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Re: PMD (Pilots of Mass Destruction)


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A small island chain in the south Pacific, entire battlefield occupies approximately three square miles.



carpenoctum and fireminerva


FAITH and Sven Cal Bayan


Participants and MW:

fireminerva; ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam

capenoctum; ZGMF-X88S (RGX-03) Gaia Gundam

FAITH; ZGMF-X56S/γ Blast Impulse Gundam

Sven Cal Bayan; GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam[/align]


Posting Time Limits and Posting Order:

All combatants should post within three days of that last post of the person who goes before them.

The posting order will be:





Posting order was determined using multiple coin flips.  First flips determined posting order within the teams, second flip determined which team posted first.

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Mikhail eyed the small, brown, vile in his hand. He glanced back up looking at the sky. "Huh, nice day to fight..." It seemed as if he was the first one there, but he wasn't totally sure. The helmet in his left hand felt heavy and for the first time in ages, Mikhail found himself a little nervous. He stood there, on that island and remembered what he had been told before he had left. The words ran through his head as vividly as they had when he first heard them. "Now, I will only repeat this once, so listen well. This vile contains enough Gamma Glipheptin for exactly half an hour. That's about 2.5 doses. should you happen to fail to finish the fight, there will be another vile inside the Forbidden. This vile will contain enough for another hour at most. After that, you're on your own. The picture of the scientist faded from view as Mikhail opened his eyes. He looked back down at the vile again and sighed. I can't drink this until the fight begins. If i drink it too soon, then it'll run out before the fighting is over. But in all actuality, it might to that anyway. Damn, half an hour. No one can end a fight like this in half an hour.


Unfortunately, Mikhail had hoped that he would be right on time, getting there just as the fight had begun, so Mikhail hadn't brought anything to occupy his time if he was early. He walked back towards the Forbidden which casted a long shadow over over the grounds. He grabbed the lift and headed up towards the cockpit. When he reached it, Mikhail climbed in and brought up the radar. Glancing back and forth over the screen, Mikhail swore under his breath. "God damn it. Where the hell are they?" Although Mikhail was a patient person, he had a quick and bad temper and he was starting to lost his patients. Climbing back out of the cockpit and onto the door, he sat down on the warm metal, letting his feet hang over the edge. "I wish I had brought the mobile suit technical specifications. At least I could do something." Staring off into the distance, Mikhail remembered his other instructions. We have have authorized the use of deadly force if need be. You are instructed to push that machine to the limits of it's technology. If need be, prolong the fight in order to determine the combat effectiveness of the Forbidden against ZAFT's more advanced Mobile suits. The suit is far too important to lose, but you on the other hand, are an expendable asset. I repeat, test the Forbidden, prevent ANY damage to it, and test the skill of the other pilots.


Mikhail had long since lost track of time. His watch had been broken since he left the Earth forces carrier. His thoughts were disturbed by an alarm in the Forbidden's cockpit. Mikhail stretched, got up and walked back into the cockpit. Looking at the radar, Mikhail nodded his head and grabbed his helmet off the console. He looked at the radar again. "Mobile suit is to far to get a model type. Well, no matter. Unless it is the... Blast Impulse, then I'll just shoot it down. Looks like another 20 or 25 minutes before it arrives. That gives me just enough time to get under the water." With that, Mikhail sealed the cockpit off and activated the mobile suit's systems. Turning the massive Forbidden around and moved it to the water and started in. When the water was about 20 feet taller than the mobile suit, Mikhail stopped it and turned the non essential systems off.


"All most game time."

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Adokis sat in the bay his transport aircraft.  An observer wouldn't have thought that he was about to enter into combat.  He was relaxed reading a thick book, occasionally glancing up at a digital clock mounted on the back of the hanger.  Marking his place in his book he stood up and climbed a short stairway and into the cockpit.  The co-pilot turned and glanced at him.


"Good timing sir. We will be entering the drop phase in two minutes. Your good to suit up." Said the pilot who never even looked at him, as he kept a close eye on his gauges.


Moving back into the hanger he climbed into his Gaia Gundam laying on its back in the hold, nestled in it's APU.  Seating himself down he snapped on his helmet and brought the deadly behemoth to life.  The subtle blue glow of displays bathed his calm face as the count down approached zero.  The clock  chimed its anger when the timer ran out and an enormous amount of G-forces were pressed on Adokis's body was the plane plummeted hard downward and leveled out close to the oceans surface as they flew map-of-the-earth to the target area.  A second chime sounded.  Adokis tapped a key and the hanger door snapped open.  Small rockets on the sled under his suit ignited throwing him out of the aircraft. 


