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Addressing Inactivity


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In an effort to consolidate ZAFT's military power and to enable our squads to function a bit better I'm instituting a new policy; though believe me I do not enjoy doing this.


The basic policy will be as follows: As in the normal military where, when you fail to report for duty without explanation, I am going to be checking for activity here on Advent Destiny.  This does not mean that I am going to frantically run around every day seeing who's been active and who hasn't.  It also doesn't mean that I'm going to be counting the number of posts that you make.  All this policy is concerned with is whether or not you're actually dropping by AD on a regular basis, not once every few weeks.


After looking over the members list on any given day if I notice that you've been absent for over a week I'm going to simply make a note of it.  After two weeks of unexplained inactivity your name will change color on the Military and Civilian Roster, from whatever your standard color is to blue.  After three weeks of unexplained inactivity you will be removed from your squad and moved into the Auxiliary Corp.  And finally, after six weeks you will be removed from the Auxiliary Corp and PLANT.


AT ANY POINT IN TIME I WILL FULLY REINSTATE YOU AS LONG AS YOU PM ME AND LET ME KNOW YOU'RE BACK.  I will not even expect you to give me a reason as to why you were gone, because I can foresee some explanations that you would simply not want to share with a relative stranger.


Another important note is that this policy is in effect for everyone.  As such Squad Commanders and Lieutenants will lose their positions after the six weeks of unexplained absence and they will not get those positions back should they return; it would be incredibly awkward for me to promote someone and then demote them and it would also be unfair for that person to have what they've earned taken away for no reason.  I am making note of this because the squad leader positions are essential to the progression of the storyline and to function without either position makes the squad less effective, especially if it is in combat.


Please be sure to keep all this in mind when you are going on vacation or anything of the sort and be sure to post in the absentee board before leaving, if you fail to do so it is your own fault.  The only exceptions I will make to prolonged absences are for people whose computers break, those who may be grounded from their computer by their parents, personal injury, and other reasons of the sort.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss this policy you may post them in this thread or PM me but do not post them in the absentee thread.


I hope that this policy will help to improve PLANT activity and enable us to retain more members since we have lost quite a few to inactivity in the past.

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Okay, so I've done another activity sweep and now we're down two Lieutenants and I'm left wondering what to do.  What makes me especially sad is that my squad is the only one with 100% activity.


What I'd like from you guys are feedback and opinions.  What would make ZAFT more fun to be in?  Why do people go through all the work of creating characters and then leaving?  Is not having immediate access to a MW part of the problem?  Is the fact that there's no war going on making people lose interest?


I hope that we can keep this faction going, since we seem to be doing well when compared with everyone else.

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Well, the mobile weapon thing as I understand it was to prevent modding and bad RPing. I like the current system because Valiant made a couple of small notes (and barely passed me) on my practice battle, which I feel has helped me become a better combat RPer. Keep in mind with battles, to speed them up the best thing to do is set a window both of you will be on and do a shotgun back and forth attack. Makato and I ended up doing it on accident but it sped our battle up by about a week.


Also, ZAFT was in a weird position that we got large amounts of people in a 3-week period, right as school was starting a new semester. I think we are back on track somewhat and should be better off in the long haul. But with explosive growth it was bound to happen that people were going to trickle off or decide it wasnt worth it or what-not.

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