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Re: Wullf Tai Squad Training


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OOC - We're going to run with this until I get in trouble, which will hopefully be never.


IC - Punctual as always Wullf stood waiting in the briefing room already in his officer's flightsuit.  As he waited Ahrend flexed his arms and twisted his back a bit, getting a feel for the new suit that he had recently drawn from supply; waiting until he was in combat would be a sad mistake for a Squadron Commander to make.


Seeing that he still had ample time before the rest of the squad was due to report Ahrend opened up the laptop that he had connected to the briefing room's projector and drawing out a disk from his flightsuit's chest pocket he slipped it into the computer.  In response the machine gave a low hum as it began reading the disk.  The room's projector flickered to life and an image of the ZAFT insignia came up on the center of the screen at the front of the room.  However in the lower right corner there was an additional logo, one meant specifically for Wullf Tai.  It was a black outline of a wolf's head, perhaps it wasn't the most threatening thing in the world but it was his badge and Ahrend was proud of it.


Pulling back the sleeve on his flightsuit Ahrend glanced at the time, nearly 1300, 'They should be arriving soon.'  Ahrend bit his lip for a moment, surpressing the feeling of mild anxiety.  After all, he had been in special operations for years, why should his first squad exercise cause him so much grief?

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OOC-I know I probably shouldn't be posting here as I have yet to finish my reference battle but I don't want to slow the post down.Also please excuse my rudeness of not replying to the other thread but I saw this one


IC-Laike as always, had prepared himself in his Red ZAFT uniform before the due time.He was a little anxious for this first training exercise to come that he had finished getting read three quarters of an hour ago.He had been waiting for it to be an appropriate time to leave.After all he didn't want to turn up too early.


Laike decided to leave the dorms at '1235' with much thought on his mind.I wonder how this training exercise is going to go.I wonder how skilled I am compared to the others.I hope I am not the worst at this exercise.I wouldn't make a very good second if I don't have the skills in a Mobile Suit.Then there's the fact that I am the youngest on the squad meaning the other probably have more experience.Oh well, I just hope I don't screw up.


Before Laike knew it, he had just about arrived at the briefing room.He had forgotten that he had been walking towards the briefing room the whole time he had been thinking.As he approached the door, he took a deep breath as he knocked on the door, to be polite and opened it.He noticed that the only person that was here was his Mr.Wullf.pleased to see that he was the first to arrive, taking a quick glance at the clock to see that he had arrived fifteen minutes early.


"Laike Rinawan reporting for duty sir."as he made a salute to his squad commander.

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OOC: Pardon me as well. But the posts must go on.


IC: Karl had been informed of this meeting about three hours before it actually began. As Karl strolled about the facilities, he thought about what stupid tasks Wullf would make them do this time. "Last time I trained with this guy, he taught me nothing." Glancing at his watch, he noticed that it was almost time for his first "team" meeting to begin. Karl paused as he watched a flight of DINNs fly by. I can't believe they still use those things. God, they don't even have a sword. But then again, lotsa thing are flawed. This team is a great example. We don't know anything about eachother except for what we've read in the files. That doesn't build a team. Karl remembered that he was told to wear his flight suit. He looked down at his brown jacket and cargo pants. "Hardly presentable, even if it is a ZAFT meeting." Karl turned and headed back towards his quarters.


As Karl glanced at himself in a mirror, he noticed that he had cut his neck somewhere. Although it wasn't bleeding badly, the part of the suit that covered his neck was turning red as his blood soaked into the material. "Aw shit, Wullf is gunna have my ass if he notices that." He tried to cover it up as best he could and to a certain degree, he succeeded. As he moved towards the door, the last things he grabbed were his MP3 player and a small bag next to the door. Karl opened the bag, revieling his sidearm, extra magazines, a combat knife, and some rations. Zipping it back up, he opened the door, walked out into the hall, closing and locking the door behind him.


AS the door from the dorm opened, Karl was hit with a blast of hot air. He noticed a jeep driving towards him and flagged it down. When the jeep stopped, the driver leaned out and asked "Hey you need a lift?" Karl shook his head, a little surprised by this stroke of luck.  He climbed in and the jeep took off towards the meeting room. The driver didn't say much or anything to be exact. When they arrived, Karl got otu, thanked the driver and walked in. The cool air felt good as it hist his face. Walking towards the room, he wondered if there would be any fighting or if this was just a simple maneuvering exercise. Opening the door, he saw that there were only two other people there, Wullf and another guy, although he couldn't remember that guy's name.


"Rhine here sir. Unfortuneatly."

