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(ENDED)2 Zaku 2 Furious

Artemis MacGriever

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( @Acidic vs. @Truegear

MS-06 Zaku II in Space)

    “A Zaku! A Zaku!” Purred out Artemis as she lovingly dragged her fingertips over the buttons and instruments that decorated the Zaku’s cockpit, “They finally gave me one to pilot after months of begging!” 

    She bounces in her seat as she prepares the Zaku II for launch. The sequence might as well have been religious doctrine for her, her fingers recite it without fail or hesitation. The Mobile Suit’s mono eye flashes red as the matte green machine begins to move to the catapult.

    “Hey uh... whats this?” Artemis chirps out as she notices something on the dashboard, reading it aloud, “For use in non-canon battles only?!”

    The Zaku’s feet thud onto the magnetized catapult as the green haired girl crosses her arms in a huff, glaring at the words as the ship’s combat controller drones on in her headset. She remains in her pout even as the light turns green and the catapult begins to throw her into space. She only grabs onto the controls after the captain shouts a threat into her ear.

    “Fine! Artemis and Zaku, launch!” She shouts into the mic, “Non-canon fights... the story hasn’t even started and those nerds are-”

    She takes a breath and shakes her head. The ship had thrown her into a graveyard. Mobile suits floated around her silently, in bits and pieces. Paint had long since chipped away from both Federation and Zeon suits, each Mobile Suit a slate grey tomb to the pilots still sealed inside.

    Artemis’s Zaku grabbed onto its Raketen with both hands. Aside from her four hand grenades and heat hawk, it was her only weapon. Her two extra magazines hung on her shoulder shield like she saw on her idol, a Zaku gunpla.

    “Come out, come out wherever you are, pirate boy,” she taunts out over the radio, “I’m a busy girl, I can’t be with just one guy forever.”

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Leon seemed impatient as his own Zaku launched out. "I hope this is over with quick."

He tried to find his opponent among the many Mobile Suits, and saw Artemis' Zaku.

"Huh, so it's a mirror match. That should be interesting. I doubt I can count on being subtle in a fight like this, so..."

Leon's Zaku charged towards the enemy, while firing at it with its machine gun.

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     The sparks from the other Zaku’s machine gun spray was the first of her foe that Artemis had even seen. She maneuvers to the side, hiding behind an abandoned GM locked ahold of a Zaku. She grabs onto one of the hand grenades on her Zaku’s waist, chucking it in the direction of the spray of bullets.

     “I didn’t mean that literally!” she shouts, probably to herself, “When in doubt just throw more explosives at it. Dad for once your advice is worth something!”

     Artemis waits until she feels her cover tremble with the passing explosion and jets off to a blasted out Federation cruiser, ducking into the mobile suit hanger and setting up her bazooka, aiming it at the field of frozen mobile suits.

     “Now just come out and do kisses with my rockets...” Artemis lowers her voice despite the other Zaku pilot probably not being able to hear her through space, “Please don’t shoot at me again. That could actually hurt me- oh wait we’re fighting. Right.”

     The girl takes a few deep breaths as she watches her screens, her finger hovering over the fire control like a vulture over a broken down Prius. She moves only her eyes as she looks from where she threw her explosive and starts to scan outward.

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As he saw the grenade coming towards him, Leon stopped his Zaku dead in its tracks, in order to avoid taking much damage.

"Well damn, I've got a smart one on my hands. That could be a problem."

Leon had lost track of his target, and decided to "stand" in one place and rotate his Zaku while firing, in order to maybe hit something.

"I don't know where you're hidden, but I'm gonna find out!"

This strategy put him at risk, but it was the only one he could think of.

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    Artemis was notified of the wild firing shortly as the barrel of the gun had come round her general direction, peppering the side of the ship with bullets before the spray moved on. She held her breath, waited for a moment before hitting the trigger of her bazooka aimed at the source of all the gunfire, the enemy Zaku.

    A harsh thud drowned out the hail of gunfire as the first of the rockets spiraled out of Artemis’s launcher. She pulled the trigger again. And again. And again. She emptied the five round clip at the wildly firing foe of hers.

    She tried to fire again but a red ammo indicator flashed up on her console. She let out a soft squeak as she ducks back into the relative safety of the shot up ship. She planted the empty weapon against the wall and had her Zaku kick off the spent clip, letting it drift out of the ship. 

    “I should have chose the machine gun,” she whines out as she watches her Zaku take one of her two spares from her shoulder armor and ram it into the weapon, “Doesn’t take six years to reload. Has a hundred rounds not fuckin’ five...” 

