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Character Art Request


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Being artistically challenged (ie, I can't draw to save my life), I've been hoping I could find someone who could take up an art request for me?


I want to have some character art of newest character, Kylier Zergas, made to go along with her profile; which you can find here.  Any style of art is fine, and I don't have any preference towards black/white or a colored image.  Is there anyone who would want to take up this request?  Please post here if you want to discuss about any details of the project. 

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Hey, Kaizer I could do it for you.  I would need some specs and whatnot, but I could do it eventually.  It would have to be digital art, but it would be in splendid color.




that is my deviantart site.  check out all of my gallery and tell me if you are interested, because I sure am.  I'm always lookin for challenges.

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You've done a good mix of different characters, so I have no doubt that you'll be able to do a nice drawing (and if the color is as splendid as you say it is, then all the more power to it ).


As for specs, check my first post for the link to my character profile to begin with.  As well, DragonDaimyo said Kylier reminded him of Mai-Hime's Akira (except less ninja ), and Wilhelm said he was reminded of Ouran Host Club.  I'm not a huge fan of either series, but if you're familiar with either one, then you could use their character designs as a bit of a basis for Kylier.


Clothes wise, I would want Kylier to wear plain clothes.  I'm thinking something simple like Piro wears in Fred Gallagher's Megatokyo series, or along the lines of Shiki Tohno from Tsukihime (If you need reference images for either one, I can get them for you).


If there's anything else you need to know, just tell me. 

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Interesting character there Kaizer!

I see Makoto has taken you up on your request already, but can I draw a pic of Kylier as well?

(I don't mean to intrude on your offer, Mokoto!)

But just for the heck of it. I've always wanted to try drawing a tomboyish-type character. Maybe you could use my drawing for something else? Let me know!

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Okay sounds good.  I have never watched Mai-Hime, or Ouran Host Club, however I will need some reference pictures of Piro (as i have heard of megatokyo, just never really read it) and some of Shiki Tohno.


I am glad to hear that you have confidence in me.  Is there any specific time-frame that you need this done by?


This should be fun!

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If you want to do some art of her too, then go right ahead Grace; I doubt that Makoto minds much, and it will be nice to see the differences the two of you bring out in her 


As for references, www.megatokyo.com is your first stop for Piro, as it's the webcomic in which he is the star (Funny trivia, Piro's character design was based partially on Ruri Hoshino, and there have been a few joke comics in where Piro has been dressed in Ruri's catsuit ).  There are well over 1000 comics, so it would be hard to read them in their entirety (I suggest buying the comics if you really want to get into it, Dark Horse and CMX publish them, and Fred often includes additional comments and bonus art in the comics, to make it worth buying ).  Some potentially useful pages include:







As for Shiki, Wikipedia's got some pretty nice full body pictures of him, mostly taken from the Melty Blood fighting game  (He's crazy powerful in that game <_<).  If you need any more images, a quick search for Tsukihime or Melty Blood will often find them (but beware of NSFW images, since Tsukihime is an adult visual novel 0_o).  Oh, and there's no real time limit on when I need it, so take your time; I'm not going anywhere 



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hey I wasnt joking seriously lol


Kylier is the silent and brooding type, never one to overly engage in conversation save for when she is feeling particularly lonely.

True but I'm learning to try and break the silences when they do happen. The characteristic stated here would be the me from last year backwards.


Her androgynous figure allows her to pass as a relatively feminine boy, and it is often how she wishes to be viewed, oftentimes hiding her true gender from others save from those she believes to be trustworthy, or those of an administrative position, such as doctors and school directors.
I have not yet been mistaken for a guy in reality but from the back if I had no ponytail and wore the usual clothing I do wear I probably would be haha. However, the hiding gender part I do not do I just feel alot more comfortable in guy clothing that girl I guess some could interpret it as me hiding my gender.


In public she always refers to herself as Kai or Kaizer, and can usually be found reading a book or drawing in her sketchbook.  Her sketchbook is a prized possession of hers that she protects fiercely, and is about the only thing besides her gender that she tries to keep to herself.

My sketch books are truely treasured and I do tend to stop people from touching it but on the other hand I want to improve and so I post up on art sites for critiques oh and I dont have a nickname


When someone manages to truly anger her, she becomes aggressive, violent, and downright dangerous to herself and those around her.  Despite all this, she is generally kind, though somewhat distant from the world around her, and will help someone 9 times out of 10 if they ask her nicely.  While she is the studious type, she enjoys running and playing certain sports; particularly soccer and badminton.

Angry yes, if someone really does try hard to annoy or 'anger' as said here I can pack several punches. But there has not yet been a situation that calls for such unresoluting resolutions. Helping out part is true (ask houston I'm often very willing to help so long as it's not housework ) , I have been called studious by alot of teachers in my reports and I love badminton along with squash soccer's ok for me however




false I'm shorter


Weight:43 Kgs



Hair Colour and Style: Long, shoulder length black hair, often tied back in a tomboyish ponytail to disguise its length.

had my hair up in a pony tail since yr 7 (i'm in 11 now) shoulder lenghted yes and... disguise? o.O


Eye Colour: brown



Skin Tone:Fair, though surprisingly more tanned than expected of the studious type of person.

ack! I am tanned


Build: thin and androgynous

not really my bone frame's not small


Clothing:Kai often wears less revealing clothes such as jeans and long-sleeved shirts, never wearing anything that might be seen as feminine.  Oftentimes it is impossible to discern her as being a girl, which is exactly how she likes it to be.

so damned and freakingly true. Ask Houston (HHLkiller) this if you want he's known me for quite some time and I doubt he's seen me in anything properly 'girly'. And I'm proud of it



lmao wow I didnt realize there was so much similarities in here LOL

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Kaizer I regret to inform you that I am not capable of creating your character art any time soon.  I really want to do it, just with school and other things going on in my life, it is hard for me to even create doodles, let alone actual peices.  I am sorry, but I may still do it in my free time.  I am sure others would love to take this offer.


Once again I apologize, I am just not capable of doing this at the moment.  I hope you will understand.

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