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OOC - Yes, I know that I put a spoiler in here and that I can't really keep anyone from reading it, but it's still fun to be secretive.


IC - "That's enough Rhine... I don't need any of your stuff today."  Ahrend shook his head as he crossed his arms, really not in the mood to deal with Karl's complaining today.  "If you want to put that energy to good use why don't sit down and go over the briefing for today's mission."  Wullf looked at Karl noting that the young man carried every item possible on the outside of his pilot's suit; Wullf also noted the dark red patch on Karl's neck.  "Rhine, are you bleeding?  Damn it Karl, head down to the infirmary and get a bandage on that; you need to take care of these things when they happen."  Assuming that Rhine would have the good sense to take care of himself now that he'd been ordered to Ahrend turned to his Lieutenant.


"Laike, if you don't mind would you report down to the hanger and make sure that the suits have been painted correctly?  Units E01 and E02 should be standard ZAKU units painted midnight black while units F01, F02 and F03 should be olive drab green.  In addition could you make sure that all of the weapons are live fire and not the standard training weapons?"  For the moment that was all that he could think of and Wullf felt confident that his lieutenant could handle such a simple task.  "Oh, there's one more thing."  Ahrend passed Laike a briefing disk.  "I want you to take the time to look this over before our general briefing starts."


In reality sending Laike away was just an excuse to get the junior officer out of the room so that no one else from the squad would be able to read the classified information on Laike's disk, but no one else had to know that.



For the eyes of Laike Rinwana only!  Those who read past this point will be convicted of espionage against ZAFT and the greater PLANT nation.


Operation Codename: Desert Fox

Lieutenant, I have chosen this specific form of communication for what I feel will be our benefit.  Our training operation today will carry the squad into the continent's interior by way of two VoLPHAU Transports.  Our drop zone will be lat -29.73 and long 139.29, a location well inside the continent's interior.  Once there our fireteams will separate to engage two separate hostile units of unknown force; during this time it should be noted that we will be out of radio contact and that you are the acting commander for those units in your fireteam.  Those units which survive the first part of the mission will regroup fifty miles north west of our initial drop point for rearming and resupply.  Once finished the squad will set out to investigate reports of a local uprising.  If those reports are indicated to be true we will pacify the situation.


This operation will run for 72 hours and our squad's efficiency will be based off of the objectives completed during and the manner in which they are completed.  Unlike most other exercises this one will be live fire so caution should be urged in all situations and weapons should only be discharged when engaging enemy MS or in life or death situations.  Please make sure that your squad chooses the appropriate wizard packs for MS combat.


Should you encounter any real enemies during the training mission contact command and request a break in radio silence using override code DW822Z.  Please also keep in mind that in such a situation any orders you receive from command will override my own until the squad is reassembled.


A final note: The machines we will be engaging will be unpiloted drones but do not allow that fact to lessen your resolve.  Should you fail to properly engage any hostile you, or any member of the squad for that matter, could and most likely will be killed.  Since this is an official training exercise such accidents are possible, please keep this in mind throughout the operation.


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OOC: So how many people read the spoiler?  I didn't.  I do not have my license yet eather, but I thought I would post not to slow things down.


IC:  Laying in bed with his music blasting was the only thing fun to really do around here.  Him and some other team mates ventured into town, but that got boring very quickly.


Throwing his feet of the bed James go up and stared at the alarm clock on his bed night stand.  Almost time to get moving.  He thought to himself as he made his way to the shower.  Although there was not much to do, he had to admit this place was better then any other crappy apartment on Aprilius.


Going over the last touches of his uniform, James made his way out the door and towards the briefing room.  It did not take him long to get there, and it did not take him long to see that Karl had been kicked out already.  Letting out a little laugh James intercepted Karl.


Wullf kick you out already?

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"Ya he did. He didn't even do it for a real reason either. He told me to go and get this little cut checked out." Karl pulled the suits collar down to show James the "little" cut. "It's not even bleedin that much, stupid douche. We'll no matter, I'll get to let some of this frustration go during this exercise." With that, Karl turned and walked towards the aid station.

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Karl continued down the corridor looking for the door. Once again, Karl was greeted with an unplesent blast of hot air as he opened the door. "Well, now that his royal pain in the ass has given his order, I believe that this is the part where I tell him to shove it." Karl walked around the building and dropped his bag onto the ground. Crouching down over the grey canvas bag, he unzipped it and pulled out a lump of bandages. "God damn, this is gunna sting a little" Karl said as he pulled, slightly, on the neck cover. Grabbing the collar in his fist, Karl ripped the collar away from the cut. "This thing had already started to clot? What the hell was the point in doin this then?" Separating one of the bandages from the rest, he placed it onto the cut, pulled the collar back up and onto the bandage to hold it in place and threw the stuff back into his bag.