    She pauses as she pulls the weapon back up to her shoulder. Rocking her head side to side she puffs out her cheeks as she is lost in thought, go or stay. She takes her second nade out with her Zaku’s free hand and arms it, chucking it out of the hanger before yanking her heat hawk out. Her Zaku backs up in the hanger, back to the far end before sitting itself down at the far end of the hanger. The end of her weapon is pointed at the entrance of the hanger as she powers it down, letting the glowing red mono eye fade into blackness.

    “I wonder if he can find me, I might have just blown him to shit,” her fingers gently caress the radio, “Well he doesn’t have a launcher so I should be safe...” 

    Artemis glances side to side before reaching under her seat and pulling out a hentai manga. She flips through the pages until her bookmark lays the black and white pages. 

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Leon saw the rockets coming towards him, and tried to dodge them, but two of them hit his Zaku, one in the torso, the other in its leg. He then moved back to take cover behind a large wreckage.

"Well, that sucks. But now, I know where you are..."

Leon threw a grenade in the direction the rockets came from in order to distract his opponent, and started moving in another direction.

"Come on, take the bait... You know you want to!"

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    An explosion rocking the derelict ship pulled Artemis from her pornography. With a defeated sigh she stowed the hentai back under her seat and powers her Zaku back on, igniting the red mono eye.

    “Five rockets didn’t kill you?” The girl lets out a high pitched whine as the Zaku gets back up onto its feet, “I hope I at least took off an arm or something...”
    She stows her heat hawk back on her side skirting, holding both hands on her bazooka, aiming ahead of her like it’s a stupidly over sized shotgun. Artemis  bites her lower lip and looks around the abandoned hanger and spots a shot up GM missing a leg. She grabs onto one leg and tosses it out of the hanger.
    “I wonder if he’ll shoot at that. Probably, this guy is pretty damn trigger happy.” As she talks to herself she scans around the debris field, swinging her bazooka over the scattered and broken machinery, “I’m gonna be real sad if I run out of explosives...” 

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Leon saw the floating leg, and hid behind another wreckage.

"That's not what Zaku legs look like. Probably made that move when I threw the grenade."

Leon decided to charge towards where the leg came from, while readying a second grenade.

"Let's see if you're so rocket-happy when I get up close and personal..."

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    A charging one legged Zaku with smoke trailing off of it’s torso caught Artemis’s sight on her Raketen Bazooka. She pulls the trigger and lets a rocket spiral out of her Bazooka aimed right at the charging Zaku.

    “Why aren’t you dead yet?” Artemis sounds upset rather than angry.

    As the clip clunks down and another round lines up with the barrel Artemis pulls the trigger again, sending another explosive round at the enemy Zaku.

    “All you’ve been doing is charging at me and firing blind,” her voice resigns to a softer tone as she speaks, “Have you been trying to kill yourself? I don’t wanna watch another suicide.”

    Once again the clip clunks down and another round is lined up, aimed down range at the Zaku. For a second she holds off but she still pulls the trigger.

    “I’m getting really sick and tired of this you or me shit,” her words are barely above whispers as she lets the fourth round clunk into place, her finger hovering over the trigger, “I mean you’ll kill me if I let you live... right? Isn’t that war?”

    The silence of space seeps into the cabin of her Zaku, almost suffocating her as she stares at the screen in front of her with glazed eyes. Lip trembling as her finger twitches over the trigger.

    “Well it’s a paycheck,” she mumbles out before giggling, pulling the trigger one last time, “I gotta stop reading so many poems before doing these missions.” 

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The rockets hit Leon's Zaku one after the other, making more and more of it break and fall apart as it closes in on its target. Eventually, only a fragment of its torso, part of its head, and its arm remained.

"Worth it."

What remained of the machine fell onto its enemy, and Leon shoved the grenade he had prepared earlier as hard as he could near Artemis' cockpit.

"... F*ck, I forgot to activate it."

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    Watching what was left of the other Zaku come towards her, Artemis reacted instinctively. Giving the Zaku a hug. She squeezed the other machine and swung it around gently side to side.

    “Who’s a cute Zaku? You are!” Her coos are thankfully not transmitted over the radio.

    After a moment of nothing happening she looks down at the object still in the other Zaku’s hand that it is cradling against her cockpit. She stares at it for a few moments before stifling a snort. 

    Artemis took the explosive from the other Zaku’s barely functional hand and kicked the remainder of the machine back out into open space. After a moment she pulled the pin on the grenade and waited. One. Two. Three.

    “It’s been fun!” She called out over the radio before throwing the grenade at the other Zaku, watching it bloom into a vibrant explosion of vivid reds and oranges in the blackness of space. If just for a moment. 

    “Artemis MacGriever, mission accomplished. Sieg Zeon!” Artemis chirped out over the radio before giving a wink at the viewers at home.  

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