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Collasping Land [T569ssgoku VS the WORLD!!!!]


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[OCC: sorry but since we need 6 people total to get starting/launching posts in I went ahead and started this thread so we can at least get this out of the way]


Havoc sat in complete darkness looking at his pocket watch waiting for the clock to strike the proper time. He could smell the tension in the air as the Dominion II approached debris belt sector 1502. Havoc was a war veteran and came to this abandoned sector to start a new life. Too bad for him that the asteroid he and people like him settled on was a major supplier of valuable ores and fuels. This United Alliance Tactical whatever group was en route to “Remove” them.


Not even the silence of space could be maintained as the explosion went off. Within seconds Havoc hit the activation button on his Sword Strike E. As the gauges and machine came to life Havoc a small gesture toward the ship. Havoc already knew his attacking force was doing the exact same as him. They had been waiting for hours now, their machines only hooked up to life support attachments. Now, now the bloodshed began.


Dozens of GINNs and L Daggers started toward the ship, “These men have come to take from us everything we hold dear. Scatter their remains to ends of space!” Havoc knew the battle was coming, he had been sent dozens of requests to leave, but this was home, and these people were going to fight. He waited with his “elite” unit, otherwise people who had some good experience piloting mobile suits. The rest would be able to fly in and launch missiles at the ship and fight to some degree. But Havoc wanted this backup plan on standby. The GINNs and Daggers began to launch toward the Dominion II to send it to the pits of hell.

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      As he quickly manuvered himself down the hallway towards the hangar, Blake winced slightly as a sharp jolt of pain radiated out from his hastily bandaged wound on his head. He was passing through the mess hall when suddenly the explosion happened, and the resulting shockwave through the ship threw him headfirst onto a nearby table. When the order to launch came through his headset, he quickly drop by the infimary and grabbed a spare roll of bandage, and made his way towards the hanger while trying to wrap the bandage around his wound.


      The hangar was in total chaos when he arrived, with damage contaiment crews and repairs techs moving about, trying to contain and repair the damage to the ship while also preeping the mobile suits onboard for lbattle.


      He quickly got into the cockpit of his Calamity, thankfully undamaged, securing himself to the pilots' seat and sealing his suit while the mobile suit O.S. booted up. As the mobile suit was moved to the catapult for launch, he initiated the preflight checks.


      Finally, the preflight checks were complete, and his mobile suit is secured to the catapult. For a moment, Blake mused that even if his mobile suit design was one of the older ones onboard the Dominion II, the Calamity can still deal out a lot damage for a mobile suit of its size, even though its design was virtually unchanged since it was first built, with the exception of an improved battery capacity and a Natural-use O.S. installed.


      He received the all green from command, starts up the launch sequence and announced,"Blake ,The Calamity. Launching now!" With that, the Calamity was catapulted out of the ship. He quickly brought his mobile suit to a position covering the 'topside' of the Dominion II, thinking to himself  "This is going to fun...", as he readies himself for the battle ahead.

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The sound of an alarm took her attention away from her magazine. "All hands to level one battle stations, repeat, all hands to level one battle stations!" Sighing as she got up, Rin tossed the magazine down onto her bunk, yawning as it fell. "Of all the times for the enemy to attack, they just had to do it when I finally get some alone time." She grabbed a small envelope from her desk as she left and placed it into her pocket. Rin sauntered out of her room into the corridor, which was now full of crew running to get to their positions. "Well, I guess I should get going, but then again, the others can handle it... nah, better go just to be safe." Edging down the hall towards the locker where Rin stored her suit, she noticed that there seem to be an awful lot of people running around, especially if it eas just one or two threats. Finally, it started to sink in that this might not be a small threat. This revelation quickened her paced a fair bit, moving her from a dazed walk to a jog.