It was right on target.  The launch rockets cutting off, four bolts released and the Gaia was free from its constraints.  Moving with practiced motions he awoke the suits thrusters and brought the suit down on the southern-most of the islands in the small chain.  His opponents would no doubt have seen the aircraft as it approached but hopefully they missed his launching with their low altitude menuever.  He popped his suit into its quadrupedal form and moved inward on the island and crouched down in a copse of trees awaiting sign of his foes and his teammate.

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The blue expanse spread out before Landis Exel Zenastan like a velvet carpet. It was one of the few times he had the luxury to board a sea transport-any kind of sea transport for that matter.


Despite being in space most of the time due to his status and race, Landis had little trouble adapting to the 'insignificant' bumping and jostling one would feel while on a ship. Granted, these waters were barely choppy, but he knew of ignorant people of his own kind finding the notion of traveling across the sea an entirely alien concept, like treading into uncharted and dangerous territory.


"Lad, we're almost there...Are you sure you don't want to set an allocated time for us to pick you up? There aren't many services which would be willing to ferry you back, considering all that ruckus we overheard about some 'dangerous experimentation of new firearms' being tried out here..."


"It won't be a problem.." Landis replied good-naturedly, but paused as if reconsidering his offer. "...Maybe if you leave a contact number, perhaps I'll be able to call you back to see whether you'll be free after this."


"All right, sonny. Don't get yourself screwed up." With the last words of encouragement (as Landis saw it to be), the captain barked out a few orders for the crew to activate the 'launching chute'.


The 'launching chute', as Landis had so affectionately termed it, was a part taken from one of those battleships that had been sunk earlier on in the war. Somehow it proved to be useful to this transporting craft, for through it they lived on the tightrope, and through it came the bread and butter of the crew. Landis was not about the laugh at how strange it looked in the middle of a ship like this one as he strapped himself into the cockpit and gave the go-ahead.


As the Blast Impulse took to the skies, Landis' looked down to see that his supposed partner was already waiting there, and another suit-the Gaia was already there as well.


Landis assessed their options. The Forbidden could be considered an amphibious type, while his Blast Impulse packed a lot of power in one mobile suit. Still, their chances look rather bleak if they had to compete over speed. Furthermore, he had almost no information on his supposed partner, and when teamwork comes into play...


Well, guess the odds are stacked against me one way or another... He scratched his head. Wouldn't hurt to get to know him, though...


"Blast Impulse is ready...Everything all good there, Forbidden?" Immediately as the words came out, he felt a little foolish, but that was all he could call his compatriot in this battle unless he provided a name.

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Mikhail looked up from his daze and saw that the pilot of the Blast Impulse had opened a channel with him. He looked back down before giving the simple reply "Yes". He paused for a moment, then continued. "I only ask that you stay out of my way, or I'll shoot you." He stopped and turned his attention back to the mobile suit that was closest to him, but Mikhail left the channel open, wondering if the other pilot would respond to this advise. Most did, and not positively.

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OOC - When I talk about Savior Gundam's disposable pod just think of how Wing Gundam entered the atmousphere in the AC timeline and you've got the idea.


IC - Hitomi chose to enter the battlefield in a manner more suited to her unique personality.  Having lifted off from Carpentaria earlier that morning she had piloted Saviour Gundam the whole way in subatmousphereic flight using a special disposable pod for the entire trip.  Flying at 32000 feet was a rush in and of itself but as with all things it had to come to an end.  Pulling up her MW's keyboard Hitomi began typing in commands and began using Savior Gundam's optics as a high powered camera.  Perhaps she might be able to catch a glimpse of her enemies from this height.


A red proximity alarm went of fin the cockpit, altering Hitomi that she was now flying over the island chain she would soon be fighting on.  Calmly she pushed the red button below the alarm and felt Savior shudder as the exterior capsule broke away, and then gravity returned with a vengance.  Hitomi plummeted down through the atmousphere falling nearly two thousand feet per minute until another warning light went off at 10000 feet.  Slowly Hitomi brought the thrusters up to full power and brought in her Gundam on a shallow dive, aiming for the vicinity to the immediate right of Gaia Gundam on the southern island.  At fifty feet above sea level Hitomi switched Savior out of MA mode and landed gracefully next to Gaia, as gracefully as a 77 ton MW could land.

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