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Re: New Leadership


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As of today PLANT once again has two faction leaders, the newest of whom is Ryou Misaki.  Though he's just starting off hopefully this will give everyone someone else that they can go to and communicate with, which will take some pressure off of me to spend so much of my free time here.  I hope you'll all be welcoming of Ryou in his new position and that you'll cut him some slack until he gets used to wielding SUPREME EXECUTIVE POWER or whatever we're calling it these days.


In addition, since we're talking about leadership, I might meld the two original squads into one battlegroup.  Since keeping a running membership in them isn't working too well I think that at this point in time this might be the most effective idea.  Please note that I want feedback but if I don't get any I, now with Ryou's input and advice, will just run with it.  I'll say it right now so it doesn't come back to haunt me later: It's a lot like voting people; if you don't give me your opinions now you pretty much lose the right to complain later.  So complain away, or I dunno... compliment away, whichever you like best.

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Alright then, since I am ZAFT’s resident complains about everything person…I agree we need to do something about the current problems with ZAFT membership (I say whip them and throw things at them).


1.) I HATE the idea of one large battle group…mainly because it isn’t ZAFT’s way [see Heine’s rant to Athrun Zala in GSD, I’ll find an episode number later].

2.) Also, every thread will be like our failed “War Games” Thread (I think its safe to say this idea failed due to members stupidity), where half the people do not show up and the other half who want to RP cant because the other half won’t show up.

3.) The only way large scale RPs like this MIGHT work is to do a DnD style everyone shows up and does it in about 2 hours.

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