation.


Teo paused for a moment as he came up on the approach, nearing the Gaza-C. For a moment, he hesitated, but as it fired a few shots from its Knuckle Buster, he had little choice but to retaliate. However, before he could get properly targeted on the mobile suit, a veritable wall of tracers very nearly grazed his suit from his right. It was another mobile suit, with an unknown IFF, though after a moment or two, it would change, even as the red diamond hovered over it. ‘DRA-C’ “What the hell...?!” Teo grit his teeth as he fired all of his Gelgoog’s left RCS thrusters, sending the machine off in one direction away from the withering barrage of gunfire. “Repentance, I’m friendly!” He could feel the blood rush to one side of his body, and for a moment, he begun to waver, but he steeled himself, letting out a loud grunt as he regained control of his mobile suit.


“Why are you shooting?!” The Gaza pilot was persistent, he had to give them that, and soon enough, he would bring his own weapon to bear. He squeezed the trigger on his control stick, watching the weapon charge up before releasing a short volley of angry green energy in their direction. Being a short-range weapon, however, most of the shots would fizzle out into a cloud of mega-particle mist before they even reached the Gaza.

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"Well... If I don't step in, someone might die. If I step in, they might think I'm the enemy. Eh, screw it."

Leon set his Mobile Suit's reactor output to its maximum, and charged the Gaza-C.

"You look like you need a hug!"

Once in range, Leon's Zaku's arms wrapped around its target's waist area, and he started trying to pull it back towards the Repentance.

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Artemis's screens became walls of red exclamation marks. The trackers on the approaching mobile suits both became red triangles with flashing exclamation marks. With one new marker represented by a green square with the tag AMBER. The tag guides the girl's hand to fumble for her coms, to hear her crew mate's words; we're being attacked.

"Well they're shooting back aren't they-" Artemis cut herself off as she yanked back on her controls, sending her backwards as the Gelgoog opened fire, last few shots crossing over were she was moments before, the only thing saving her being the distance between the two suits, "Yes being attacked! Very much! Can you take the Gelgoog? You're faster than I am."

A high pitched beeping dragged Artemis's eyes back to the Zaku. It was charging her with arms spread wide open. The distance between them pops up in big red numbers under its tag, and it was dropping like a rock tied to an anvil wearing concrete shoes. 

"No touching you pervert!" She screams as she tears the beam saber from her right shoulder, igniting it. The beam saber met the Zaku's shoulder, shearing it off and leaving a glowing orange ring of molten metal in it's place, "What is with these old guys always grabbing me!"

The Zaku wouldn't be denied it's embrace., apparently, and so Artemis wouldn't be denied when her Gaza brought it's elbow up and smashed it down onto the Zaku's head, dislodging her from the one armed antique. Her beam saber slashed through space once more, leaving the Zaku with two missing arms and no hugs. 

"Amber I'm coming back to assist you, the Zaku is probably harmless now," She grumbled into her com as her thrusters roared into life, she was moving already but away from the Gelgoog and Amber due to the Zaku's tackle, "Put it down if it comes close again though."

Beam saber in hand she launched at the flashes of light echoing in the darkness and the red triangle and the green square. She aimed herself at the triangle and engaged her transformation, folding her suit over and pointing her Knuckle Buster and two cannons at it.

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"Not a problem, Artemis!" Amber yelled out. She kept firing at the Gelgoog, but her shots were too far away to even hit. "Come on, get closer!" She shouted. In reality, Amber was somewhat scared to fight the mobile suit. She had no experience. "Dammit!" She thought. The pilot had no choice. Amber pushed forward on the controls. Leaving less and less room between the two suits. The Gelgoog hadn't stopped firing either, sending the barrage of energy at the orange machine.

  She brought up her shield in an attempt to block, but to no avail. The Dra-C was taking damage in vital areas quickly. "Not like this!" She said as her gatling gun's ammo depleted. "What?! Was it not fully filled?" The machine threw the heavy weapon at the suit, pulling out her beam saber. She swung to the right, but it left more vital parts exposed. She was wide open.

