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Official Rulings Complaint Thread


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- This thread is for the formal issuing of complaints regarding the rulings of a referee during a given match.  All complaints should be kept formal and impartial; and all rulings made here are final.


- Inquiries or complaints regarding the official rules of the coliseum should be addressed in the Feedback thread.  This thread is only to deal with complaints regarding rulings made in a currently active match.


- Post a link to the thread where the challenged ruling was made.  Complaints without an accompanying link will be ignored.


- The complaint will be considered by at least 2 referees (of which may include the referee whose ruling is in question) before an official response is given.


- Should a complaint be made, the match in question will be put on hold until the issue is resolved, to prevent participants from becoming disqualified, or from moving on before in case changes must be made.


- A complaint will not be considered if it is issued after 2 or more posts have been made after the ruling in question was made (Out of character posts do not apply toward the 2 post limit).


- These rules are subject to change as needed.

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