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Rin Akita

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Player name: forbiddenxXGundam

Character number: 1

Faction: Atlantic Federation




Full name: Rin Akita

Nickname: None

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Natural

Occupation: Pilot

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan, Republic of East Asia

Citizenship: Japan, Repbulic of East Asia

Personality: Rin is a kind, care free young girl. Her teachers and parents often call her lazy, but she couldn't care less. When she's not attending her school, she is often found relaxing with her friends at a mall or theatre and, on occasion, be found doing her homework. She believes that all people were created equal and that they should be treated as such. Wherever Rin is, Sean isn't, usually, to far away.




Height: 5'5''

Weight: 105 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: Long, light brown hair.

Eye Colour: Pale Green

Identifying Marks: A large tattoo of a rose in bloom on her back.

Skin Tone: Caucasian

Build: Slim, with some muscle.

Clothing: When not on duty, Rin wears her schools standard navy blue uniform. On duty however, she wears a blue version of the Earth Forces female uniform. 

Handiness: Left-handed


Picture taken from: http://images.quizilla.com/L/LU/LUC/luckywolf15/1151019174_izbluegirl.jpg




Mother: Kira Akita

Father: Amber Akita

Siblings: “Big Sis” (Lisa Myers)

Husband/Boyfriend: Sean Donnelly (although he doesn't share this perspective)


Personal History: Rin Akita was born on the 27 of July, C.E. 68 in Tokyo Japan, to Kira and Amber Akita. Kira was a Captain in the navy when he was sent to Britain to serve a three-year sentence for several charges stemming from a dispute over a training exercise that had been held some time ago. Four and a half months after arriving in the country, Kira was introduced to Amber at a meeting that was being held. Right away, they and the people around them noticed sparks. At the urging of others, the two agreed to go out on a date. The first one was a complete success, so more followed. Before long, Kira had moved in with Amber and the two were hardly ever seen apart. After three years under watch, Kira was finally allowed to leave the country and return to Japan due to his improvements since he arrived.


He naturally accepted the position, but it would be another two years before he would move back. When he did finally move back to Japan in C.E. 65, he wasn't alone. Amber had come along to. Once the pair had gotten settled in to their new life, Kira went back to work and started trying to get Amber a job with the Earth Forces 37th Intelligence unit, which at the time, was stationed in the Hiroshima area of the country. He did finally get her name in for a position, but there was an entire list of people ahead of her waiting for a position. The only way that he would be able to get her to the head of the list would be to give up his current rank of Captain and demote to the rank of lieutenant. After some consideration, Kira gave up his rank so Amber would be advanced to the front of the line. The very next day, Amber was accepted and sent Tokyo for training.


When Amber finally returned from the training, eight months had passed and the shadow of war was constantly growing. On the 25 of September, C.E. 67, Amber and Kira were married in a small ceremony outside of Tokyo. In a little less then a year, Rin Akita was born. C.E. 68 brought around new disasters that furthered the gap between coordinators and naturals. Rin's early life was fairly normal. Her mother would drop her off at a daycare in the morning and pick her up that night. She didn't she her father very much as he was always running around looking after projects for the military and when he did come home, he was always tired. This was worsened by the fact her fathers absence only increased her mother's workload. Rin tried to help out as best she could, but no matter what she did, it never seemed to be enough. When the war broke out in C.E. 70, both her mother and father were called into action leaving Rin to live with her aunt in Orb. Her mother was stationed at Josh-A, Alaska while her father was sent to the lunar base .Rin's life in Orb was very peaceful and relaxed. Her aunt was a lawyer and treated Rin with the utmost of respect. From time to time, her parents would send her letters and she would have her aunt read them to her. Despite whatever happened, the letters were always positive and hopeful that the war would come to a swift end and the coordinators weren't as bad as everyone made them out to be. This hope would be proven wrong.


As the gears of war ground to a halt, Rin was starting to wonder why her parents were never around, more and more often. He aunt would lie to her about having seen them after she was asleep, getting phone calls from them and would even tell her that they were on their way home, but that they were delayed due to something. This worked in the beginning, but eventually Rin started to doubt her and even called her a liar. By this time, Rin was attending preschool just outside of Orb’s capital. She was very popular among her peers as well as her teachers. Even as such a young age, she was very intelligent and was often told this by her aunt and teacher. Her life in Orb was fairly normal, a few trouble some areas here and there, but nothing to out of the ordinary. After Josh-A, the war started to get rolling again. Rin was too young to understand the concept of warfare, but in a few weeks, the war would erupt in her backyard. Not long after the reports that Panama had been destroyed started to come in, the mood in Orb started to change. People were becoming nervous and suspicious of other people. The fog of war had started to descend on Orb. On the 15th of June, C.E. 71, the Earth Forces launched the invasion of Orb. Unknown to Rin and her aunt, a small squad of Earth forces Strike Daggers had been dropped, by parachute, into the area.