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The boy looked at Alyssa, bemused. She took a step backwards, ashamed by her impulsiveness. Yet his eyes sparkled, as though he smiled at her soul. He reached out with one hand and tucked her hair behind an ear. Alyssa blushed involuntarily. Then he shoved her backwards and walked off. Alyssa fell, but she never hit the ground. She was falling faster and faster. Then she woke up with a start.

This dream again.

Him again. She shook her head to push him out of her mind. The doorbell rang. Alyssa flicked on the intercoms. Alex appeared on the screen. "M'Lady, are you alright? I wasn't able to get through the intercoms so I thought to come here personally."

She saw the missed call on the screen. She was tired so she took a nap, but she felt even more tired than she was before she went to bed. "My apologies, I was sleeping and missed the calls. What's the matter?"

Alex would only interrupt her sleep if it was something urgent. He could take care of most issues that came up. He said, "Forgive my intrusion, M'Lady. We have reports that the salvagers went to Von Braun City. I have set course for the Moon. Our contacts will have the salvagers by the time we arrive."

She nodded and waited. He had more serious issues to present to her. "There's another set of intelligence report that you need to look at, M'Lady. I have sent the files to you. They are of utmost priority."

"I will look at them. Meet me at strategy room in an hour." Alyssa dismissed her assistant and proceeded to freshen herself. Then she sat down at her desk, poured herself some tea, and begun going through the reports Alex had forwarded her.

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Leon's Zaku was floating in space, lacking its arms.

"Well... I guess I've been... Disarmed."

He waited, idle, for a few seconds, before facepalming.

"That was terrible. I hope nobody heard that."


He then tried to turn towards the Zeonic ship.

"Repentance, this is Leon Malroz, of Zero Sky. We've got a pretty bad situation right now and you should tell your pilots to retreat before people start dying for no reason."

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Quickly, Teo drew back, putting his Gelgoog’s beam machine away as the Dra-C approached with beam saber in tow. The mobile suit’s gatling gun struck the Gelgoog, forcing him forward with a loud thud before he regained control. The cockpit of the Gelgoog Stutzer shook as he fired the maneuvering thrusters to correct his heading, gritting his teeth. “Come on…” he growled.


Amber would watch as two panels in the Gelgoog’s forearms opened to reveal two halves of a beam naginata, which it would wield separately. The heavy plating of the strange mobile suit hid more than one thing, however, and suddenly, a thick cable shot out from a winch on the Gelgoog’s chest, expertly aimed to let the electromagnetic hook catch against the Dra-C’s beam saber arm. Without hesitation, Teo begun to retract the cable, pulling himself close enough to strike. He didn’t want to fight, but if that was he needed to do, he would do it without hesitation. The blades of the split beam naginata would come down over the orange mobile suit’s arms, and then with a swift kick to the torso, the Gelgoog was away. "I don't want to kill you!" he cried, seemingly at no one in particular. "I don't want to fight either."

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"I really. really hope this doesn't hit Amber," whined Artemis to herself as both of her Gaza=C's optics were keeping her locked onto the Gelgoog, the red triangle around it blinked back into a circle as she gained a lock, "Three, two and one!" 

Artemis's fingers started to depress the triggers for her cannons when she saw the two icons abruptly part from one another rather than draw closer. The girl hesitated until the two icons were far enough away that she felt that she wouldn't hit Amber. And after that moment she pulled the triggers on all of her guns.

A torrent of yellow beams blared out of her twin cannons and her Knuckle Buster. As her Knuckle Buster fired Artemis adjusted her aim between each blast of the massive weapon, trying to keep it aimed at the Gelgoog as it flitted through space. 

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The two beams jetted toward the Gelgoog, but one managed to hit the gatling gun, causing it to explode right by Amber's mobile suit. "Oh, crap!" She yelled out. The shrapnel shoved itself into the Dra-C's propellant tanks, igniting the two "legs". The orange machine started to fly erratically out of the combat zone, away from the Repentance. "No, no, no! Come on! Turn back!"

Fluid started to leak out of each tank, causing flashing lights to appear all over the cockpit. She looked back to see her ship get smaller and smaller. "Please! Just stop." She said as she pulled on her controls. They wouldn't budge and eventually, the suit managed to be completely out of range. She glanced around to only see stars and the planet. Suddenly, one of the propellants burst, sending what was left of the Dra-C deeper into the depths of space...

