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Dead Fantasy


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If you're thinking thats made with same game models, its not. He made his own 3D models nearly identical to the actual models used in the orginal games. Very good animator or he could have acquired some pre-made animations.


Impresive, very impressive...though only a low quality game type texturing and rendering.

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isnt this the same guy who made a video of the master chief fighting samus?

Yeah, it sure is :P Although I hate the ending to "Haloid" >_> (watch it, you'll know what I'm talking about)

Love the choreography in Dead Fantasy lol (IMO bad name...) The way the fight "flows" is top notch *thumbs up*


edit: what the hey, its kinda off topic, but i'll put the link to the Master Chief vs Samus video, for the fun of it (I don't know how to put the player in my post, like Valiant did O_O)


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