He zipped it up as he walked towards the front door, slinging the bag over his shoulder just as he pulled the door open. He continued down the hall, which was unusually quiet. Stopping for a moment, Karl wondered if they had even started yet. "If they have, great. Less of listening to Wullf and that other guy... whatever his name is. If they haven't, then the rest of the "team" hasn't shown up yet." Karl resumed his walk down the quiet hall, stopping in front of his door. Reaching down and grabbing the cool handle, Karl turned the knob and pushed the door open. Looking around, he saw only James and Wullf. Just great. The newbie and the prick.


"Did ya miss me?"

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"Yes sir, I will get right on it sir."as he took the disk quickly and stuck it into his pocket, knowing that Wullf obviously wanted him to read the disk.He also knew that the Mobile Suits had been painted fine and had the appropriate weapons attached. as he had noticed them on his slow walk towards the briefing room.He began to walk out as he saw James come in and salute Wullf.He walked out of the briefing room.


He knew going back towards the dormitories to look over the information wouldn't be a good idea seeing he would most likely run into his other squad members.He instead went towards the hangar.He approached and went into one of the empty rooms near towards the direction of the hangar.He shut the door and sat down at the desk with the computer.


He began to read through the information carefully knowing that Wullf was expecting him to know all of this and thats exactly what he planned to do.When he had completely memorized the data he took the disk and returned the computer to the state it had been before he had entered.


He began to make his way back to the briefing room expecting the whole team to be there by now as he had probably gone for about 10 minutes.He arrived at the briefing room and went inside the briefing room one again.He noticed that James had arrived and Karl had returned.He didn't see Kanto anywhere though wondering where he could of gotten to.


"The Mobile Suits have been painted properly and are equipped properly for the training missions sir." 

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OOC – Sorry bein sick for the past couple of days and haven't bein able to put up a worthy post.


IC – Kanto had begun to prepare himself two hours in advance stripping off the bandages from his arms he tossed them into the trash can. Turning on the shower he stripped off the rest of his clothes and hopped into the shower. Letting the hot water run over him he places his right hand against the wall and leans on it running his hand up across his face and through his hair with his left hand. Tilts his right  arm and looks at the stitches running up his arm. Several minutes later he finishes up in the shower and steps out wrapping a towel around his waist and moves over to his sink. Pulling out the razer Kanto quickly shaves his face and walks out of the bathroom towards the closet. Pulling out a small iron and ironing board he patiently irons his green uniform making sure all of the creases are where there supposed to be. Kanto bandaged his arms back up and slipped on a pair of black leather gloves. Finishing up getting ready Kanto pulls on the rest of his uniform and heads out the door.


Walking out of the mansion Kanto walked with a determined stride towards the building where the briefing was to be held as we walked he took notice to the array of different mobile suits that went to and fro around the military instillation. After a short amount of time Kanto pulled open the door to the massive building and made his way up the stairs to the briefing room. Passing past his two squad mates he paid them no mind and opened the door to the briefing room. Walking into the room he saluted his two commanding officers just as the clock on the wall turning to the exact minute they were told to assemble.


“Kanto Weyth reporting for duty Sir.”

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OOC - No, I've just been wicked busy.  After each fireteam drops into the training area the team leaders will create separate threads, just to keep our respective storyline clear since both teams won't be working together.


IC - Ahrend was relieved as his entire squad finally showed up, 'At least we don't have any attendance problems around here.'  After acknowledging each of his soldiers Ahrend began his presentation.


"Gentlemen if you'll all take your seats.  I'll keep all this as brief as I can.  For the next 72 hours Wullf Tai will be engaged in Operation Desert Fox, during which time you can expect to engage multiple hostile enemy forces.  At this moment all that any of your needs to worry about are the other men in your fireteam since after dropping into the training area both teams will be splitting up and engaging two separate enemy battlegroups.  If everything goes will we should regroup at a rally point which has be designated Landing Zone X-ray.  From there we will receive further orders.  In encourage all of you to take this exercise seriously, while out in the field we will be using live rounds and... well I think that you all get the idea."  Though it wasn't much Ahrend had no intention of giving away every detail of the mission, after all real combat was never as clear as the reports which followed the battles.


