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Anyone up for some battles to warm up for the RPs?


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16 hours ago, FrostyFoster said:

Sure! How does it work?

Quickest way is to choose a default mobile suit, agree on a battlefield, and start. You can choose to do Earth-based, with various terrains and weather conditions to choose from. Or there's zero-gravity battles in open space, or low gravity within colonies or on asteroids, Moons etc. You get my drift. Different scenarios have different ways to fight in. And you get to RP your character to get a feel of his personality and thoughts.

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20 minutes ago, Acidic said:

sure. just finished my character up and now i have the time to write again. 

I could fight you! What mobile suit would you like to pilot? (I think you should start with this since the Zaku III hasn't been created yet)


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