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Orbies (2012-ish)

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One for the old members for if they return 😄


I have forgotten names but here's my best shot from left to right:

  1. Demetrius Amherst (liubei)
  2. Michiko something-or-rather (BrightBlurr)
  3. Forgot lol (Outlaw) - might be wrong lol
  4. Forgot lol
  5. Kinokiita Rozenfeld (Kino)
  6. Adikiita Rozenfeld (Kino)
  7. Janus Chikai Matsuo (Janus)
  8. Ryouta Mitsukuri (kct) - might be wrong lol
  9. Hinako Shirakawa (kct)
  10. Yaichiro Kage ( MM007)
  11. Rekia Shino Kage (Janus)
  12. Aaron Renaults (Janus)
  13. Forgot lol 
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14 hours ago, Janus said:

That would make sense huh. BUT I CANT EDIT OPs D8< @Valiant

What do you need @Janus? All narrators and mod accounts were demoted due to the enforced password change. I’ll reinstate staff once passwords have been updated and they are active on the forums. 

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