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The Trouble With Terriers (1 vs 1)


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Kevin was nervous. His last few battles hadn't gone so well. Simulators only did so much when it came to combat - they just couldn't prepare you for a human opponent. He hoped that today's match wouldn't end as the last one had - Sandy would never forgive him if he ruined another atmospheric machine. He still remembered the scolding he'd recieved after the damage the Sky Grasper had recieved last time. His wife certainly had a temper when it came to any kind of machine, especially the older models.


"Approaching the battle zone, Terrier. Don't you dare ruin this one! Fixing those things costs money you know, and money doesn't grow on trees!" The voice cracked over the radio, and Kevin chuckled.


"I know, Sandy. I'll try to bring the Jet Dagger back in one piece. No promises though. From what I've heard and read, my opponent is good."


"Least you're here first. Get a feel for the area, and maybe you'll actually get the Jet through this without too much damage." Sandy, currently acting as the driver of their transport truck, paused, and Kevin felt the vehicle shudder as it came to a stop. "In case you haven't realized, it's time for you to disembark. I'd like to be safely away from the area before you begin. Good luck Kevin."


"Thanks, Sandy." The transport's back opened, revealing a part of the battlefield, and the thin, treacherous road that they had used. It was barely wide enough for the large vehicle. "Be careful getting out of this area, okay?"


"I'll be fine, Kevin. Just make this battle worth the drive, okay?" Kevin sighed, starting up his machine's systems and ensuring everything was working before disembarking, and watched his wife leave.


Now without any distractions, he surveyed the area, glad that he had decided to come early. He had some experience in this kind of battlefield, but knowing the lay of the land might give him an edge over his opponent.


The river, fast flowing as it was, could have been much wider - In spring and summer, a glacier further up in the mountains would have cause the river to swell to the point where it would cover the entire valley floor. The smooth rocks on one shore glistened in the sunlight - Best to avoid them; he didn't want to risk slipping on the wet surface.


The valley itself didn't provide much cover, but the Mountains on either side provided plenty of outcrops and shadows to hide even a mobile suit. Choosing one such hideaway, he power-down his machine as much as he dared, leaving only his weapons, sensors and air-conditioning online. He wanted to give himself a chance to observe his opponent, if at all possible.


((OOC: First time trying to write something like this, so any suggestions, comments, etc, will be very much appreciated.))

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[OOC: It's fine, doesn't have to be anything fancy. ]


Sam flexed his neck back and forth, producing light popping noises in the process as he patiently waited for the VTOL transport by which he was suspended from to arrive at their destination.  He tightened the straps of his helmet, which was not a standard helmet used by OMNI mobile suit pilots.  He chose to scale down a standard dome-like helmet used by tank drivers so that it protected his head from the top, back, and sides fairly well.  An advantage would be to not have to deal with the rather narrow frame that the visor covered in the standard helmet. 


"Sir, we'll be arriving soon," the pilot said over the intercom.


"Thanks, I'll decide on the drop point soon," Sam replied as he pulled up a digital topographical map of the battle area.  There was a mix of mountains, river, and flat valleys that offered an excellent variety to play around with.  He already knew his opponent was using a Jet Dagger and was another EA military veteran, so that may be interesting.  He inserted a set of coordinates and transferred the data to the pilot.  The VTOL began to bank as it prepared to drop his suit.


Sam quickly started the rest of his suit up and smiled as this rugged and reliable suit groaned to life.  Then he felt everything shudder slightly as the VTOL probably had to take some evasive maneuvers, considering he chose a river bank right near the mountains as a drop site.  It was a slightly risky endeavor, but Sam would need to use the terrain from the get-go.


"Drop in...3, 2, 1!"


Sam felt the world drop beneath him as his sixty-plus ton mobile suit descended.  He carefully feathered the suit's thrusters to stabilize its less-than-graceful fall.  He saw his drop point below via his HUD and saw what seemed like a small waterfall nearby.  He engaged his thrusters at the last leg of the fall and smoothly landed, adding bends to his knees to absorb the shock.


"Thanks," Sam said to the VTOL pilot.


"You're welcome.  Good hunting!" the pilot replied as he flew his craft away.


Sam scanned around, making note of the numerous potential hiding spots and other factors that could help or threaten the battle.  Then he patiently waited for the referee to give the green light, not caring where his opponent was until that pivotal point.

