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ZAFT Role Call


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yeah me and Phoenix are still battling for ours.... im sorry it's taking long, it's just that i've become busier with school and all, plus have to actually focus in school now. So i couldn't be on as often.


Once school gets out of the way or it gets easier, i should be on every day or so...


Well i am on everyday, but i can't post, i just come on to check up on stuff than go, cause i dont have much time to be able to type...

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I know Strike hasn't been active for a little while.I will ask him about that the next time I talk to him over MSN which will probably be sometime on the weekend.I know he doesn't really count as a ZAFT member unless you include those who are applying to be a ZAFT force also but I am sure he will get his profile approved when he comes back.

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