Reaching the lockers, a large tremor shook the vessel, knocking Rin off balance and head first into a locker. "Ouch, that hurts" she whined as she got back up an pulled th suit out. The bump to her head left her dazed, even more than usual, so it took her a little longer to get the suit on. As she pulled the helmet over her head, Rin noticed the letter had fallen onto the floor. She picked it up and ran out of the room, heading towards the flight deck. Upon reaching said deck, she was almost run over by a man carrying crates of something over to the far side of the hanger. He paused for a moment to apologize then returned to his task. When she had finally made her way over to the waiting Choas, she was even more tired then when she had started. Grabbing onto the lift and rising up to the cockpit, she remembered what he had told her before she left. "I don't want you to open this letter until you go into a fight. Before the catapult launches you, open this and read it." The memory faded away, returning to the darkness of her mind. When she returned to the here and now, Rin saw that she was at the cockpit and need to get in. Climbing into the roomy space, she sealed the main hatch and began the primary system start ups.


As soon as the mighty Choas had been fully activated, Rin walked in onto the catapult and prepared it for take off. "All systems checks are completed, Rin Akita, Choas, ready to launch." The was a brief delay, then a voice crackled over the speakers. "Choas, you are cleared for launch." Smiling, the catapult threw the Choas forward, hurtling in into space. Unlike the crowded and cluttered ship, space was open and free, free of rules, confinement and other such things. It was almost enough to make Rin forget that she was about to enter combat, almost. She placed the Choas underneath the crippled ship, hoping that it would cover all traces of her being out there. She sat in silence, then pulled th note out of her pocket. Gently opening the envelope, she pulled the message out, unfolded it and started to read. Coming to the end, she smiled as tears formed and rolled down her cheeks. Rin sat there, and though about what was to come.

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Kanto paused for a moment while sitting the the abyss's cockpit looking down at the blood on his hands.

Flash Back - Kanto sat In the mess hall next to a pilot he had befriended on the long trip out to the resource satellite. Kanto, quite as usual listened to his new friend explain about how his term of service was going to end during the trip back from this mission and after 3 long years of earth side assignments he would finally be able to see his daughter for the first time. Kanto also listened to how he was assigned the reconstructed Abyss Gundam and the waist of time it was for him to be stationed in Gibraltar.

Excusing himself for moment Kanto stood up and made his way over to a vending machine. Reaching his hand out to input his selection Kanto blacked out. Kanto smelt the blood in his nose, he tasted it in his mouth, he felt it trickling down his forehead. Opening his eyes Kanto awoke to a scene out of a horror movie. The room was dark it was being lit the red emergency lights. Gripping his nose he snapped it back into place as he made his way out of the mess hall seeing the man he was talking to seconds ago with his skull crushed in. Looks like Fortune held out again.

Reaching the hanger Kanto looked in at the carnage to see his Zaku Warrior with its main camera and part of the left arm crushed  by the downed Abyss Gundam. Running past several crew members putting out fires and doing their best to prep the remaining units Kanto jumped up onto Abyss and made his way into the cockpit. As the hatch closed down Kanto hands danced across the controls activating the different systems and running systems checks to make sure nothing was damaged in the explosion. As all systems came back green Kanto activated the the armor and lifted the behemoth up off the ground. The catapult on the side Kanto was on was damaged from the explosion so Kanto loaded himself into the launch bay.

This is Kanto Wyeth requesting launch approval for Abyss. What happened to the original pilot? Died in the explosion can I launch or not? Your cleared get out there we have incoming mobile suits. Kanto Wyeth, Abyss, launching. With that Kanto kicked on the boosters and rocketed himself out of the disabled catapult into space the eyes of the Abyss glowing as he entered combat mode.

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Sleeping in his bed, James was rather comfortable.  rolling over a faint sound could be heard in the distance.  It took only a matter of seconds for him to realize what that sound was.  Quickly he jumped out of his bed and made his way to the locker room.

As he leaped through his doorway, he made his way down the blue corridors to the locker room.  There waiting in his locker was a black suit, which was thrown on.  above the hanger was the black helmet which was waiting for James to take and bring tot he battle field.

Making adjustments to the suit as he made his way to the hanger Jame's heart was pounding.  It had been awhile sense he was out in action.  It took only moments for him to ascend into the cockpit of the Savior.

Moving the Savior Gundam on tot he catapult, James checked to make sure systems were good.  Grabbing the throttle, James talked into his comlink.

"James Zaiku, Savior launching." He yelled as the energy from the catapult forcing his back onto the cock pit chair.

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