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Moblie Suits


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It really depends on the situation and terrain.  It also depends on the pilot, of course.


The M1 Astray is a decent mass production suit that relies more on its lightweight frame, speed, and maneuverability to survive its battles.  However, it does not have sustained flight capabilities.  (the default pack allows for boosts but not for sustained flight; the Shrike pack gives it some limited flight capabilities)


The 105 Dagger is a good all-around mobile suit.  The back plugs that allow it to equip various Strike packs makes it quite versatile.  (Not counting the numerous variants based on the other GAT-X series)


The GuAIZ is also pretty good though I'm not sure how its mobility is like in atmosphere.  But in space it has decent maneuverability and a good balance of offense and defense with its heavier armor and several weapons it has.  (e.g. twin beam claws, rail guns, etc.)

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Out of the three, the 105 Dagger is slightly better than the Astray, with the GuAIZ trailing last (yeah I think the GuAIZ is crumby, even though I'm ZAFT )

Why? The Dagger's got the interchangeability with the strike packs (And I wonder if it can use the Dagger L packs?). The mission specificity of the strike packs allows it to function in almost every situation (except Electronic Warfare )

The Astray (with its lack of weaponry) is only better than the GuAIZ because of its all-round maneuverability (IMO, its good on the ground, and average in space) while the GuAIZ only loses out of the three because of its lack of outstanding features ~_~

btw, a little off topic, but MAHQ reckons

the GuAIZ generally outperforms the Strike Dagger and Orb's MBF-M1 M1 Astray
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GuAIZ is derived from the tech developed when the Freedom, Justice, Providence, and Dreadnought were built, and it was made to replace the CGUE as a limited production type model.  In terms of general performance abilities, then yes, the GuAIZ outperforms both the Astray (Which was rushed into production rather quickly, and nowhere near as well balanced as the A1 Astray or the Murasame), and the 105 Dagger (the true Strike Dagger, not the 10-minute hack job they had in SEED).


However, Asahi mentioned that the 105's get access to the Striker Packs, which means it can go into almost any situation with an upper-hand, whereas the Astray and GuAIZ are limited in their choice of equipment.  Because the Dagger can thus be customized to better suit the pilot's skills and needs, I think the 105 Dagger is a better overall suit.  Unfortunately, the Astray is too streamlined and basic to have any edge against either the Dagger or GuAIZ, so while it is a strong design, it just doesn't hold up in long-term warfare.  Of course, this is all opinionated, so its still up to debate.

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