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Kingdom of Scandanavia MW


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The KoS now have their own limited line of mobile suits to use.


General and Technical Data

Model number: RG-11

Code name: Berah Leena Ronah Custom

Unit type: limited production attack use mobile suit

Manufacturer: Kingdom of Scandinavia

Operator: Royal Guard (Kingdom of Scandinavia)

First deployment: Late C.E 71

Capacity: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Head Height: head height 17.52 meters

Weight: max gross weight 78.3 metric tons

Construction: titanium alloy on semi-monocoque frame

Power plant: ultracompact energy battery

Equipment and design features: sensors; emergency evac-system; beam flag emitter, mounted on backpack; 2 spare e-pacs in hip armour; 4 spare grenades in hip armour

Fixed armaments: 2 x P3OM vulcan cannons, fire-linked, mounted on head; 2 x HEOBW5 beam sword, stored in recharge racks in right forearm, hand-carried in use


Optional hand armaments: 1 x HEOBW3 beam assault rifle, powered by replaceable e-pac, mounts grenade launcher on right side, two rounds in tube


Technical and Historical Notes

With the increase in conflict around the globe and the space around it; the neutral countries of Earth began to take their safety more seriously. The Kingdom of Scandinavia was one of these states that decided to take their military efforts to the next level after the appearance of mobile suits. The RG-11 is the Kingdom's first effort at a combat orientated mobile suit; its predessors (RG-01 onwards to RG-10) were suits developed for testing new features. The result was a light, powerful yet manueverable mobile suit exclusively used for Scandinavian Royal Guards that preferred piloting over infantry. However, since skilled Royal Guard pilots are in high demand, the loss of a pilot is unacceptable and thus the Berah also features an emergency evacuation system, which is basically an ejection system which forcefully removes the entire cockpit from the mobile suit and projects it away from the RG-11 towards safety.


The RG-11 is the first combat orientated mobile suit, it features two vulcan cannons; large mobile suit scaled gattling guns for close range combat or for use in emergencies. Two next generation beam swords, which were produced based on the beam sabre; resulting in longer and broader weapons as opposed to their predecessors. A single grenade launcher is attached to a next generation beam rifle which is able to switch between single fire, burst fire and fully automatic. Despite the lack of nuclear power, Scandinavia was able to further reduce energy consumption in their suits by replacing the original hand plugs for beam rifles with energy packs, which allow them to work similarly to a clip to a normal hand gun; this limits the weapon to firing up to thirty times but can be replaced within the battlefield simply by switching packs.

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