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Ian’s Gunpla displays

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So I just finished watching Gundam Build Fighters and it got me fired up to look at my old models. Plus the discussion on here got me excited to share some of the displays I gathered. Really the only Gunpla I’m technically showing is my precious Overflag. But I figured the other things were just as interesting! As time goes on I’m hoping to go back and fix up old kits and I’ll share them here. Cheers!






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Can we talk about the mess in the background?


Would be cool to show some close-ups if you worked on some detailing. Thanks for sharing, Ian

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Haha see the only safe place I can keep my stuff is in my garage on my workbench otherwise I have kids pawing at the “toys” or worse dogs getting their mouths on things. Gimme some time and I’ll get a decent backdrop. I need the criticism to get my butt in gear! :scheming:

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