Although the order to evacuate had been given, they had been slow to react, believing that Representative Athha would make the right decision and surrender without fighting. This assumption was wrong. Before they new what was happening, a Strike Dagger had landed in the street in front of their house, shaking it savagely. Rin was the first one to get to a window and what she saw awe-struck her. A massive mechanical man was standing in her front yard. Another series of rumbles indicated that the rest of the Daggers had landed. Rin’s aunt came running out from the bedroom, screaming at her to get down. No sooner had she grabbed Rin and pulled her from the window, the Dagger exploded in a massive fireball, sending pieces of the machine ripping through the house. This shrapnel turned the house into little more than a frame but left the pair inside alive and unharmed. Buried under the debris of the house, they heard what sounded like people running towards the house. Rin was told to scream as loud as she could and call for help. After she yelled the first time, the men came running over and started to dig them out. After what seemed like and eternity, they were free. No sooner had they gotten out, several soldiers grabbed them and started leading them through the wreckages of homes and vehicles, blasts and gunfire coming fro every direction. The pair was escorted to a small camp about 14 kilometers from the house. There, they were told to head to a small emergency port and be evacuated from the island. Out of the five men that had that had started with them, only two were left unharmed and another two were lying dead somewhere in the chaos.


When they reached the port, there were only two boats left. The first one was getting ready to leave as they arrived, but there was enough room for one more person. Rin’s aunt called over one of the crewmen and told him to put her that boat. The vessel had barely made it out of port when an Astray and a Dagger landed and engaged in combat. The Dagger got the first shot off, which hit the Astray in the left shoulder. The other pilot had already pulled the trigger and when the Dagger’s shot hit, knocked the rifle out of its target and directed it at the boat. The rifle fired and both the boat and the Astray were destroyed. Even at age three, Rin understood that her aunt wasn’t coming back. When she got older, she would hold Orb responsible for he aunts death. The vessel started to leave Orb controlled waters, but the demolition of the mass driver could still be clearly seen. The ship had just made it out of Orb waters when it was stopped and boarded by a small Alliance force, numbering about 4 ships. They instructed the captain to follow them into a friendly port so that they passengers could check out and released. Naturally the captain complied and followed them. The port where they were sent to happened to be them same one that they left from. The remains of the Astray lay scattered across the small port and had damaged or destroyed some of the docks. Just as the Earth forces officer had said, the passengers would be checked and released, unless they were coordinators.


The naturals and coordinators were separated into to groups and shipped off to presumably different places. Once this was done, all the naturals were placed onto trucks and transported to a local port or airport where they were then sent to a waiting Earth Forces vessel. The crewmen who had been told to put Rin on the boat had accompanied her to the checking stations, where he was detained as an enemy combatant. Rin was put under the care of a young Earth Forces communications officer by the name of Lisa Myers who herself was only 18. She took to Rin almost right away and they were hardly ever separated from each other. Rin would spend the rest of the war under Lisa's care.


When the Bloody Valentine war finally came to and end, Rin was still under the protective watch of Rin. Since they were always together, Rin started to call Lisa her "big sis". Lisa was part of a small force that was left in Orb to maintain order while a new Earth Forces friendly government was being put together. Unfortunately for them, the war ended before this task could be completed and Lisa and Rin were sent away again. They were assigned to the re captured Victoria facility and were stationed there until Rin's parents came to look for her. Around two months after the end of the fighting, Rin's parents came back to Earth only to find that the aunt was dead and Rin was nowhere to be found. After some searching, it was discovered that Rin was with a young woman in Victoria. Kira and Amber left right away to pick up their daughter. When the transport landed, the family was reunited once again. Her parents thanked Lisa for what she had done and asked her is she would consider looking after Rin part time. Lisa turned down the offer and was transferred again, this time to the space fleet. The Akita family returned to Japan. Two years later, however, war broke out again. Her parents were still enlisted members of the Earth Forces, but they had improved their ranks considerably from the last war. Rin's father was now a Rear Admiral while her mother was in charge of a Blue Cosmos associated intelligence division. They wouldn't see front line service, but they would still be unable to watch over her.


Once again, Rin's "big sis" stepped up to save the day. She had long since left the Earth forces and was now working as a Journalist in New York City. She took Rin in and looked after he for the rest of the war. As the years passed, Rin led a normal life. By the time she was 12, Rin was already thinking about her future. She often told others that one day she would be flying a mobile suit and that she would make sure that what happened to her never happened to anyone else. She was often teased about this was frequently called a boy. At this time, Rin had short brown hair and dressed rather tomboyish and was thus teased about it. She was an average student in school, with an average grade of 77.9%. Rin also liked to participate in sports like soccer, volleyball, tennis and baseball. When Rin left the public schools and entered high school, she changed rather drastically.


