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Assault on Barge [t569ssgoku VS WORLD]


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Havoc walked on to the bridge, well it was more a room with some computers that was the command center of the asteroid base, still wearing putting on his jacket. “What the hell is going on? I was sound asleep!”


“Havoc, we have a contact at the edge of our defensive perimeter. Unidentified ship, it appears to be a carrier. No clue how many mobile suits it’s carrying…”


Havoc looked over the visual one of his satellites was giving. “It looks military, must be for that raid we had on that Eurasian Federation convoy. Don’t move anything until they launch their suits. Then…Unleash Hell. I’ll be taking my new toy if they get too close.”


Havoc left the bridge walking through the asteroid base towards the hanger.  The pirates around him were the scum of society, former military, former mercenaries, or just people who didn’t fit in society. Of course, Havoc didn’t care about them at all, as long as he got to kill.


Walking out into the hanger Havoc looked at the Strike. Havoc was still amazed he found a damaged mobile suit in a debris operation after a mission that turned out to be the Strike Rouge. His mechanics hadn’t been able to do anything with it but then lady luck showed up. On a raid a couple of months ago they were able to capture a few mobile suit designers. Havoc let them live in exchange for fixing this suit. They had apparently upgraded it with a Noir Striker pack. Even better, apparently the guys had installed a Nuclear reactor in the thing.


Walking on to the empty hanger Havoc looked at four men. “boys, is it done? Looks like we have unwanted guests.” One of the men looked up answering with fear, it was the one Havoc beat brutally until he agreed to build this machine, “Yes sir…does that mean we are free?” Havoc laughed a little as he put on his flight suit helmet and walked over to a control panel on the door. Havoc had already magnetized his boots to stick to the metallic surface. “You four can go, and let me show you the door!” Havoc slammed his fist, opening the dock door.


A few minutes later Havoc was sitting in the cockpit booting up the OS for his machine. He removed his helmet as he opened a comm. line, “Boys, don’t launch yet but once they do, clean them from space."



OOC: Sorry for starting without approval, but this will take a while just to get everyone to launch. OOC that you accept terms as you launch so ref will know what is going on. Settle who is flying what as you launch but I am assuming it is as I stated with the possible change of the Impulse and the Gaia. Just assume you have been given the order to launch and try not to kill each other.


Basically, I am piloting a Strike Noir with a nuke reactor so I can at least try to fight up to 5 opponents at once (and not be named Kira), Minerva had to bail and I did not want to pilot a Destroy. Final thing, imagine Barge as a smaller version of the Boaz base with fewer heavy laser turrets and more CIWS guns to aim inside a debris belt. Keep in mind that I have approx. 15 GINNs and 15 105 Daggers, and 5 L Daggers that will each have Launcher Striker packs. 

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        Blake quickly maneuvered himself into his pilot seat and strapped himself in as the cockpit hatch closes. As he preps the Calamitys' OS, part of his mind drifted to the briefing he had attended earlier. Apparently, ZAFT had lost a recon squad nearby an abandoned asteroid military base. Said base is believed to be currently occupied and used by pirates and cutthroats as a base of operations. The base is also expected to be heavily armed with numerous defensive weaponry, such as CIWS systems, missile launchers and laser cannons. The pirates may also have on hand several capital ships, believed to be modified Drake classes, and an unknown number of mobile suits for defense.


        Normally, under these circumstances, the UPATH would just send in a squad to gather every bit of information about the pirates operation, and leave it to either the ZAFT or the EA military to swoop in and wipe out the pirates. But, UPATH had lost contact with the infiltration team they had sent in. But the team managed to transmit back to HQ one final bit of info, that some kind of new mobile suit is under construction in the pirate base itself.


      When the OS was fully booted up, Blake carefully moved his mobile suit towards the catapult. As he passes by the other mobile suits in his squad, he grins. The orders from higher up were simple;destroy the base. wipe out the pirates, either cripple or destroy their ships and mobile suits, and either destroy or capture this unknown MS. In short, a lot of destruction. And Blakes' MS can deal it out in spades.


      As Blake locks the MS into the catapult and begins the final preflight check before launch, his grin grew slightly larger. His MS, the Calamity, its design virtually unchanged since when it was first built, apart from the Natural use OS installation and battery upgrade, was the oldest MS design among his squads mobile suits,with the exception of the Forbidden. Despite the age of its design, the Calamity can still handle itself on the field, and packs a lot of firepower.


        Final preflight checks completed, he initiated launch sequence. The thought "This is going to be fun." flitted through his mind before he said "Blake. The Calamity, launching now!". As soon as he cleared the laucher, he moved a fair distance away, and stopped to wait for his comrades. As eager as he is, he knew very well he can't take on an entire pirate base and its assorted defenses all by himself.


OOC: Sorry it took this long. Was a little busy. Since no one else is starting, I might as well go first. I took the details of the pirate base from both your initial message and the first post. If you disagree with it, PM me and I'll amend it.Oh, and yes I agree to the 5-day posting condition. 

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After getting de-briefed James made his way to the locker room.  It was a stroll he had not taken to often.  He was not a veteran pilot like some of the members on his new team.  As he reached the locker room he hurried to put on his jet black suit.  It was tight but comfortable.


Him and his helmet made there way to the hanger where he would blast off into space with a responsibility that weighted heavier then anything he had put on his shoulders. 


Looking up in front of him stood the mammoth Gundam Savior.  He had taken a couple of practice flights in this suit, so this would be his first real action fight.  Climbing into it he moved the Gundam into the catapult.


"James Zaiku, Savior launching."


The engines revved and then Savior blasted off.  Jame's back was pushed back on the cockpit seat as the Savior rushed to the fight.

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