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A brief moment of clarity befell Teo as he watched the orange Dra-C drift off into the depths of space. And then, as if on its own, his body moved to maneuver his machine. The Gelgoog surged forward again, this time at full throttle, causing the inside of the old machine to shake violently as he attempted to close the gap. Would it be enough?


He fired the machine’s grapple wire once more, and soon, the magnetic hook found purchase on the damaged mobile suit, arresting its momentum and no doubt causing its pilot to experience a significant shift in G forces, perhaps enough to knock them out. Teo panted loudly, though before he could do anything else, a volley of powerful yellow beams struck his machine, incinerating the thin luna titanium wire and melting the left leg of his machine to a metallic pulp.

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Once the first explosion popped up on her screens, Artemis stopped firing, her fingers hovered over the triggers hesitantly. Her eyes took stock of the situation. All of the other mobile suits were damaged in some way but rather than being destroyed they were merely disarmed, or more literally in the Zaku's case. 

"Amber, I really hope you can get back to the ship on your own," the words came out as a groan as the girl thumbed the transformation controls, hearing only a sharp error beep and a quick flash of a red light, "The Gaza is doing what it does best." 

The Gaza turned face and began to putter back to the ship. The slow rate was to give Artemis time to look at what the short skirmish had done to her beloved machine as her eyes flew over the panels and readouts that clustered her cockpit. 

Her propellant? Not gonna propel her for that long. Her Knuckle Buster? Could use a little love. The structural integrity of everything? Well it is a Gaza that just got hugged by a multi ton pirate mecha. 

The Gaza-C waddled into the hanger, shifting side to side more than actually walking. The knees seemed to be in as dire of a state as the rest of the Gaza. With a sickening series of shrieks and snaps the Gaza-C unfolded and stood up in its designated place, the cockpit getting flung open just after it stopped walking. 

Ginger took no time in bounding up to the open cockpit, shoving her face in the same motion.

"Artemis! I'm s-" the girl was silenced by Artemis's pilot suit being thrown in her face, wrapping around her head and muffling the red head's excited greetings. 

Artemis herself soon kicked out of the cockpit, somehow having found her tank top and a pair of boyshorts. Her disgruntled rumblings as she floated through the air mentioned something about 'running out of changes of clothes' before she grabbed onto one of the railings and tugged herself onto a catwalk.

"I need to use the bathroom!" Screamed the pilot before opening up a door that lead deeper into the ship, "Start after-conflict maintenance, I'll be there to help in a minute!" 

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“At long last… ‘ave I finally found you?” Hunter stared at the screen of his Quel hardly believing the shape before him. As if frozen in time the giant zeon ship loomed before him with the tiny specs of mobile suits swirling around it. He had been waiting in this spot for hours.

Patience was a trait one of his mentors had taught him and sometimes the prey would wonder before you if you just waited. With minimal systems activated and a black tarp wrapped around his mobile suit he doubted any of the zeeks spotted him. The silence was almost maddening, the only thing reminding him of his existence was his own rhythmic breathing. His original intention was to observe and to see how much of his enemy he could learn. But when the skirmish the Zeeks had been doing turned more serious his attention grew considerably.

The fools actually damaged themselves, mobile suits drifted in disrepair, pilots helpless. One of the Gazas managed to dock back with the ship and Hunter knew his chance for blood would be slipping past albeit it a brief opening. The Dra-c and the Gelgoog were painting a decent target, one he might be able to ambush quickly before moving on to the floating black Zaku.

“But is she ‘ere?” Hunter hissed in frustration. Even as he voiced his concern, his fingers danced over the controls booting up the mobile suit. As the visor of the Quel flared awake in anger Hunter called out once more, “are you ‘ere Erin? Will I finally get my revenge?” It seemed a moot point to ask when so many zeon units were begging for his merciful justice. He fired his thrusters, aiming his Quel towards the foolish zeon units. He brought his beam rifle up and began to slowly target the two suits huddled together.

(OOC: I’ll practice restraint, but I wanna stir the pot on the zeon side of things maybe a little excitement will wake you all up? I’ll change anything if I need to!)