"For now each of you should equip himself properly making sure to include any survival gear you might want and then report to helipad A.  There we will split up into fireteams and take our respective transports to our drop point.  That's all gentlemen so get going."

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James sat down on the metal seat.  That was the only thing different then space.  Earth and space had those same metal crappy chairs, but in space they were always cold.  So during the briefing all James had to worry about was a uncomfortable butt...and the mission.


Taking in Wulff's words James tried to think of what he would pack and other essentials to the missions.  As Wullf ended the briefing, James stood up and made a way to the cage.  Here he could get most of the supplies he would need  in the worst case scenario his MS gets shot down.


There James grabbed a pistol.  Taking two extra clips, he readied it and holstered it at his side.  He also grabbed two weeks rations and other essentials.  With all his gear packed he made his way to the hellapad A.


OOC:  Most RPs that I do require a load out.  Will we be needing one here?

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Karl brought the headphones up to his ears and gently placed them in. Pulling his hand out of the gray bag, he brought the MP3 player up to his face. This thing is pretty beaten up, maybe I'm due for a new one. After this "mission", I head into town and get one. He looked up just as Wullf was beginning his briefing. Glancing back down at the screen, he browsed through the songs until he found one he liked. Starting it, he turned the volume up loud enough to block everything else, including Wullf. He found it funny the attention all the other people seemed to be giving Wullf, almost like his advise was going to save their lives.


Time seemed to pass slowly, despite the music blaring in his ears. It looked as if Wullf was rapping his little speech up. Bout god damn time he finished this. He grabbed the cords attaching the headphones and yanked them out of his ears. "This thing should last the rest of the exercise at least." He watched all the other pilots head towards the cage and smirked. "These guys didn't even come prepared." He grabbed the bag and walked out towards the hellipad A.

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OOC - Well he's going to be around for 6 more days but after that we're still going to push forward.  Pheonix, maybe you can make up some kind of good, reasonable, explanation for why your character can't be on the mission.  If you do get back before it ends you could just air drop in to meet us.

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OOC - Actually, I think that I'm going to come up with a creative way to write out Pheonix if he isn't going to be around.


IC - With all that said and with the squad disbursing Ahrend left the briefing room and headed down one level to the equipment room directly adjacent to the hanger and launchpad that Wullf Tai operated out of.  Accessing his locker Wullf grabbed the small emergency pack that he had put together the night before and exited the room.  Crossing over to supply Wullf bypassed the normal formalities with the Armory officer and had the man draw a standard issue rifle for him as well as 150 rounds.  As he waited Ahrend set down his bag and drew out his own .40 caliber service pistol which he slipped into his waist holster.


"Here you are Sir."  The Armory Officer's voice drew Wullf out of his thoughts.  "Thank you, but actually I've reconsidered.  Would you please bring me the new assault rifle system."  Given the varying natures of the mission Ahrend had decided that he wanted a weapon which could function in multiple roles.  The new system would give him the flexibility to use the rifle in the assault, sniper or squad support roles.  The new XMM-29 was all that in a compact bull-pup rifle which was fed by a 30 round clear clip.  After a minute during which Wullf assumed that the Armory Officer was returning the other rifle the man returned to the window.  "I'm going to need your signature before I can release this to you commander."  Ahrend nodded his consent and signed the pad that was offered to him which he then exchanged for the rifle.


Drawing back the receiver on the weapon Ahrend inspected the barrel, then he slowly turned it over looking for damages that he knew he wouldn't find.  "Thank you Sir."  Ahrend took the ammo pouches that had he set out for him and snapped them onto his belt.  Then taking up his rifle over one shoulder and his bag over the other he ran out to the helipad.


VoLPHAU Transport 1 was already standing by and Ahrend climbed aboard taking the first passenger's seat inside the door.  Once seated he quickly reworked his pack so that his ammo would now be stored in several of the pack's outer compartments.  With that done he got up again and after slipping an intercom over his ear Ahrend moved into the storage bay and moved up into his ZAKU.  'Fortunately ZAFT designers thought ahead and realized that we might actually need some storage space in these things.'  Putting the rifle into the snug compartment to the right of his chair Ahrend tucked his bag away on the opposite side, thereby taking up all the unused floor space in the cockpit.


As if on cue his ear piece gave off some garbled static and then he heard the pilot's voice.  "Sir, we've received word that VoLPHAU 2 has finished launch preparations and are ready to lift of as soon as your squad is on board."  Letting his mind settle down a bit Ahrend descended from his ZAKU as he responded.  "Received pilot, I'll contact my lieutenant and we should be off within the next 10 minutes."


