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In Faction Training


Should the faction be responsible for training new members?  

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  1. 1. Should the faction be responsible for training new members?

    • yes
    • no
    • If you don't vote I will PM you and ask anyway

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Do you find it hard to find someone and organize a battle to fight?  Are you new and don't want to annoy a veteran member to ref? 


I truly think if a veteran member of ZAFT got together with 2 newbies on a thread they could teach you many things.  Your RPing will improve greatly, you will be more educated on how to pilot and Rp a MS, and you will meet new people in your Faction that you can interact with outside mandatory thread put up by a Faction leader.


Like it says above. I will be Harassing PMing you for your answer.

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I say yes, though it isn't an entirety.


If veterans are the immediate choice and are definitely freer and more active if there are no constraints on their role playing lives, then it's all good and fine. However, if they are busy...


No wait, that sounds like an excuse. The thing is, responsibility should not be solely theirs for training new members. Everyone should play a part, instead of pushing responsibility, especially if you want new members and more role playing activity.

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I don't think Veterans should do it.


It's up to the person themselves to get out and train themselves and just babying them won't help them. I say they should learn themselves and read the few other posts before doing so, if not then they're just gonna lose until they pick it up themselves.


Besides, then comes the issue of 'Who's a Veteran?' and teaching noobs how do fight.


Besides isn't that what the Pilot Academy is for? >>;

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You two make very good points.  Especially the babying.  As for the pilot academy, no effence Valiant (if he is reading) but that did not work out at all. 


A veteran would not be forced into this ether.  It is something you should want to do to get RPing around moving.  What I am looking for is a new method to getting people active.  I do not think the colusiem  is working.  If someone could explain a few more things about the MS to me, I would be more then happy to be a instructor. 

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