Over the summer, Rin had let her hair grow long and started to dress more feminine. She had lost all interest in the tomboy look and was now quite content wearing the standard navy blue school uniform. The changes that the summer brought had also surprised not only the girls but the guys as well. After the first week of school, she was already asked out by four guys and promptly turned them down. Over the next year and a half, so would turn down every guy that asked her out. When people asked why she was doing this, she just told them that she was waiting for the right guy. This right guy would come, but it would take a while for him to. Rin was heading home from school that day when she stopped in front of an electronics store. There was a TV in the front window that was airing an advertisement for the Earth Forces. The aid wanted people to join up and help protect their country. It displayed several of the latest Earth Forces mobile suits, reminding Rin of that day in Orb. She felt the same amazement then as she had when she was a little girl, watching those giant metal men fighting in her front yard. After the commercial finished, she ran home and told her parents about the add and how she was interested in joining the Earth Forces. They were hesitant at first, but Rin wasn’t about to give up.


She continued to pester them and finally go them to think about it. They agreed to let her join, as long as she maintains a grade average of 85% until the she reached the age of 16. Rin accepted this right away and focused on her studies harder than ever. When her birthday arrived on the on July 27 C.E. 84, her parents told her that since she had done her part, they would support her if she still wanted to join the Earth Forces. Deep down, her parents were wishing that she had lost interest in the military, but that wasn’t the case. Rin went out and filed the correct paperwork, forms and other such things. About 1 month later, she received a notice that she had been accepted into the Earth Forces training program. She left one week later. Her parents weren't happy that Rin chose to join the military, especially after how their careers turned out. Kira remained in with the Earth forces, but returned to Earth. He was stationed in Britain in order to command his new unit, the 32nd mechanized division. Although he was only trained in naval combat, he returned to the academy and received the correct training. He is currently sitting at the rank of Colonel. Amber on the other hand, didn't stay with the Earth forces. After the first war, she resigned and went back to school. She trained as a doctor and received her degree in C.E. 75. Since she resigned from her post, when the Blue Cosmos and Logos personel were executed, she was simply left alone. The reason that resigned was the fact that her unit was under the command of Blue Cosmos. Amber, much like Rin, believed that both coordinators and naturals are equal, despite genetic engineering and such.


The first week of the training was simple. The courses were just starting to introduce them into the field of mobile suit piloting and the other essential areas. As the formal training progressed, she began to understand how much trouble being a pilot was and started to gain an understanding of just how skilled all pilots were, not just naturals. Three months into the training, Rin was transferred from class 1452 to class 5121. The instructor of the class paired her with a rough looking Irishman named Sean Donnelly. Donnelly was rough, ready and apparently very violent, especially towards coordinators. Rin found herself attracted to him almost immediately and tried to strike a conversation with him. At first, he didn’t even look at her or acknowledge her at all, but after a while, he started to warm up to her. Very soon after, the two were never seen apart and rumors started that the two were a couple. Although Sean actively denied this, Rin was saying yes. As the course came to an end, the pair was assigned to a unit in the South Pacific Ocean area and is still stationed there.

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Well, I must admit I haven't read the history - Those paragraphs are a little too big for me right now, given that I've been reading for most of the morning.


I did check over the General section, and found a couple of typos in the personality section.


Second sentence, careless should probably be care less

Third sentence, occation should be occasion, and the sentence would probably flow better if you had '...occasion, can be found doing her homework.'

The forth sentence, to me at least, seems a little awkward.


Hope this helps a little 

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Well, first things first, you should be sure to give the copyright information to the picture you're using; its perfectly fine to base characters off of images (I mean, I've got Lune Zoldark, Bian Zoldark, and Ruri Hoshino for characters ), you just have to be sure to give credit where credit is due.  If you don't know where the image originates from, then just mention the site you found it at 


I haven't seen any errors with your history section,  Though I will suggest that you consider making some of the people mentioned in it into NPCs at a later date, specifically Lisa Myers and Rin's parents, if they still hold military positions.  On that topic, what are Rin's parents up to now?  Are they still in the military, and if so, what positions do they hold?  Also, you mentioned that Amber was in charge of a Blue Cosmos controlled division of the military; so what happened to her when the 2nd war ended?  Blue Cosmos and Logos members were charged as War Criminals and executed, so how did she escape that fate?  Did she even know the group she was in was Blue Cosmos/Logos controlled?


PS: Can't wait to have you aboard the EA 

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