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Re: Akatsuki Technology


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Just out of curiosity, and seeing as we're set in CE 85 wouldn't Orb have made good use of the Akatsuki's relective technology after it's performance in 73?


I dont mean like wide scale full reflective coating on all of our ms' as I know it'd be much too expensive for the economy but I mean minor versions of it that are weaker and protect specific and smaller areas.


For example, like our MVF M11C Murasame's may have the coating covering their underside whilst in flight mode.


But having this wont mean that we unequip our units of shields as it doesnt protect them from solid ammunition and melee attacks.


To finish off, what I'm suggesting is just small versions of the reflective coating on some units to stenghten our units defenses and Orb's general military force.


Say, any possibility of this going through?

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That's entirely possible.  Just remember that though PS/TS armor was quite effective with the GAT-X series, it still was not implemented on any scale with the OMNI MWs.


However, we could incorporate some of the reflective tech in the near future.  (maybe not for general line units though...I'd have to ask about that)

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Yea we'll have to ask. But if it gets through I think we should just make a squadron or two with the tech implemented for specifically chosen pilots.


10 Sep


lol trying to make it look as unWaltfield looking as possible




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