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Artemis bounced between the walls of the ship as she barreled towards a door with a big green restroom sign posted above it in glowing lettering. In her haste she smacked her shoulder against the frame instead of opening the door. The girl let out a series of curses and exclamations of pain before she opened the door and stole her way inside. 

"Oi anyone in here?" Yelled the pilot after the door shut behind her. Silence was the only reply. She scanned around the doors to the stalls, trying to see if there was any occupied stalls and found none switched to the red occupied signal. "Oh thank god."

The farthest stall from the door soon became occupied with more Artemis than most rooms would be comfortable with. She waited until the door was shut securely before the tears returned from her time in space. Her hands covered her eyes as clear droplets began to stream out of them, filling the stall with tiny floating spheres. Artemis almost choked on her sobs as she curled up into a ball herself, tucking her knees under her chin. 

The crying session dragged out for a few minutes before with one last shivering breath she uncurled herself and took a deep breath. Her eyes had turned red around the edges from having her hands pressed against them and a small trail of snot oozed down from her nostril. She smacked the flush button and hesitantly peeked out of the bathroom stall door. Thankfully for her, the room was still empty.

Artemis kicked the toilet and grabbed onto the sink across from her stall. She took deep breaths as she stared herself down for a few moments before she started to clean herself up, but the redness around her eyes refused to subside. 

"Happy anniversary Serenity." The words came out choked from the girl's sore throat, "Why can't I get over you?"

She took one last deep breath before putting on the smile everyone expected from her and kicked her way to the door. She sailed through the open door to the hanger before long and glared at an unpainted Gaza-D that stood unused beside her Gaza-C, most of the paint around the chest and abdomen had gotten scrapped off from the Zaku's attack earlier. 

"How's my bitch baby lookin'?" Shouted out Artemis to Ginger. 

"Like it got drunk and slept with a pizza guy again!" Came the swift reply from the mechanic.

"It was only twice! You never let me live that down!" The words came between fits of giggles as Artemis sailed up to her Gaza-C, "What needs fixing?"

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For a split second, Teo could feel something in his gut. Something screamed at him, pulled him to turn around. Out of the very corner of his peripheral vision, he saw a dark, squared figure. “A Quel?!” Almost immediately after, far quicker than he was usually capable of, Teo fired the Gelgoog Stutzer’s boosters at full power. A warning blared on his main screen, then several. He was pulling higher than maximum lateral Gs, and he could feel it. For the short few moments he’d catapulted out of the way of the Quel’s beam rifle, Teo felt his arms and legs grow ten times heavier as he was forced downward into his seat, and just as suddenly, he’d fire the Gelgoog’s many maneuvering verniers, quickly changing the direction of the G forces. He was about to puke, black out even, but something inside of him, whatever it was, gnawed at his mind, implanting the need to survive.

Come on. Come on. COME ON!  It cried, a plea to Teo to fight. What for, he hadn't the slightest clue. It was a feeling at the very back of his mind, a near subconscious drive.

His visor would crack, and then shatter, and pieces of it would bury themselves in his cheek. Teo didn't notice.

He grit his teeth as the G forces quickly diminished while his movement was arrested by the verniers, and surely enough, Teo brought the Gelgoog’s Beam Machine Gun to bear. His vision, blurred by the rush of blood coming away from his head, slowly recovered as the Quel was brought into his crosshairs. The machine around him creaked and juddered as it recovered from the immense pull of inertia, and soon the distinct burp of rapid beam fire, muffled by the vacuum of space, filled his ears. A volley of mega-particle bolts would rain down on the Quel like a hail of deadly comets, each of the dozens of shots threatening to pose serious damage.

The beeping grew louder, more frequent as Teo pushed the limits of the Gelgoog Jager. He could hear the aging generator behind him start to whine with the sounds of overwork and low fuel, but he had to push on. A small utility arm extended from the machine’s front skirt armor, taking the Beam Machine Gun away while he reached for the Gelgoog’s other weapon: its Beam Naginata Splitter. It ignited, sputtering as the machine’s power reserves ran dangerously low, and for an instant the blade of golden energy looked less like a blade and more like a flame. Then, the two halves of the weapon split apart in both of the Gelgoog’s hands, and the blades shrunk, turning white as the energy was compacted into a far denser package. It surged forward, using the last of its reserves in an attempt to dispatch of the GM.