Switching the intercom to another station Ahrend radioed Laike.  "Foxtrot 1 from Echo 1; both transports are cleared for departure is your fireteam ready?"

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As James stepped on to the carrier he shook a bit.  This would be his first battle on the ground.  With his gear he made the climb to the cockpit of his ZAKU.  Memories of him and his father in one of them came back to his head.  Flushing them out quickly he made himself comfortable in his seat.


The seat was soft, it had not been worn out from battle.  As he reached for the throttle and joy sticks, they were smooth.  Not worn out.  In a sense James was much like this ZAKU.  Has not seen battle and not broken in.


Storing his gear on the left and the right side compartments James made himself comfortable.  When everything was set he climbed out of the cockpit and made his descent to the floor.  Looking toward Wullf, James looked at him.


Sir, my ZAKU is ready for battle.  Should I find a seat and belt in?


James said as he looked around at the other ZAKUs.

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Having seat in the chair Kanto felt a chill up his spine partly from the coldness of the chair but also the fact that they were finally moving out and doing something. The past few days of idling while he could have been doing something was a small torture for him but now that was over. Listing to the mission briefing it was short and sweet Wullf had a surprise planned for them or at least he was intentionally keeping them in the dark about something.  Oh well things could get interesting, hell maybe he will be out there. Glancing at his squad mates he saw that one of them was wearing headphones Kanto shook his head back and forth glad that he wasn't in the same fire squad as them.


Standing and saluting his CO's as they exited the room Kanto quickly fallowed suit and made his way back to the dormitory. Packing his already few materials Kanto grabbed his gun belt and strapped it to his waist. Kanto grabbed a few other things some rations extra pairs of socks and underwear and his now half full bottle of So Co he tossed them all in his bag and made his way to the armory post haste. With the limited access he had Kanto signed out a standard issue pistol and also a semi automatic rifle quickly saluting the officer Kanto holstered the pistol and slung the rifle over his shoulder.


Walking towards the airstrip two VoLPHAU's were neatly placed on the strip one was being loaded up with two black Zaku's the other was loaded with three olive green one's. Can't complain about his color choice. Kanto said to himself as he walked towards the VoLPHAU that was being loaded with the black units. Walking up the loading ramp Kanto scanned the area not seeing Wullf he walked over to one of th airships personnel. Saluting the officer and after confirming his ID he was handed a headset and a clipboard. Slipping the headset over his head he pressed on the talk button.


"This is Foxtrot two to Foxtrot one commander Wullf can you hear me Sir. I'm on frequency 1 1 9 5 0 for this sortie requesting Intel on commanders wizard pack Sir. Intel being requested so as to round our combat capabilities out Sir. We are able to chose our own Wizard packs are we not sir?" Climbing up into the cockpit of his Zaku Kanto loaded his backpack and rifle into the side compartments on either side of the seat.

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"That's affirmative Foxtrot two.  There are three wizard packs loaded on this VoLPHAU; select the one that you feel suits you best and I'll take one of the other two.  In addition you can drop my commander title for the time being, I'll answer to Foxtrot One."  Wullf set his radio to scan over all of ZAFT's military frequencies as he radioed Laike.


"Laike this if Ahrend, did you copy all that?  Let your team know that addressing anyone with use of the command structure is unapproved until we return to base.  Between now and then call signs will do."

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Looking up at the two VoLPHAU sitting out on the runway, Karl sighed. He watched the three ZAKUs, covered in the standard olive drab, be moved onto the aircraft. He stopped and turned to look at all the men running around and chuckled. "With the way these guys are runnin around, you would think that this sortie actually has some sort of importance." Karl noticed that he was the only one who wasn't one board a transport. He turned back around and started to walk towards the VoLPHAU, but at a more brisk pace.


He boarded the large transport and headed for his assigned mobile suit. As he approached the suit marked with a large 03, he was approuched by a man with a clipboard. Before the man had said anything, Karl had grabbed the clipboard and walked away. As he stood and looked at the ZAKU that towered above him, he remembered the very first time he had piloted or even seem a mobile suit up close. "Some how, the awe just isn't around anymore." Walking forward and grabbing the lift, Karl was raised into the air and drawn towards the cockpit of his new machine. Hoping off the lift, he walked into the cockpit and as soon as he sat down, he closed the doors. "Everything has that new car smell, it's pissing me off. Christ, this is what we have to pilot, give me anything over this thing any day." He reached down and pulled his MP3 player out and changed the song. Turning his attention back to the machine, he looked at his list of possible equipment. Looking at his options, he shook his head. "I think I'll just go without any of this crap. This stuff is just gonna slow me down." Karl then started to work on his communications and established a one way channel with the rest of his "team". I can hear them, but they can't talk to me. He sat back in the seat and waited for this little show to begin.

