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Joseph Whilhelm (NPC)


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Player Name: NPC

Character number: N/A

Faction: Z.A.F.T.




Full name: Joseph Whilhelm


Age: 52

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Senator, Maius City, former head of Asimov Design Bureau

Birthplace: London, England

Citizenship: PLANT



Joseph Whilhelm has an infamous reputation for being able to sense weakness. He always seems to have a stern look upon his face, rarely ever joking or allowing those around him to feel at ease. He always at least (and generally does) tries to give off an aura of confidence to people around him. 


Joseph prefers direct confrontation, always stating his mind and intentions to his “enemies”, rarely using backdoor or underhanded methods to achieve his goals. Rumors abound however of his actions in the political and business arenas in his earlier years.





Height: 5’7

Weight: 210

Hair Colour and Style: brown, although it is rapidly graying

Eye Colour: Red

Identifying Marks: Physically, none. However, Joseph still after all these years wears his wedding ring on a chain around his neck. He also always has a vase of blue roses on his desk. Symbols to him of his wife and of his son

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Joesph in his youth was a well-built individual, although in recent years he has lost some of his physical prowess and muscle defin . In public, he still is able to give the façade that he is still in perfect shape. The reality is that Joseph has been very ill for some time, with a condition that he is forced to take pills constantly for.

Clothing: Joseph is now almost always seen in public wearing the standard outfit of a PLANT civilian Supreme Council member.

Handiness: Left-handed




Wife: Captain Dianna Trine, deceased at Second Battle of Jachin Due

Son: Michael David Whilhelm, location unknown.


Personal History:


Joseph Whilhelm was born in CE 33 during the first coordinator boom. Joseph was exceptionally gifted even as a very young child, and had reservations about showing his gifts Joseph had a normal life until CE 40 when the first generation coordinators were beginning to be persecuted. Joseph and his parents moved quickly to space and eventually settled at Junius City.


The events surrounding his family’s banishment from the Earth left Joseph with a distain for the naturals who caused his flight. Joseph would bear this grudge towards the inferior natural race (as he saw it) that banished him from his homeland.


Joseph quickly took up the cause of independence of the space colonies that were forming at L5, supporting the forming Zodiac Alliance Council in CE 53 in various roles.  The young man never desired to be an actual politician, but he wanted to support the Coordinator’s cause.


However, fate would play an ironic trick on a now 25-year-old man at Copernicus City. Joseph would find himself trapped in the lower levels of the city with a Eurasian Federation officer by the name of Dianna Trine, quickly running out of air. Joseph and the young officer were finally able to escape working together. The process diffused some of the anger Joseph felt toward the natural race that banished him from the earth.


The two would spend the next three weeks together on Copernicus. A year later, Joseph would meet the young officer on the recently completed Junius colonies. The two would eventually marry and have one child in CE 66, a boy who they would name after each parent’s father.


Michael David would cause a profound change in Joseph’s life and viewpoint.  Joseph would start to focus his keen political eyes toward business ventures. He would use his existing fortunes to acquire and manage several large firms, ranging from Mobile Suit Development firms, such as Asimov Design Bureau, to the newly cropping up food production firms. Joseph Whilhelm would develop a reputation as a ruthless businessman, forcing his way into boardrooms and exerting control as he saw fit. Joseph would however regret his role in the expansion of mobile suits designs and production.


The breakout of the Great War would again be a changing point in the lives of the Whilhelm family. Dianna decided that even unable to pilot a mobile suit, that her experience and knowledge of the varying earth forces would allow her to protect her son and the PLANTs she had called home for a decade. In CE 69 Captain Trine would put this knowledge to good use, helping lead the PLANT forces, mostly untrained militia to drive the earth forces out of PLANT airspace. She would go on to earn an Order of the Nebula medal at the first Battle of Jachin Due in CE 70.


Joseph found himself in an awkward position as the war dragged on. He became more and more concerned that the war needed to end, but found that even with his position he could not openly challenge the actions taken by the PLANT Supreme Council.


The final day of the war showed Joseph the price of his silence. The Nazca-class cruiser Nazca was shot down, all hands on board lost in the defense of the PLANTs. Joseph Whilhelm would never again be silenced. In the following years and through the second war he would become a political activist working for the complete disarmament of the PLANTs. He argued, “These weapons we stockpile for our defense is what cause war. It was our development of high-powered mobile suits that led the alliance to attack us repeatedly. Only without these weapons can we ever sit at the table and talk like human beings.” Joseph would even go so far as to accept a second Order of the Nebula his wife had earned in death at the Second Battle of Jachin Due. His son would accept it on behalf of the family. This would prove to be the first of many arguments between father and son.


Joseph, while having some supporters lacked the political support he needed to actively work for the removal of mobile weapons and for the PLANTs to work towards total pacifism. He would be dismissed from his position at Asimov for what was believed his killing of their “New Millennium” contract. The next ten years worth of political battles would take their toll on Joseph, leaving him ill with an unknown condition. He has medication to help him deal with the symptoms, but as of right now there is no cure available to him. Joseph has kept this hidden, even from his son.


Gifted with one of the premier business and political brains, Joseph found himself at a loss on how to raise his son, who by the age 15 had dedicated himself to join ZAFT. Joseph was able for 5 years to keep him out through a series of “favors” but political opponents as he was running for the Maius seat decided that his son would be admitted under a new name.


Joseph found himself forced to move away from his radical total pacifism and actually support a new “Next Millennium” mobile suit line produced by one of his former companies. At the speech declaring his intentions he stated, “I believe that I have been at fault. While war is a horrible event that I hope no one ever again has to experience, the soldiers who decide to fight for us have the right, no, they deserve the right to pilot the finest machines we can give them…”


In an ironic turn of events, the move to keep Joseph Whilhelm off the PLANT Supreme Council is the very move that was necessary for him to moderate his views and gain his seat on the PLANT Supreme Council.

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Looks good to me, though I'm a little saddened by the fact that Dianna was killed off, as one has to give respect to any Natural who could earn an Order of Nebula  .


Also, its nice to see a face finally put towards one of the few known Mobile Suit production companies (Asimov, Adukaf-Mechano, IMP, Morgenroete, and Acteon are the only known facilities I think), even if he isn't in charge of the company anymore.  Should be interesting to see what this guy can do on the political field *nod*

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