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All Credit for the Creation and Submission of the ZGMF-701X TAURUS Should be Given to T569ssgoku.


General and Technical Data


Model number: ZGMF-701X

Code name: Prototype TAURUS / TAURUS Advanced

Unit type: Transformable Mobile Suit

Manufacturer: Asimov Design Bureau

Operator: ZAFT

First deployment: C.E. 85

Capacity: 1, in cockpit standard

Height: Head Height 16.8 meters

Weight: empty, 48 metric tons

Construction: Titanium alloy

Power plant: Ultra Compact Battery, power output unknown

Equipment and design features: Sensors, Range unknown

Fixed armaments:   2x “Lacerta” beam saber, stored in hips, hand carried in use, MA-BAR76F high energy beam rifle, mounted on back in flight mode, hand carried in use


Optional hand armaments: none


Technical and Historical Notes



The loss of the contract of the “New Millennium” mobile suit line in CE 71-72 was a large setback to the designer and producer of the ZMGF-1017 GINN and the ZMGF-601 GuAIZ, Asimov Design Bureau.  As the ZAKU Series begins to show age in CE 85 Asimov Design Bureau released plans for the “Next Millennium” mobile suits.


ADB worked on surpassing the aging ZAKU in every way, from performance, to flexibility, and cost. ADB recognized that the ZAKU Warrior and the ZAKU Phantom were superior to Earth Alliance mobile suits in space, but that ZAKUs were fairly useless inside the Earth’s gravity without lifter assistance. This was compensated for by production of the BABI and GOUF, but the BABI was restricted to earth’s atmosphere and the GOUF was largely expensive and could only be assigned to top teams and pilots. ADB also felt that the ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited restricted the pilot to conform to the machine’s style.


The mobile suit most closely resembling what ADB wanted to create was the Orb Union’s Murasame. The design team set out with the following goals

1.)  Create a mobile suit that is performancely superior to the ZAKU

2.)  Create a mobile suit that is relatively in the same price range as the ZAKU

3.)  Create a mobile suit that can be deployed in both the Earth’s atmosphere and effectively in outer space.


After months of testing the developers created what they believed to be a mobile suit that enveloped all their goals. The result was the Zero Gravity Maneuver Fighter Tactical Automated Unilateral Response Unlimited System, or the ZGMF-701 TAURUS Mobile Suit. The Taurus features allow it to operate extremely well in space in both mobile armor and mobile suit modes, capable of performing high speed and angle dodges.


The TAURUS is also capable of being piloted inside the Earth’s atmosphere, although it is only capable of full maneuvers in its mobile armor mode (it can hover and move in mobile suit mode, but not make the maneuvers it is capable of in space) although with simple modifications it can function at 90% maneuverability inside the Earth’s atmosphere. ADB estimates that a mobile suit crew should be able to complete the modifications within 90 minutes, although this is dependent on the skill of the support crew.



This was the prototype version of the Taurus was produced in small run, and preformed well according to the guidelines set out by the design team. However, the prototype version was deemed too expensive for a mass production run. Some are rumored to exist. This version of the Taurus features a base white paint scheme.


This mobile suit features weapon systems used on later generation GUNDAM mobile suits that were used in the Great War. Offensively, the Taurus mounts 2 Lacerta grade beam sabers, and a modified MA-BAR76F high energy rifle was taken from the Design of the ZGMF-X666 Legend Gundam. It is capable of mounting onto the Back of the Taurus for use in its mobile armor mode.


The TAURUS features one “Solidus Fulgor” Beam shield generator, also used on the Legend. This advanced defensive system, combined with the Taurus’s already high grade maneuver system allows this machine to engage multiple targets with effective success. This system required a new high-efficient and duration battery to be installed in the TAURUS for combat use.


Seeing the production costs of the ZGMF-701 Taurus would at best limit it in peacetime to fill the limited ace-only role of the old ZAFT CGUE, ADB redesigned the Taurus for a mass production run. ADB renumbered the prototype version the ZGMF-701X and preceded to redesign the Taurus to give it similar firepower and maneuverability with reduced cost. A few of the 701X units have been assigned, but their small numbers restrict them only to the most elite pilots.

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