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Grabbing onto his hoist line Kanto went down to the floor of the hanger and walked over to the head mechanic. Giving him a quick salute asked "please equip unit 2 with the Slash Wizard pack for sortie. Thank you." saluting the man again Kanto turned and made his way back towards his unit. Grabbing his hoist line again drew himself back up into the cockpit and sat in his chair. Picking up his digital clipboard began to go through the technical specs of the Zaku then switched it over to news and reviewed some of the events going on in the world. Reading the news he saw few things that interested him some fool didn't think ZAFT could defend the PLANTs and proposed some sort of defense network. Scoffing he moved on tapping a headline that seemed interesting something about a second chairperson being put into power. That's all that we need now an internal power struggle. Wonderful. Feeling his suit get rocked Kanto figured they had attached the pack to confirm his suspicion he flipped his clipboard back over to the tech display and it showed the image of a Slash Zaku Warrior, running a quick diagnostic all systems came back green so he went back to reading the news until the drop operation commenced.

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      OOC: this is a slight character building thread for me. I am also using it to introduce my character’s father, who I need to most likely have made into an NPC. If someone wants to drop in feel free.
      IC: Michael was on his knees hunched over at the foot of the Januarius City Memento Stone. The memento stones were statues made by Michael’s father at the end of the Bloody Valentine War to honor the sacrifices of those who lost their lives and for virtues that Coordinators and mankind must learn to live by.  One was in each PLANT.
      The Januarius City memento stone held special meaning to Michael, and within a few moments his tears were falling onto the dozen roses left at its base. The Januarius City Memento Stone was “The Guardian”, and it was a statue of Michael’s mother, who died in the first war. Michael nearly broke the mask that he was now holding in his lap as more and more tears fell. Finally Michael was able to look at the twilight sky.
      Michael was filled with memories of the last time he was here a few years ago. When he finally stood up to his father and made the decision to join ZAFT. He was a stubborn man, who had tried to control Janus’s life. “Why mom, why did you leave me with him, and why did you die to protect other people.” Janus couldn’t even muster the energy at the time to scream. More and more tears fell till Michael just hit the ground with his right fist.
      After a few moments Michael stood up facing the statue. Putting his mask back on Janus turned and began to slowly walk away from the memento stone. His covered eyes were still showing the signs of his anger and his doubt. This is the right thing to do, I am walking the only path available to me right now. I'll defeat every enemy until I find the answers I want.
    • By Ryou Misaki
      The echoes of several footsteps could be heard through the hallway as a man in a black lab coat had been followed by several green ranked soldiers with papers in their hands with questions coming from each of them. Long flowing black hair having been moving with the body and a pair of crimson eyes that stared forwards had been of the lead scientist of Technology in ZAFT getting hassled by the army.
      " General Darlton and Janus want to know how the production of things are moving along? " One of them had asked while trying to maintain the scientists long strides. Kaze had been ignoring most of the questions and seemed to have had his own thoughts on mind. " Tell them it's moving along fine. " He had answered giving an answer which lacked detail. " Chairwoman Hitomi had also been wishing to talk to you about the current funding for the next few projects. " Another one had said out while the man's walk had increased in speed from the annoyance of the army. " Tell her to call me instead. " He answered in slight annoyance.
      Once through the hallway he had come across the main lobby of the PLANT and had planned to take the elevator to transfer out of Januarius and head off to other areas where he was needed. Having stepped in front of the elevator doors he turned and looked at the other men who had more questions and needed answers from the scientist at least. " I suggest sending the rest of the issues and pressing matter to my office. I wish to be alone. " He had said to them as the doors opened and a soldier was already in salute as he was standing inside the elevator. Kaze had smiled a bit and turned around stepping within as the doors closed to the soldiers who were about to follow him but were cut off, his crimson eyes turning to the soldier who was saluting him who was his son;Ryou Misaki. A pair of golden eyes who were hidden behind a few strands of the messy white hair which the boy had grown and left unattended to the natural messy order. Then again he was not one to talk, his own black hair had been longer that it reached past his shoulders at times.
      " You can stop saluting me... " He mentioned and walked over to the seats as the elevator had started to rise up. " Sir! " Ryou answered in response and placed his arm back to his side as he waited by the door. Kaze's smile having remained considering his son's attitude; Serious and Cold. He was proud to have him as a son, truly proud and yet there were...many flaws in that. Ryou was after all his finest project; A remake of the remaining information of Hibiki that he could collect without having been suspected. It did him no good, it was a failure in the end and the result caused a conflict between him and his assistant who had believed in a different theory than he did. In the end it resulted in him doing it alone and causing the womb of his wife to turn into a chamber for where he could create at least something similar to the man's hoped for work.