Teo had screamed himself hoarse.

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As his beam missed Hunter hissed in frustration, “think you’re special ey?”

The Gelgoog dodged away and turned to face him it pulled out its beam chain gun and sputtered a volley at him. At their current distance the exchange of fire was little more than friendly banter going back and forth. Hunter flared his legs to thrust his Quel out of danger. He curled his mobile suit into an arching charge now, evading the trail of chasing laser bullets.

The Quel shuttered violently from the thrusters delivering him to striking distance. The Gelgoog flared its melee weapons to life in its hands.

“Oy that’s the ticket!” Hunter growled as he shifted his Quel to grasp the beam saber with its free right hand. He pulled the shield and rifle in close to his cockpit. As the distance closed quickly he swung down hard with the beam saber, the fuchsia blade came down with ferocity. Hunter grinned with a violent glee and a wishful hatred that only his weapons could satisfy.

”why fight?” He quizzed over the radio. “Why protect yer mates?”

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Deftly, Teo willed the Gelgoog's arm to catch the Quel's arm by the wrist. Contact-based radio activated, allowing him to hear the enemy pilot. His blood boiled, and quietly he grit his teeth from behind his helmet. "Because I want to prove myself!" he spat. "I want to prove that I'm my own man!"

The Gelgoog's thrusters roared to life once more as its leg was brought up to brace against the GM's chest. With all its might, it begun to pull on the newer mobile suit's arm. Slowly but surely, the Gelgoog begun to gore the enemy mobile suit, tearing its arm free from the rest of its body. Electricity arced from the torn wires while oil and coolant begun to flow free from the tubes connecting the Quel's arm like blood from a wound.

With its other hand, Teo drove the beam naginata's condensed blade into the machine's shoulder, cutting upwards to slice and tear through the Federation machine's frame. Curiously, however, none of the Gelgoog's strikes were aimed at the vital sections of the Quel. Perhaps its pilot didn't want to kill his enemy.

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  • Similar Content

    • By Ryder Sarka
      Universal Century 0085. It had been a year and a half since Ryder had joined the Titans, and things had changed for the newly promoted Lieutenant. No longer was he apart of a platoon. He belonged to the Pursuers, a special force within the Titans, and they were at the top of their class. The 8 Mobile Suit pilots apart of this squadron were all assigned to the Alexandria-class ship, the Excalibur. Ryder currently floated around in the hangar of this ship, waiting for it to dock into Konpei Island. Their next assignment was being kept from them, something the Lieutenant didn't enjoy. It never gave him enough time to prepare, but it did give him the extra challenge. However, Ryder already had enough of a challenge, considering he had an outdated mobile suit.
      Most members of the team used the Hizack, one of the newer mobile suits, but Ryder was stubborn. He opted to stick with his GM Sniper II, along with another squad-mate, Gabriel. The Ensign loved his GM Quel, which made him an obvious choice to be Ryder's spotter on missions. The Titan watched as one of the Hizacks was being dismantled for spare parts. "It's sad to see her go." said a booming voice behind him. Ryder turned to see the Commander of the Pursuers. "But it's not every day you get to try a new mobile suit, huh?" Ryder smirked as he heard that comment. He knew the commander wished he would use something better, but time and time again, Ryder would refuse. "Well, I hope it works well, Dustin." He responded to the scarred individual. Suddenly, he heard the ship start to connect to the large space station. "That's our cue." said Dustin. "I'll meet you inside Solo- I mean Konpei Island, in room R17." He floated toward a nearby opening as Ryder watched. Every time he saw him, he was reminded of the mistake he made. That Gelgoog Marine haunted him...
      Ryder zipped up his uniform and followed suit, but he knew he couldn't catch up. Dustin worked a million miles a minute as a commander and wanted to make sure everything would be ready for their meeting. He looked and saw his teammate. "Gabe!" he yelled out.
    • By FrostyFoster
      Ryder Sarka

