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Ian’s Gunpla displays

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So I just finished watching Gundam Build Fighters and it got me fired up to look at my old models. Plus the discussion on here got me excited to share some of the displays I gathered. Really the only Gunpla I’m technically showing is my precious Overflag. But I figured the other things were just as interesting! As time goes on I’m hoping to go back and fix up old kits and I’ll share them here. Cheers!






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Haha see the only safe place I can keep my stuff is in my garage on my workbench otherwise I have kids pawing at the “toys” or worse dogs getting their mouths on things. Gimme some time and I’ll get a decent backdrop. I need the criticism to get my butt in gear! :scheming:

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Gotta love necromancy! Been talking a lot with replicator about Gunpla and it’s invigorated me to really swing at it hard again lately. So much in fact that I’ve dug out my kits from 10 years ago and have been working to kinda revamp them and to brush up on more advance techniques beyond just slapping them together. I’m excited to start on my RG Titans MKII soon too! 

First was my old buster kit. For that one I just focused on doing some weathering techniques and attempt at panel lining. It’s still really half hazard but much better than it originally was. 




56F24666-E5F4-4062-B7E4-4EB5B03359DF.jpegThe Second is my old Duel. I’ve never been a fan of the assault shroud and all these years I enjoyed just the original version of it. By doing some Gunpla searches online I got inspiration for what to attempt with the shroud parts I had lying around as well as parts I had from strike rouge’s IWSP pack that I never used. It’s a mild alteration but dramatic I believe. Still haven’t thought of much of a name for it but I like to think of it as. “Mobility shroud” perhaps? The other thing I practiced with this kit was trying to get rid of seam lines and cleaning up nubs. I’m particularly proud at my first attempt at air brushing as well! At this point I’d say I still have some fine details (like the eyes and vents) as well as additional weathering to be done. Irregardless I still think it’s coming along promising! 






I filled the seams by making a plastic cement created from the scrap plastic on the runners in the kit. I cut them up and put the scrap in a mason jar with acetone. Once it melted down the plastic I scraped it on. Admittedly this could use more practice and refinement of the application but I enjoyed the relatively cheap price tag it offers!   



finally painted up!



C3542417-67BC-431B-A44E-7571CB0C7D5A.jpegI appreciate any feedback I’m still very much amateur hour but I think I’m getting better!

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Infinitely cool. The airbrushing is flawless on that Mobility Shroud, especially for the silver Shroud part and the actual torso. And a blade in an arm is always a plus in my book, not to mention two of them for symmetry.

The stock MkII will be beautiful in their own right, especially with a glossy finish to go with Zeta's aesthetics, but don't forget kitbashes! Gunpla is Freedom!

Side note: did you take inspiration from the All Nippon Airlines RX-78-2? It has a fairly similar color scheme to that Duel.

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I wanna make the MKII in its stock glory but I’m gonna add a little twist with some decals if I can. I’m looking to kit bash some wing suits down the road, friend of mine left me a bunch of his wing Gunpla and I have no other use for them. As for the airlines can’t say that I did get the idea from that lol. Just a funny coincidence. I suspect it’ll make a huge difference when I paint the eyes red. More will come soon enough!

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Little update, I’ve been working on the Titans MKII I finally finished all the major painting. I was a bit paranoid about painting the plating before piecing the unit together. You’ll see in these pictures that I went as far as labeling the areas that each piece was from lol. I really like the two tone paneling, not to mention there is something charming about the dark colors on a Gundam! The only thing I’m someone concerned about is the coloring I did for the yellow;  I tried something slightly more pale and I’m contemplating if I should repaint them or just run with it and see how weathering turns it out. 

Also you’ll see I got another RG for Xmas! For the glorious wing Gundam EW I think I have something special in mind for a unique color scheme. I may even try some etching on it. I’ll start it after I finish the MKII!








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