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Collapsing Land


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All the crew heard was the dead of space…


The mine detonated right under the engine of the Dominion II, disabling its engines, weapons, and most of life support. The Captain and Combat Commander had no clue how the mine was never detected. Emergency lights were the only thing lighting the screaming halls of the ship, filled with dead and injured crew. People were running around with rumors that a force is attacking. This mission was only supposed to be a show of strength to get some squatters to move and allow the Earth Alliance and ZAFT to access a resource satellite.


The order was only able to come via headsets, “Launch all our mobile suits! Do not allow anything to attack this ship!”



In the cold of space;

Havoc looked at the dead ship as his Sword Striker E made a small gesture toward the ship. Dozens of GINNs and L Daggers started toward the ship, “These men have come to take from us everything we hold dear. Scatter their remains to ends of space!” Havoc knew the battle was coming, he had been sent dozens of requests to leave, but this was home, and these people were going to fight.


Number of Competitors: Me VS. lets say 4 (see how many want to go)

Battlefield: a debris belt, in about a 300m clear center, with the dead Archangel Class Dominion II dead at the center.

Restrictions on MS: See Below

Battle Mode: Special

Referee: pending


What mobile suits you may choose from


GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam (Blake0831)

GAT-X133 Sword Calamity Gundam

GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam (darkphoenix)

GAT-X370 Raider Gundam


RGX-01 Chaos Gundam (forbiddenxXGundam)

RGX-02 Abyss Gundam (MobileWeaponAce)

RGX-03 Gaia Gundam

ZGMF-X23S Savior Gundam (XxBRICKSTERxX)

ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam, with one Silhouette pack of your choosing

Note you will launch the Impulse in a fashion similar to the GAT-X105 Strike due to the lack of a dedicated launching system


What you will most likely be fighting (I reserve the right to amend this as needed)


Havoc: piloting GAT-X105E+AQM/E-X02 Sword Strike E

10 GINNs, equipped with Heavy Attack gear (the rocket pods, or the Particle cannons) these units will primarly target the Dominion II


25 Dagger L: (these will be targeting the mobile suits)


5 Dagger L (equipped with Launcher Strikers, again, their primary target will be the ship)


It is believed that the group has mounted weapons on hollowed out ships in the area. These reports are unconfirmed (would be more anti-mobile suit units)


Your objectives


• Protect your command ship, the Dominion II

• Destroy the leader’s command suit, which appears to be the Sword Strike E

• Rout the enemy attacking force





• Posting Time: 5 days

• Posting Order: As you will be engaging multiple enemies I propose a team side posting order. Meaning that I will have 5 days to post an overall chain of events (meaning having GINNs run towards the ship, having some coming at pilots, and personally reacting to whoever is coming after my personal unit), then your team will have 5 days to post, this way if one member does not post the entire combat won’t be delayed. Note that if you fail to post it will be assumed you were hit and damaged (most likely not destroyed, unless it is something like me rushing at you with the “Schwert Gewehr” which then you might be run through). I will take the first turn tto get NPCs flying at everyone.

• Note the command ship is operating at only 15% operational status. This means that barely any of the CIWS are functioning. It will be up to the mobile suits to defend the ship as well as fight me and my cronies

• I expect that you will be able to shoot down one of these NPCs with some ease. Don’t go overboard with modding but these are not top-tier pilots. More likely the guys you see get shot in the stock footage of the show.

• I hope that each of your intro. posts will take into account that this is an emergency situation.


EDIT: I will allow up to 6, PM me until you can make posts again and I will log you into the battle.

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uhh, this isnt the battle thread, its just the sign up sheet...I will register you however


Pilot: Blake

Machine:GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam


PS: Save that post when we have a Ref, it will work fine when I launch the battle


Dont leave him hanging people, he needs a couple more peeps.

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So we need a ref still but I am willing to take one or two more people...*Cough* Take the Raider, Forbidden, or Impulse *Cough*


anyways, keep in mind this is more than a one on one duel; so keep in mind even though I feel you guys have sufficient firepower to easily wipe out 30 suits. I am not sure if you can wipe out 30 suits, protect a ship that has no interception capiblities, and fight me! *strikes a pose*


But yeah, I don't want to see any


"The Abyss shoots its twelve laser beams and destroys half the missiles and 5 mobile suits" If that was allowed I would just give everyone Destroys and Strike Freedoms...

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I guess we can go ahead and lock this in.


Forces Deployment for battle, Collasping Land, t569ssgoku VS the WORLD!!!!!


NPCs for the World Forces

x1 disabled Archangel Class warship, the Dominion II



Blake0831: GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam

darkphoenix: GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam

forbiddenxXGundam: RGX-01 Chaos Gundam

MobileWeaponAce: RGX-02 Abyss Gundam

XxBRICKSTERxX: ZGMF-X23S Savior Gundam


T569ssgoku Forces (NPC)

x10 Assulat GINNs (equipped with heavy anti ship equipment, aka the missile pack equipment)

x5 GINNs Insurgent Types

x20 Dagger Ls w/o any striker packs

x5 Dagger Ls with Launcher Strike


Deployment: the Assualt GINNs and the Dagger Ls will be deployed seperately to port and starboard and will attack at the commencement of the battle. My seperate force will be deployed secretly (aka the 5 extra GINNs and Launcher Daggers and my Sword Strike E) since obviously we would not know that ship was carrying 5 Gundams! I most likely will enter the battle pretty quickly upon realizing this.


T569ssgoku Forces

"Havoc": GAT-X105E+AQM/E-X02 Sword Strike E


I most likely will start the intro thread soon enough, just so everyone can get in and begin ASAP.

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