      Full Name: Ryder Sarka
      Faction: AEUG
      Rank: Lieutenant
      Age: 26
      Sex: Male
      Height: 5'11"
      Weight: 170 lbs
      Eyes: Gray
      Hair: Black
      Skin: Lightly tanned 
      Handiness: Right-handed
      Ryder used to be a lot more pleasant, but after seeing the horrors of war, he has become cold and distant to many people. He'll frequently try to avoid social interaction, only doing so when it's necessary for a mission or to profit from something. He's very methodical and will remain serious at all times, which is seen as a turn-off by some. He's not afraid to speak up in some situations though. He's a hard worker who's constantly working on battle plans, in order to be successful as a soldier for the AEUG. He strives for leadership, wanting to rise up the ranks of the AEUG as he did with the Titans. He feels that he would be able to help them become victorious.
      Strengths and weaknesses
      Even if he doesn't show it, he won't let his team down. He's an expert tactician who can quickly figure out the enemy's plan in the middle of a battle. Because of his reconnaissance experience, he prefers to and is very good at defeating the enemy from afar, without being seen. His experience as a leader will come in handy during battle.
      However, his close combat skills are far from perfect and he may ignore the orders of his superiors to benefit himself. Ryder wants to make a name for himself in the AEUG and the only way he'll reach that is by being successful. Because of this, he'll frequently try to steal kills, even when it's not the best opportunity to do so. He may challenge the orders of his superiors too. 
      Also, because of his past as a Titan, his peers may not trust him as much as the average soldier. His past has made him somewhat selfish, feeling like he deserves a higher position because of what he's done for the AEUG. This mindset can make others uncomfortable.
      Ryder usually wears a red shirt along with his brother's old jacket. It means a lot to him since it was a gift from his brother before he left for war. His pilot uniform is colored orange, which is standard for AEUG pilots. He'll make an attempt to impress people by appearing as if he cares, but it's all a way to benefit himself. He's in good physical shape
      Born July 2nd, 0062, Ryder lived on a space colony located in Side 5 with his parents and his older brother, Len. Once the One Year War broke out, Len joined the federation and was killed during the battle of A Baoa Qu. Ryder felt that his brother's death was pointless and held a personal vendetta against the Principality of Zeon. Against his parent's wishes, he joined the Federation in 0082, becoming a mobile suit pilot for reconnaissance missions. 
      While he was no ace, he was a competent pilot who followed orders. Other teammates did notice his skills as a long-range sniper, so he was given control of a GM Sniper II. After the Delaz Conflict, he became a member of the Titans and was offered a much better mobile suit, but he decided to keep his GM Sniper, painting it in the standard Titan colors. Ryder thought that he could avenge his brother's death by joining the Titans, a unit specifically meant for hunting down Zeon loyalists. This never gave him closure though, and he felt empty. 
      Ryder worked hard over the next two years. He even became a lieutenant, a rarity for someone his age. It was also that time when he was made a part of a special assignment. A colony in Side 1 was holding a protest and the Titans wanted to silence them. They decided to gas the colony, killing the entire population. Ryder watched in terror as the citizens died. This act of atrocity in 0085 changed him forever and he wanted nothing to do with the Titans anymore, comparing them to Zeon. Ryder planned on just deserting, but he learned about a new group formed to resist the Titans, called the AEUG. They were just starting out and they needed all the help they could get.
      Ryder would've joined them right then, but he realized that his position in the Titans could benefit them. Ryder began purposefully leaking top-secret information to them, hoping some of it could benefit them. Like many others, he wanted to eventually become the Titans leader (so he could destroy them from the inside) and began to work even harder for a faction he despised. By the time the Gryps Conflict began, he had become a commander with his own MS squadron. With this new rank came lots of information that "accidentally" got leaked to the AEUG. As the war went on, Ryder enjoyed his status and loved telling people what to do. At that point though, Ryder was caught as a spy. The Titans tortured him for days, attempted to force him to give out AEUG secrets. Ryder couldn't since he never actually met with the AEUG.
      Near the end of the conflict, the ship Ryder was a prisoner on got attacked by an AEUG vessel. It's elite MS squadron captured many members of the Titans vessel. At first, none of the AEUG members believed that he leaked information, but after some convincing, Ryder managed to prove his innocence. The captain of the ship researched Ryder and gave him two options, either go to a POW camp with the others or join the AEUG as a pilot. Ryder chose the latter.
      Ryder was sent to Von Braun shortly before the final battle against the Titans. For him, missing the conflict was great because barely anyone returned from the battle, with most dead or missing. The AEUG's new leader, Ben Grimsdottir, has recruited him and another pilot, Nicky Lavie, for a top-secret mission aboard a mercenary ship called the Firefly. Ryder's one of the only experienced pilots left, so he's been asked to be apart of this ragtag group's MS squadron. Ryder will do anything to lead the AEUG to victory since it's the only home he has left.
      Current Vessel:

