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Gundam panoramic simulator


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Full article from The Gundam Blog


Banpreto and Bandai has jointly produced Senjo No Kizuna, a simulator that features mecha from the Gundam universe. The player controls the mecha via dual joysticks and foot pedals, just as the pilots do in the anime and manga. The simulator display is a mock-up of the panoramic cockpit that many mecha use.


The player’s scores can be stored in a card. You can build upon your scores by using the card when you play the game some other time. You can upgrade your mecha as your score improves.


The simulator is connected to a network that allows you to fight with players all over Japan, instead of just in the arcade where you play from.


Head over to The Gundam Blog for a video and pictures of the simulator in action.

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I saw a youtube video about this a few months ago.  It's pretty nifty, albeit rather expensive.  I think it was the equivalent of 5 US Dollars per play.  (Though you get to play as the attacker and defender in 10 minute rounds, I think.)

About the only issue I saw was that the view made the perspective as if you were looking out from the cockpit torso, rather than the head.  (See the arms and weapons out directly at the sides in the vid)

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