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Hiro Kusanagi


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Hiro Kusanagi

Full name: Hiro Kusanagi
Faction: AEUG mercenary from Draconis Fury team of the Galleon Combine
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Height: 1.75 metres
Weight: 79 kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Pale
Handiness: Right-handed

Hiro Kusanagi was hot-headed in his youth. His rashness and naivety led to unpleasant and unhappy events that made him regret his actions. These experiences taught him to reign in his temper and be more calculated in making his moves. Those who knew him since his younger days regard this change as him mellowing as he aged. Hiro chose not to dispute that, though he knew he still fought the demon within.

When he sought to control his emotions, he found himself going down the spiritual path. Meditations and relaxation techniques helped detach him from his feelings to avoid them clouding his thoughts. This led him to adopting stoicism in his life, making him accept challenges and setbacks readily.

Despite being a stoic, Hiro was still unable to get over parting with his parents without a proper goodbye. This regret pushed him to cherish what he had and to pursue what he wanted.
Strengths and weaknesses

Hiro Kusanagi's temper put him in many unfavourable situations and led to him making poor choices that came back to haunt him. Although he has reigned that in, he was still quick to act. He was not one to hesitate or waver. This made him efficient and gave him an edge in combat.

He was loyal to a fault. His poor luck and the lack of a knack for making good choices often placed him on the wrong side. His loyalty meant he would persevere despite the odds, often leading to him suffering more losses than if he knew when to back off and count his losses. Hiro had his fair share of joining mercenary groups that were in the decline. He had to contribute more out of his own pocket for his teams than what they could pay for the jobs he completed.

Hiro Kusanagi was adding some pounds to hide his firm muscles. His regular workouts built strength but his penchant for a beer or four ensured he accumulated a healthy layer of fats around his six-packs.

Although he was not handsome, Hiro was far from hideous either. An ugly scar ran across his lower left cheek. A lesson from his mentor that he would be reminded of when he looked at himself. The scar brought compliments and aversions in equal frequency.

Hiro Kusanagi left his home in Side 3 at a young age after a dispute with his parents. His self-imposed exile became permanent when the One Year War broke out in UC 0079. His training as a mobile suit pilot made him find work as a mercenary pilot easily. He moving between mercenary groups as they grew and perished, either due to finances or combat.

After years of switching employers, Hiro joined the Draconis Fury and it became the mercenary company that he worked for more than five years, his longest stint. The Fury was known for its honour more than its efficiency, and the group struggled stay in the black. It eventually merged with the Galleon Combine due to finances owed to the latter.

When the Gryps Conflict broke out, Anaheim Electronics engaged the Galleon Combine to aid the AEUG in its civil war against the Titans. The group suffered heavy losses in the war. Despite the end of the war with the Titans disbanded, Hiro’s team continued to assist the AEUG with the threat posted by a superior Axis Zeon forces in the Earth Sphere.

The AEUG assigned a GM II to Hiro for his missions. The AEUG reserved the newer MSA-003 Nemo units for their own soldiers and were able to only spare the older GM II for their hired hands.

Role plays
Coliseum battles

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