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Warning, spoiler alert to those that haven't seen the Final Plus episode of SEED Destiny 

Since Lacus and Clyne Faction returned to the PLANTs at the end of the series, it is assumed that Clyne Faction, Terminal, and any other unofficial factions lead by Lacus were abolished and returned to their places of origin.  For most of Clyne Faction, this would mean that they were returning to either Orb or the PLANTs.  As such, it makes sense that there is no Clyne Faction yet, or that there may never be another Clyne Faction


For those that want to read the spoiler, just copy/paste it into your word processing program of choice 

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why seek for another chance to serve the ugly mug of the most disgusting hag born on earth!? O___O


I dont understand *shakes head vigorously*


roflmao. *thumbs down on Final Plus*

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That's a very nice way of putting it.


Unfortunately Valiant-sama, I'm a very lazy reader.  I shall try and make the effort to read it, but I am unfortunately very dense.  So give me time, ja? 


EDIT: Hmm...I've read it.  I still think we should've had mercs instead of a merc group, forcing us who wants to be loners to cooperate.  But you're the admin.  I bow to your holy presences. 

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