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[OOC: really tired today so i'll keep the ref post short

and Please remember that the posting time limit is 6 days

Battle order from my trusty random order distributor: First move is Darkness followed by liubei013]


The ref looks up into the bright sunny sky and let out a little sigh whilst looking back down at the radar and thought to himself such a nice day to enjoy out in the sun.. yet here i am in the machine on top of the mountain looking over the would be battlefield... and here comes the competitors He looks up from the radar towards the sky again as he finished the thought to see two sets of plane arriving with the mobile suits. He opens the comm channel as well as the public speakers to speak once both MS have fully landed and were prepared to go.


I want a nice and fair battle please. Let this one on one between registered fighter Samuel Arkan and registered fighter Kevin Gilbert BEGIN!!

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Kevin's sensors alerted him to the arrival of his opponent, and he let out a soft sigh. So, the battle would be starting soon. He could just barely see the other mobile suit, and the waterfall nearby. Already, he was trying to figure out how to use the terrain, and his machine's sustained flight capabilites, to the best of his advantage.


By the time the referee declared the beginning of the match, he had a basic opening plan, and did not hesitate to put that plan into action the moment he could. Bringing his system fully online, he hit his thrusters and brought himself out of his shadowed defensive position. Going straight to the offensive, he sent a barrage of unguided rockets toward his opponent.


His hope was that even if the rockets missed they would create enough of a distraction to cover his attempts to get to a higher position. From there, he'd -hopefully- stand a better chance of coming out of this relatively unscathed.


His lack of interest in the more recent models such as the Dagger Ls was a real disadvantage, and he could only hope that sustained flight would offset that, at least a little. Of course, he couldn't stay airborne for the entire fight - not if he didn't want to run out of power.

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Sam was glad he had his suit's audio receptor sensitivity tweaked slightly above the default.  Upon the referee's 'green-light' for the match, he heard the 105 Dagger's thrusters ignite in the distance, followed by the distinct whooshing sound of multiple rockets.  Sam slammed down on the thruster pedals, causing his Dagger L to take to the skies as he boosted up towards the nearby waterfall.  He could almost feel the rockets zip by below him as they exploded about where his suit was just moments ago.


He landed on a ledge near the waterfall and rebounded until he reached some trees near the top.  Then he used the cover to his advantage as he began to close the distance between the opponent and himself.

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Kevin had decided on a rocky outcrop as his vantage point. He'd even managed to reach it with little difficulty, but he'd lost his opponent in the process. 'This,' he thought as he searched for the other mobile suit, 'is what one ought to consider a bad thing.' His sensors found what his own eyes could not, but...


"Damn, can't get a lock on him whilst he's near those trees." He growled to himself, and decided that more rockets were in order. He needed to drive his opponent out into the open, where he could see the troublesome machine and keep away from it. If the Sword Dagger couldn't get close enough, it wouldn't be able to do too much damage - he hoped.


Once again, a barrage of rockets went flying in the general direction of the other machine. Kevin was already moving, heading towards another ledge with quick, controlled thruster-assisted leaps. He could have just flown to his new location, but as he was trying to conserve as much energy as possible in case this turned out to be a long fight, he decided not to.


"Might want to watch my weaponry as well..." He mused. "Those rockets aren't going to last long at this rate."

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[OOC: Now that I think about it, you didn't really state your weapons loadout concerning rockets and missiles. ]


Sam barely heard the additional rockets over his footfalls as he stormed through the trees in an erratic manner, like a drunk linebacker.  His pace made it so that most of the rockets overshot his position as he continued to close the distance.  However, he knew that the pilot would not sit still after that barrage.  A brief blip on his sensors revealed what his opponent was doing.


"Going for the higher ground...a wise if obvious choice," Sam thought as suddenly a shockwave shook his suit for a moment.  One rocket exploded just meters to his right, throwing dirt and fragments all over the place.  A brief look at his readout indicated that he took slight armor damage on his right shoulder.  Luckily the damage did not affect any systems.


As he re-oriented his suit toward his opponent's new location, he drew his beam boomerang with his left hand and armed all four 12.5mm CIWS.

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[OOC: its fine its fine... and it was starting to get interesting... sad to see it end.]


The ref opened the channel again after receiving the message of forfeit from Kevin.

Due to the forfeit of registered fighter Kevin Gilbert. I now proclaim the winner of this duel is registered fighter Samuel Arkan.

Another day completed the ref thought to himself as he switched off his comm and directed his VTOL back towards the ref HQ.

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