      Kaze had realized it now that the remnants he received were not enough information. And the cost of information made him create a failed coordinator; Ryou. Humanity's desire itself was the improve upon itself and Kaze wished for the same, he wanted to make that ultimate being and help the Coordinator's realize their true function: Help Humanity. George Glenn himself had wished for that desire, yet with the recent issue of Coordinators and Naturals it truly had strayed from that past.
      Coordinator's turned ambitious and seeked an identity for themselves. Dubbing themselves a New Species, A Better Species, An Improved Species. And of course with such arrogance in themselves they believed that the people of Earth were things of the past and a step lower in the evolutionary scale. Even now it does not change. People's eyes have grown accustomed to seeing them as 'Naturals' and yet what were Coordinators themselves - 'Unnatural'? The answer itself is No. George Glenn was wrong, Coordinators were no different than Naturals themselves. We have to study, train, adapt and grow old like any other human being. Coordinators are no different, just an arrogant race that in the end started a War simply to dub themselves the true rulers of Humanity.
      Humans, or Naturals as they liked to be called are no better themselves. If Coordinators did not exist, their blames would be put to themselves and thus would hate one another. The Planet called Earth would simply be filled with humans hating one another with racism. The government themselves couldn't handle all the issue so they instead blame the Coordinators and PLANTS. 'United in Hatred', as one can picture. The President, Countries and Nations, they all help one another for a sole purpose: Hatred for Coordinators. An easy answer for the government and people who are confused as to why they're poor or have civil issues. Truly...Humans are-
      " Dad? " Kaze had opened his eyes to realize that he was lost in thought and had closed his eyes. Having been at the top floor already with his son having placed a hand on his shoulder to bring him back into reality. " How have things been with your team? " He had asked his son as the boy stood up straight once more with a somewhat blank face. " I can't complain....other than the lack of experience for the captain. " He had mentioned as Kaze already knew of that, but it couldn't be helped. " Your not the only one. Other teams are starting fresh... " He mentioned as he had looked over the papers and was thinking of what mobile suit would be best for each person. " I guess... " Ryou had said with a shrug of the shoulders as he titled his head back a bit and looked to the side to the city through the elevator glass.
      As he stared at his son with the blank look of his son and innocence in soldiers Kaze had realized how War had changed from wanting trained personnel to wanting young children grow into battle itself. There was also an issue of Coordinators themselves making soldiers for the sole purpose of fighting. Those who are legends in battle and are the perfect soldiers, they are the ones who's genes are entered within other infants until they can make a perfect copy; A Clone. Yet this itself has it's own issues and that's something Kaze himself had been ordered to fix...not that it's public information or even known to most of the chairmen and chairwomen in the council. He wondered himself if Hitomi knew of this.
      Kaze had realized he spent his time within the elevator long enough so he had stood up and started to walk out and down another long hallway with his son 3 steps behind him. " I'll be needing some time in a room. " He mentioned as Ryou had given a serious 'Sir!' remark back to him and lead him to a room for the time being until a ride was ready to take him back. " Um..what about...meetings and people? " He had asked his father who's simple response was: " Just put them in a meeting room around here and I'll get to them. " He answered and closed the door.
      Kaze had sat down behind a desk and opened a laptop with a new email having been received from an Anonymous address which told him ' Continue the Process'. " What a joke...like you're not satisfied with the last two wars... " He whispered, sighing as he opened up a folder and watched the data from the previous wars. " Whether there will be  peace or war...no one but them will know. " He whispered as he turned and opened the window to see the stars outside at least. " At least the stars will be witnesses to Humanity...even now we're traveling beyond the original bounds that's been placed in front of us...and we're repeating the same mistakes.. " He whispered, closing his eyes once more and contemplating the rest of what he had gotten over time.
      Ryou on the other hand was running through the corridor in a hectic speed. " Damn it...why'd you leave me to manage all your meetings with people. " He whispered as he didn't even know who wished to speak with the man. This was all too troublesome....
    • By Ryou Misaki
      " And who's mind did this come from? "
      The room was dark at the time as the night had entered itself into the PLANT leaving only streetlights from the window to enter as a figure was sitting on his chair and staring outside, a computer having been on the table who which he had his back upon. The screen having shown that there was a online talk with another figure who's face was hidden. Kaze's eyes having stared outside as his head was supported by his hand, his lips having been barely open as he was wondering what else to say at the new decision having been handed out.
