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Artemis MacGriever


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Artemis MacGriever



Full name: Artemis MacGriever

Faction: Neo Zeon

Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Age: 19

Sex: Transgender Female

Height: 5’7’’ (1.7m)

Weight: 124lb (56kg)

Eyes: Green

Hair: Dirty blond dyed neon green

Skin: Pale

Handiness: Right handed


Artemis is the most kind person most will ever meet. She loves everyone she meets unconditionally and acts as attentive as a mother to those she calls her friends. This even extends to foes she meets on the battlefield, more often than not she will try to disable rather than slay her foes.

Her main passions lie in mobile suits. Everything about them fascinate her and excite her. Maintaining them, repairing them, piloting them and sometimes customizing them. She even joined the Neo Zeon forces primarily due to the Zaku being her favorite family of mobile suits. In her opinion Federation suits are too boring.

Easily excitable, Artemis can usually be found with a lot of energy, bouncing around the hanger bay or common areas of whatever base she’s located inside. She’ll try to butt in on any conversation she can find and add another friend to her list of people to fret and care for. Sitting still might as well be a foreign language to her.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Mobile Suit Familiarity: Able to repair and maintain her mobile suit on her own, Artemis is familiar with the basics of all aspects of mobile suit mechanics and is able to make field repairs to most Neo Zeon suits.

Hyperactive: Artemis needs to constantly be moving and that includes while piloting a mobile suit. She can’t help herself from fiddling and that causes her attention to be split at all times.

Hopeless romantic: If she falls in love she’ll fall hard. Cute girls are her biggest weakness and will often become a love struck puppy when faced with one.


A lithe girl with a round doughy face that makes her appear much younger than she really is. She’s a fan of dying her hair and styling it at random and in random ways so it frequently changes but always returns to her green. She hasn’t had any of the surgeries normally associated with her identity.

She usually wears scarves or hats she collects alongside her uniform and will try to personalize it whenever her superiors aren’t looking. When off duty she’s seen in baggy clothes that couldn’t be farther from her uniform.


Enthralled at an early age by tales of her father’s far fetched stories, him fashioning a Zaku tank with a shot down Zaku during the One Year War so he can fight in the war to how he was really the one to save the colonies. She naturally fell in love with mobile suits and always dreamed of piloting her own Zaku, her favorite line of mobile suit. To that end she began dedicating herself to one day piloting a mobile suit.

When Neo Zeon began to rise Artemis debated joining. She wasn’t particularly warlike or dedicated to the Zeon cause. Her only real cause for joining at first was wanting to pilot a Zaku. Her girlfriend at the time agreed, wanting Artemis to stay on their colony and away from the fighting. Ironically it was that fighting that spurred Artemis to leave.

The more blood that was shed the more Artemis couldn’t sit still. She had to try and stop the fighting but she couldn’t do it on her own. The choice soon became clear to her, Neo Zeon promised to protect the colonies where her girlfriend lived. Reluctantly she signed up as a mechanic rather than a pilot, unable to stomach actually killing anyone.

That didn't last long. During a botched operation she was forced to pilot a Gaza-C in defense of her ship. Although the suit returned without a leg, hers was the only one to. She gained slight infamy for her rather strong personality while continuing to serve Neo Zeon. 

After she got assigned to the Repentance she returned home to discover her girlfriend had left her in her absence. Heart broken she painted her mobile suit its current black color scheme and put on a smile that only faltered when she wasn't being watched. She briefly decided to abandon Neo Zeon but after seeing the Regent's hair in person she decided to continue to serve, if only to annoy the crew of the Repentance in between missions.


Artemis's AMX-003 Gaza-C: A standard unit painted with her personal colors; black and bright green.




Role plays

Ashes to Ashes

Coliseum battles

2 Zaku 2 Furious

Attack in the Colony!

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On 24/03/2019 at 01:21, Valiant said:

Here's a tip, try not to use bold text for the whole profile, just bold the headings to make it easier to read.

Yea I dunno why it is in all bold, I've tried unbolding it but it wouldn't let me during the initial posting. I copied it over from a google doc so that might be why.

Edit: It also won't let me edit the post right now so oops I guess I'll fix it later...?

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2 hours ago, Valiant said:

Next time you're going over this profile, check the tenses too. We'll be assigning the mobile suits in the faction board.

I was thinking about that. The Ga-Zowmn got introduced at the beginning of the war, but not the VERY beginning.

Maybe this one could be a prototype or experimental unit?

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10 hours ago, FrostyFoster said:

She’s right we’ve all kind of decided what our starting MS will be. It’d be a problem if we all had Zeta Gundams, but our MS aren’t gamebreaking.


10 hours ago, Acidic said:

why does everyone else get to pick their ms? 


Was it stated that you'll be picking your MS? @Roromi and I have assigned the MS for our respective faction members. The full list of mobile suits will also be posted.

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