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Ryan Leracko

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I would like to start off by saying that I have never, ever, not once, done role playing before. Or at least, never forum based. So any and all help would be appreciated.

Also, I am only semi-familiar with Gundam- my friends all love it but I've only seen a few episodes of Gundam Wing, so forgive me if I seem a little... unaware of what is going on (on top of how I have no idea how to role play). I am, however, very interested and excited about trying it out.

Anyway, I just made a character, and am waiting for approval. If anyone has any advice on what to do after it is approved, if it gets approved, that would be fantastic.



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Heya, welcome and all that.

Forum role-playing isn't that hard, especially if you have a compentency in writing.  It's essentially 'being in your character's shoes' while either events occur around you or you are actively involved, depending on the situation.  Writing in the third-person and active voice tends to be the norm around here. 

At the forum index, scroll down until you get into the main Roleplay sections.  The system here works by having different sections for actual 'locations' within the Cosmic Era (GSEED & SEED Destiny).  Then Threads in these sections play out as various members interact.  You can take a look at the various active threads to get an idea of how we roleplay here.

You don't have to be fully familiar with Gundam (in fact, few of us here are wholly familiar with each and EVERY aspect of Gundam; it's that vast) though this RP site is a follow up of the Cosmic Era.  If you have any specific questions about the Cosmic Era, feel free to ask.  (But basically, it's about piloting big robots, though there are a multitude of roles out there that doesn't involved piloting mechs. :) )

As for your profile, I'm looking through it right now as I post this. ^_^

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His a civilian.  :dance:

Its been a long time since I saw one.

As liubei says, you don't really need to know much about Gundam and Mobile Suits. And regarding RPing(Role-playing), you can check out this links:

Tips to get your profile approved faster.

Tips to get your profile approved faster

Val's Guide to successful RPs

Sir Valerian's Guide to relatively succesful roleplaying (SVGRSR)

F.A.I.T.H's Guide to Character creation

F.A.I.T.H's guide to Character Creation~

The Getting Started Guide:

Getting Started

The Forum Guide:

Forum Guide

The Chat Guide:


How to Role Play by Valiant:


You don't actually need to read all of them if you have the general idea. So, Happy RPing :P .

(Links fixed.  You're welcome. - liubei013)

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