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Layout of the RP


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Seasoned RPers would have come across RP sites where they might have RP in threads separated according to the storyline that they are pursuing. That style is more storyline oriented in the sense that it makes it easy for you to follow how things get played out.


However, it brings with it the disadvantage of making RP threads unbearably long, especially if it's an epic RP with several elite RPers posting mammoth posts. Imagine having to scroll through a hundred over pages of RP posts.


The way things are done here is the location style, where we group threads into the separate locations to differentiate the events taking place at different places. This helps to keep the posts short and localised in where they happen.


The downside of this is that posts would have to be divided across many boards and members would have to keep track of so many threads to check the updates. I noticed that some people have been discouraged from posting due to the immense number of forums they need to check through to be updated with the storyline.


Do you have any preference? Do you have any other suggestions on how to improve things?

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I think the location style that we have here is best for professional, long term RPs, such as Advent Destiny.  It allows us to organize threads easily, and have spaces set aside for us to keep track of information such as descriptions of locations, historical events, and character profiles.  It also lets us set up spots for OOC posts and conversations, so they don't clutter up the actual RP.


Splitting up the RP according to time in the storyline, or having it all in one single thread (*cough*GaiaOnline*cough*) is better for shorter role plays.  You don't need as much space for background information, you don't mind having a bit of OOC chatter because it makes the RP feel a little longer, and if the threads are short, then its not too hard to review.


Of course, both layouts have their problems as you stated, but I would still prefer the location style layout we have here over anything else.  At the very least, it makes it easier to prevent god-modding and over-posting (one cannot be in Alaska and Beijing at the same time), and it looks professional

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I'm with Kaizer on this.


Whilst AD's layout might scare off some people, it can also be rather encouraging to find such a well organized rp forum. I might not have much experience with other rping forums beyond AD and gaiaonline, but I've found myself visiting AD more regularly then elsewhere, because it's more organized (And it has great rpers too!).


Whilst it can be a little annoying to have to check through all the forums to begin with, it really is worth it. A possible solution may be a more up-to-date Storyline section, but as that would probably just increase the workload for all the admin, faction and nation leaders, it's understandable if no-one wants to seriously consider it. You guys already have a hard enough time keeping up with everything you need to do already.


All in all, I think AD's rp layout is perfectly fine as is. 

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I've had some though about this and my initial concerns have come back to haunt me. I feel that the current RP is too dispersed. With so many sub-plots scattered over several forums, I think it's a little tough to keep track of things.


I toyed with the idea of having an adventure party where all active members gather together and move along the storyline. I'm not sure how that would work out though.


Having such a branched system is good but it can get a little hard to keep track of things especially if members start to have less time. I believe this might play some part in the members disappearance.


A more linear system would be better but it might get boring and restrictive.


What are your thoughts? I'm gonna continue pondering about things.

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I think things work great with the locations and all. Ultimately though its up to each respected faction and the members there to push things along and bring in the new blood.


I've been on a SW board where they would have "adventure parties" on a yearly basis and lets just say that it got very hard to fallow, you had to keep track from the beginning to really have a chance in it and there was so many people posting in different locations (in the same topic mind you). While it can be fun i think that if they would have had things divided up like on here it would have worked alot better.

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What you might want to do is set events that span the entire globe and have it were everyone must check up on it give it like 1 week and this will help move the storyline forward. I.E. Junius 7 dropping. It will keep people seperated but the event helps push forward plus some topics will collide bringing the different groups together.

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How about having "Chapters" so to speak? The narrators can have a provide players with a general idea of the impending story direction.


For example, we can have "Chapter One: Calm Before the Storm". The players would be given information such as the various plans the factions have (some public, others faction top-secret) and then the players move on from there. The RP would have a general direction... moving towards the "storm".


The players would have no idea what it's would be (well it's a war, but you won't know how it would start). The narrators might know what would be coming... or they might be equally surprised by the sudden twist in storyline generated by the players.


And when the "storm" comes, we consolidate what has passed in a summary, which would be posted as "Chapter One: Calm Before the Storm" in the archives. Then the narrators would deliberate upon and decide on what is to come... The players would then be given information to work with for the next chapter, which could be something along the lines of "Chapter Two: Cosmic Crisis".


Would this be a better way of presenting the RP?


This is a very interesting topic as I feel that rather than be tied down by the limitations of a forum-based RP, we can try to generate a more solid storyline to play with.

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