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What teams can do


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A List, for consideration of ZAFT Space Forces until a plot gets going...



Battle Pirates

Break the World

Steal EA Gundams (We all know they are somewhere...)

Invade ORB and steal ORB gundams (they might have some...)

Invade ORB


Have awkard romances, resulting in weird scarring of young characters for life or maybe just odd imbraces in space (only good thing Shinn and Luna ever did)

Train under King Kai and learn the Kao Ken technique...

Train under that guy from G Gundam and make our gundam's glow glow for no reason...

Have someone defect with a gundam and a 20 episode battle trying to stop them

Make fun of Shinn cause he sucks

Build a new state of the art warship

Build some Taurus mobile suits (Always have to insert cheap pop here and there)[/li]



So seriously though, I was going to ask as a way to introduce my pops as an NPC and as a member of the ZAFT Supreme Council, throwing some kind of Party at Mais City. This is something informal that can get everyone invovled, introduce people, and to see me without a mask (gasps in background) and play a little see if I can trick my own squad kind of stuff.

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...I think playing around with some pirates would do a little bit of a trick. Right now this forum is still in it's testing stages actually, IMO, considering that the shop system isn't up yet (not pointing fingers here).


Things WILL truly be getting nowhere if we just came up with our own ideas without much real-time discussion with at least two or three other fellas who can influence the storyline.

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