      " It's not a matter to you. It's an Order from you're superiors. The current tension between the EA and USSA require more direction. "
      The voice was filled with voice modifications, having been impossible to decode considering the amount of different additions and warping in tone. Kaze had attempted to change it himself but the data left over from the conversation would be completely deleted as if the call was never made. " The Assumed Creation of Suits. Yes, I've heard. " Kaze mentioned.
      " The PLANT's themselves are worried that this may turn into a global war for the planet. A new Leader of your status and capabilities would be better. "
      " And of Hitomi? " He had asked wondering what she'd take of this news. The woman had recently become the leader and such a thing may discourage her. If anything threaten her.
      " She will remain as she is. Consider it a cooperative Leadership. "
      He sighed, this was too sudden to take already. Having turned his seat around to look at the computer screen he had spotted the shine of glass and peered over to a chess board with glass pieces of black and white having been on the corner. " Do you wish for me to end up like the previous chairman? " He had asked referring to his teacher in medicine.
      " He served his purpose. That is all. "
      No answer like always, Kaze's eyes having darted back to the screen as he gave a disappointed look. " I understand. Keep my updated, though communication from now will be more harder to keep. " He had mentioned as he wondered how they would manage.
      " It had never stopped us before. If we do not communicate, a file will be in your computer from the next move. Remember Kaze, do not disappoint us unless you want your experiment to become public. "
      His hand twitched while his body remained calm, the fingers tightening a grip on the arm rest as he closed his eyes. " You wish to blackmail me using my Son? " He had mentioned, having understood they would take the chance would do it.
      " You've changed. Before you had called him a God, A Failed Experiment, and now a Son. Don't let yourself get attached. It will cloud your judgment. "
      He opened his eyes again to stare at the screen. " I call him Hope. A life that I've played God in, the same would go for her father also. " He mentioned having known the girl must have been his son of all others.
      " Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness. We have no further progress with this conversation. We will contact you when it's needed. "
      The screen had turned black as the computer shut down completely. A weak sigh escaping Kaze's mouth as his hand moved from supporting his cheek to his head, a weak smile forming. " It's all up to their Will then. " He whispered.
      News networks had spread fast and moved to the PLANT's as the sudden spark of political debate had come up of a second Leader. It was a first for Coordinators, having a Cooperative leadership between two entities. The PLANT Supreme Council members having been arguing with themselves as they wondered how such a notion had passed and what it would affect in the future, it was rather unexpected for all of them.
      " A Second Supreme Leader?! The PLANT's will just end up in more confusion! "
      " Considering our previous ones we will need in case one does as the previous two! It'd be better if Kaze is elected, he's the leading scientist of Technology for the PLANT's. Who else?! "
      " For now we'll have to accept it. Whether he steps up or not we'll see. Besides this conversation is not worth our breath. The current issues of Mobile suits being made by USSA and in South America should be our main focus. "
      The Council had sighed in frustration, silence finally overtaking the room as a few members looked over to the empty seats as some couldn't make it. The meeting was rather unexpected so it wasn't surprising. Kaze o nthe other hand had to make it to the city in a car that was continually watched by news and several questions being shot at him as he made his way slowly to podium where he would make the speech, the room having been filled with several news networks from which he guessed a few were from Earth and ORB. Never the less there were a few soldiers at his sides that were prepared to defend him if needed.
      " I've come to talk about the speculation and rumors that have been going around. And they are true, I will be become the second Chairman of the PLANT's. Regarding my partner Hitomi she will remain also in control so this will be a cooperative leadership. It's rather sudden but for the progress of the PLANT's I feel as if I had no choice to deny it. As many as you know I am also the leading scientist for the military of ZAFT and you may be worried my views are towards War when they're completely far from it. I have been a doctor before and know full well the pain and loss of War. That's why...I wish to ask for a chance. That is all, I'll take no questions. "
      The speech was short but he had no desire to continue, having turned as a few people started to shout out questions and come close to him which made the soldiers and bodyguards start to move as they stopped them as he came out the door and into the main room of the Supreme Council building. Having sighed as he turned to look at the rock of the whale like creature that the first coordinator had brought back from space. Having smiled he opened his mouth and spoke:
      " Those who have a gift fail to understand the feelings of those who don't and those who don't envy those who do. "
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