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Accidental revival


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I'm still overwhelmed by what has occurred. Our forum was crippled in 2008 due to a hack that corrupted our database. My previous attempts to recover the site met only failure and the subsequent revivals of Advent Destiny came in the form of a fresh forum.

Recently, I came across an old database copy while cleaning up my laptop folders. The database was from quite a while before we were hacked. An idea struck me. One that would make me kick myself for not thinking of it all these years. Instead of recovering from the recent databases from the hack, going further back to an older database would mean less likelihood of corruption and more data retention.

This spurred me into several sleepless nights to execute my idea. The fruit of my labour sits before your eyes.


Advent Destiny is back! This time with a lot of the ancient threads that I have begun to archive. Feel free to dig around and perhaps you might be tempted to RP. I combined the restore with the new look and system that I worked on for the previous revival and this seems to give the best blend of old and new.

I hope you are as excited about Advent Destiny in 2019 as I am!

Due to the multiple steps of migration in order to extract the information from the databases, you passwords would not work. Please reset your password. If you have any issues, get in touch with me on Discord: https://discord.gg/rDreNWk

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I hear you. Change is the only constant but it is still depressing when you realise how ephemeral online content are. SEED RPG is gone because Tapatalk took over Invisionfree. I'm still trying to get them to recover the site because it's the symbol of how this community started.

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