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If you're going to be absent for any significant amount of time, more than a few days, please post here letting us know when you're leaving and when you expect to be back.  This is to provide squads with a more comprehensive list so they know who they have to work with in the storyline as well as giving everyone the opportunity and ability to be accountable to each other.  I mean let's face it, we all come on here to have fun and nothing kills the rush like interacting with a character who hasn't been online for a couple weeks.


This list will also act as a record for the new absentee policy that I'm starting which can be found here.


In doing all this I'm not trying to single anyone out nor am I try to hold everyone up to some unattainable standard.  The problem is that by having numerous members whose activity is infrequent at best advancing the ZAFT section of the storyline could become difficult.


If you have ANY questions please PM me.  Do not post in this thread unless you are letting the faction know that you'll be absent for a period of time.

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