      Transport Ship Firefly
      Ryder's Mobile Weapons

      This version was used for training purposes at Von Braun. Now, Ryder must use it in the front lines.
      BOWA BR-M-82L-9 L-9 Type Beam Rifle
      BOWA BR-S-85-C2 Beam Rifle
      60mm Vulcan Gun
      Beam Saber
      Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Destiny [In Progress]
      Coliseum Battles
      A Momentary Battlefield: vs Roromi WON
      Attack in the Colony!: vs Acidic WON
    • By Acidic
      Artemis MacGriever

      Full name: Artemis MacGriever
      Faction: Neo Zeon
      Rank: Chief Petty Officer
      Age: 19
      Sex: Transgender Female
      Height: 5’7’’ (1.7m)
      Weight: 124lb (56kg)
      Eyes: Green
      Hair: Dirty blond dyed neon green
      Skin: Pale
      Handiness: Right handed
      Artemis is the most kind person most will ever meet. She loves everyone she meets unconditionally and acts as attentive as a mother to those she calls her friends. This even extends to foes she meets on the battlefield, more often than not she will try to disable rather than slay her foes.
      Her main passions lie in mobile suits. Everything about them fascinate her and excite her. Maintaining them, repairing them, piloting them and sometimes customizing them. She even joined the Neo Zeon forces primarily due to the Zaku being her favorite family of mobile suits. In her opinion Federation suits are too boring.
      Easily excitable, Artemis can usually be found with a lot of energy, bouncing around the hanger bay or common areas of whatever base she’s located inside. She’ll try to butt in on any conversation she can find and add another friend to her list of people to fret and care for. Sitting still might as well be a foreign language to her.
      Strengths and Weaknesses
      Mobile Suit Familiarity: Able to repair and maintain her mobile suit on her own, Artemis is familiar with the basics of all aspects of mobile suit mechanics and is able to make field repairs to most Neo Zeon suits.
      Hyperactive: Artemis needs to constantly be moving and that includes while piloting a mobile suit. She can’t help herself from fiddling and that causes her attention to be split at all times.
      Hopeless romantic: If she falls in love she’ll fall hard. Cute girls are her biggest weakness and will often become a love struck puppy when faced with one.
      A lithe girl with a round doughy face that makes her appear much younger than she really is. She’s a fan of dying her hair and styling it at random and in random ways so it frequently changes but always returns to her green. She hasn’t had any of the surgeries normally associated with her identity.
      She usually wears scarves or hats she collects alongside her uniform and will try to personalize it whenever her superiors aren’t looking. When off duty she’s seen in baggy clothes that couldn’t be farther from her uniform.
      Enthralled at an early age by tales of her father’s far fetched stories, him fashioning a Zaku tank with a shot down Zaku during the One Year War so he can fight in the war to how he was really the one to save the colonies. She naturally fell in love with mobile suits and always dreamed of piloting her own Zaku, her favorite line of mobile suit. To that end she began dedicating herself to one day piloting a mobile suit.
      When Neo Zeon began to rise Artemis debated joining. She wasn’t particularly warlike or dedicated to the Zeon cause. Her only real cause for joining at first was wanting to pilot a Zaku. Her girlfriend at the time agreed, wanting Artemis to stay on their colony and away from the fighting. Ironically it was that fighting that spurred Artemis to leave.
      The more blood that was shed the more Artemis couldn’t sit still. She had to try and stop the fighting but she couldn’t do it on her own. The choice soon became clear to her, Neo Zeon promised to protect the colonies where her girlfriend lived. Reluctantly she signed up as a mechanic rather than a pilot, unable to stomach actually killing anyone.
      That didn't last long. During a botched operation she was forced to pilot a Gaza-C in defense of her ship. Although the suit returned without a leg, hers was the only one to. She gained slight infamy for her rather strong personality while continuing to serve Neo Zeon. 
      After she got assigned to the Repentance she returned home to discover her girlfriend had left her in her absence. Heart broken she painted her mobile suit its current black color scheme and put on a smile that only faltered when she wasn't being watched. She briefly decided to abandon Neo Zeon but after seeing the Regent's hair in person she decided to continue to serve, if only to annoy the crew of the Repentance in between missions.
      Artemis's AMX-003 Gaza-C: A standard unit painted with her personal colors; black and bright green.

