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Ian Roromi (the Triumphant Return!)


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((Well i finally got the money to do this and after who knows how long I'm finally bringing a revamped Ian back into the world. I tried to tie Ian in to the previous wars but didn't want to tie him in too much. As my other topic would suggest i wanted a tie in with Panama and South America so i just winged it more or less. I'm certain there will be a couple of things that may pop up when you guys go over this so don't hesitate to bring anything up! I tried to give a better feel by adding a few quotes i thought he would say let me know if that sinks or floats lol))



Player name: Roromi

Character number: 2

Faction: Serpent Tail




Full name: Ian George Roromi

Nickname: Two-Hands (Two-Hands Roromi)

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Mercenary

Birthplace: Earth Alliance Moon Base

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation


Warmhearted and generally friendly Ian is seasoned by experience the harshness of the last two conflicts. There are still moments when its clear he still has issues regarding the first war but he has learned to move on with his life since then. As a result he finds war to be distasteful and something that should be prevented at all cost (specifically the cost to hire his services). He believes that fighting should be reserved for soldiers and separated from involving any civilians. If the situation arises for him to protect people he won’t hesitate to jeopardize his contract in order to ensure the safety of innocent bystanders. He believes in extinguishing conflicts quickly so that the higher powers can look towards more peaceful solutions. Although many would argue that being a mercenary is contrary to his belief, Ian sees it as the most honest way of being a warrior, “As a mercenary I’m able to choose the causes that I believe to be worth fighting for, I don’t have to worry about being caught up in politics, policies, or governments, I’m my own entity on the battlefield, the only ties I have is to whoever is signing my paycheck.”




Height: 5’8”

Weight: 170lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Black shaggy hair

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: Scars running up his arms (another reason why his comrades called him Two-Hands was his tendency to get cuts and other wounds all over his hands and arms)

Skin Tone: Tan

Build: Lean

Clothing: Worn out clothing often camouflage or his employer’s uniform complimented with a tactical vest with his company’s insignia

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Mary Roromi (Natural, Deceased)

Father: Derek Roromi (Natural, Deceased)

Siblings: Single child

Wife/Girlfriend: none yet


Personal History:

On September 1st of CE 56 Ian Roromi was born to a pair of brilliant scientists at the United Nation’s moon base. As Ian grew up he quickly became aware of a lifestyle of constant travel. His parents, while wealthy, were leading developers for the Earth’s Government (prior to the establishment of the Earth Alliance in CE 70). Although born a Natural Ian showed great intellectual promise at a young age, many family friends would jokingly say it was because both his parents were so smart that Ian was gifted. At times he was even accused of being a Coordinator it seemed that the world had forgotten that there was such a thing as a natural genius.


He eagerly absorbed the home schooling his parents established for him and at the age of eleven he had already begun working on a college degree. By the time he was fourteen he was able to have dinner conversations with his parents about the work that they had been doing for many years now. As it turned out the Roromi dinner discussion was about the hypothetical use of mobile suits by Natural pilots. Over the years and growing tensions between Coordinators and Naturals, Ian’s parents had discovered the lucrative business of becoming military contractors.


Fourteen was a very important age for Ian that was around the time that the First Bloody Valentine War was reaching its peek. Fate played an important factor when his family moved to the military base at Panama at the beginning of May. Ian’s parents had been very excited about the introduction of the GAT-01 Strike Daggers which they had a role in developing, they insisted at being at the base where they were being deployed. His parent’s decision proved to be their deaths as the base was soon destroyed by ZAFT. Ian managed to survive by being in one of the more secured bunkers once the attack had started.


By the time the Cease-fire had been signed between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT Ian had learned to accept his parents death. It didn’t take long for Ian to get caught up with a group of South American Independence fighters. Eager to let out his frustrations he quickly learned the arts of Guerilla warfare and helped out during the South American War for independence in CE 71. By the time that conflict was over he had gained a reputation as Two-Hands Roromi, a nickname given to him for being twice as effective as his peers during the conflict. After the war Ian had resolved that both the Earth Alliance and ZAFT were responsible for his parent’s deaths and that there was nothing he could do to bring them back.


Instead of trying to carry on like nothing had happened Ian took it upon himself to try and become more of soldier instead of a “cocky kid with a rifle”. Ian used his parent’s money to travel around the world and learn different fighting styles. Between the first and second wars he had learned three different martial arts and had become an accomplished marksman and mechanic. He had sharpened the meager skills he picked up in South America and was soon selling himself as a freedom fighter by the time the second war broke out. Although young at the age of seventeen he would argue that there were coordinators his age and younger who were fighting the war and there was no reason why a natural like him couldn’t.


Ian made Europe his battle field during the Second war fighting for the Eurasian countries in their strife with the Earth Alliance. As the conflict escalated he soon found himself in the cockpit of a Dagger selling his services as an independent mercenary. By the end of the war he had made the transition of being a foot soldier to being a successful mobile suit pilot. He was recruited by Serpent Tail too late in the war to really partake in any serious operations or battles in space.


Even though the war was over Ian stayed apart of Serpent Tail finding the life of a mercenary most pleasing to him. In a way he sees being a mercenary as continuing on his parent’s legacy stating that “money is money even during wartime, at least I’m more honest in my earnings than my parents were, at least I’m able to defend myself and know that the actions I take will result in people dying.” Ian’s expertise and experience in combat has made him a seasoned veteran and someone who is able to make an employer glad for his services.

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Be thankful that Lilium isn't around to shoot him down anymore; instead you'll be working with her twice removed cousin (or something like that ).  I can't find anything that's wrong with the profile specifically, and I didn't see any noticeable spelling/grammar mistakes, so I think it's fine as is 

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I, too, find no problems here. Looks good.




[align=center]Serpent Tail[/align]



Ian George Roromi, your application to join the Serpent Tail mercenary forces has been accepted. You will join with the rank of Recruit Pilot. The Serpent Tail is an old and well-known mercenary group which prides itself on its long record of excellent service to our clients. As a member of the Serpent Tail, you will be expected to contribute toward continuing this tradition.


Please report to the Serpent Tail Central Command at Shesha Colony as soon as possible. When you arrive, you will be assigned to a Serpent Tail team for initial training and initiation.


Good luck and fair sailings to you.


~Michael Sebastian Carlini

Serpent Tail Commander

Shesha Command

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