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Getting to know you! AD style


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I'd like to propose an idea for the more social side of AD :3 Hopefully this might bring the community closer.

My idea is that every week, (going alphabetically, or backwards alphabetically) an AD member is picked to add to a "Getting To Know AD" thread, where there are a set number of questions (such as interests, hobbies etc) and they answer them (not all questions being compulsory).

As I said, this is for the more social aspect. (Now it'd be damn embarrassing if we already have something like this )

Of course, this can only work with the more active members here

Whaddya think ? Any suggestions, (such as specific questions) or gripes with this idea?

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This seems like an interesting idea, and I think the closest thing we have to it is the introductions section. Hopefully you'll get more opinions on it soon Asahi.


As to specific questions... here's a couple.


Name a couple of hobbies - does not include writing, rping or watching anime, as they're kinda a given if you're an active member of the site.

Favoured gaming platform - For those that enjoy videogames

Favourite part of the Gundam franchise - the models, the anime, the manga, the fanfics/fanart, the rping... etc.

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thanks Darkness. Now that I think of it, this idea reminds me alot of the DeviantArt's info page, where the person has a few questions they fill out.

So here's a short list of Darkness's ideas and a few of mine

  • A couple of hobbies
  • Favoured gaming platform
  • Favourite part of the Gundam franchise (incl. plastic models, anime, mange, rping, etc..)
  • Favourite video game. OF ALL TIME!!!
  • A taste of you music playlist. list some of you favourite songs
    [li]If you had the choice of being re-incarnated, what would you be? No boundaries on what this could be, but please, no "I wanna be Kira "Jesus" Yamato!"

But as I said, please help me out here people :3

btw 3rdeyeblind, this idea hasn't gone up yet. In regards to the order, i guess we should vote on this lol, either alphabetically of reverse alphabetically (see what everyone else wants)

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