      Role plays
      Ashes to Ashes
      Coliseum battles
      2 Zaku 2 Furious
      Attack in the Colony!
    • By Acidic
      This is not an actual roleplay and more of an origin of Artemis and what shaped her into the Neo Zeon scamp that she is, it is split up into four pre planned parts each with their own title.
      It will contain very harsh language and some scenes may be inappropriate for some sensibilities so please be cautious before reading.
      I will try to complete this within the week as I already have most of this figured out with only the rest to be filled in with words. 
      Links(Will be converted to clickable links as a table of contents): 
      Part One: Rise, Junk Zaku!
      Part Two: Sieg Zeon
      Part Three: Just add Ginger
      Part Four: Goddess of the Hunt
    • By FrostyFoster
      Might as well make a short bio before I forget.
      Maria Walker

      Full Name: Maria Grace Walker
      Affiliation: Anaheim Electronics
      Job Title: Mobile Suit Test Pilot
      Age: 26
      Sex: Female
      Height: 5'7''
      Weight: 130 lbs
      Eyes: Green
      Hair: Black 
      Skin: Light
      Handiness: Left-handed
      Maria is very sweet and likes to chat with her co-workers. She's committed to her job as a test pilot and strives to get better as one. People frequently ask her for advice, since she gives meaningful, positive feedback to others. She hasn't allowed her wealth to make her snobby.
      Maria is naturally appealing and attractive. She tries to stay fit physically in order to perform the best at her job. She doesn't like to wear too much makeup, but she does take care of her long black hair. Her eyesight is weak, so she always wears her glasses. When she isn't wearing a pilot's suit, Maria usually wears white button-up shirts with blue jeans. She has a collection of different colored sneakers.
      Born on April 7th, 0062, Maria lived with her parents and two older sisters in an extravagant mansion in the middle of a space colony in Side 5. Her father had created a successful packaging business, giving his family a very comfortable life. Throughout her school life, most of her fellow students were jealous of her. They would frequently call her names and would tell her how she would never have to work in her life. Eventually, she got tired of this and started to work extremely hard in high school, partially because her father chose one of her sisters instead of her to take over the company when he retired.
      She began to work vigorously to get straight A's, but she didn't actually know what to do with her life. During her senior year, her friend Ryder Sarka, who she secretly had feelings for, mentioned that he wanted to become a pilot for the Federation. She found piloting fascinating, so once she graduated, she applied to become a test pilot for Anaheim Electronics. Maria was immediately denied on account of her poor eyesight and zero experience as one. It was a wakeup call for her, but she wouldn't give up. She got an internship at the company, starting out as an engineering assistant doing menial tasks for her superiors.
      While it wasn't particularly fun work, she found it to be very enjoyable because of the friends she made. However, she was still committed to becoming a test pilot in the future. Over the next couple of years, Maria attempted the tests to become a pilot many times. While she got better with each attempt, it was never enough to pass. However, an opportunity appeared when the Proto Gamma was brought to La Vie En Rose. Its pilot had left and there were still tests that needed to be performed. She begged her boss to test the new mobile suit. After her superior obliged, Maria proved to her co-workers that she deserved to be a test pilot.
      While she was never the main test pilot, she at least got to try out some cool mobile suits during the Gryps Conflict. Once it ended, Anaheim continued to stay busy, since another war ended up starting. Maria obviously wasn't happy about the bloodshed, but these wars did allow her to keep her job...
      Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Destiny (In Progress)
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