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Ray Katsuki

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Heya Guys


Mine and my Wifes characters (Ray Katsuki and Sylia Rose) Dropped off the RPG radar about 10 months ago methinks just as the whole ORB foundation week was underway. 


We would both like to get back into the RPG very much but just need a little help with a general overview of whats happened(As we both work daft hours we unfortunatly dont have the time to sift through past posts).  We are both more than willing if anyone wants to use us for any story arcs or anything else.


Also not 100% sure but we would both like to get our characters made active again any idea who we see for that? (Kira at a guess)

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I havent been here for too long and I even had to take leave due to computer technicalities but from the time I was accepted till now I can tell you that we originally had a training session that was about to start (properly ) until the site update came in and we all had to stop rping for a while. Thus far in Orb, I know we have the approved Astray Diver and that selected few are going with luibei to KoS for a demonstration of it. Other than that there arent any active threads in Orb since the restarting of the rp.


While things are still quiet I sugget you read up on NOVA (the result of an alliance formed between Orb and other neutral nations) until someone else fills in the gaps I have in this update for you


long sentencing sorry for that 

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If its just a matter of making your characters active again, I can take care of that for ya Rob ((And since when did you two get hitched 0_o, congrats man  )).


As it stands, there was a storyline restart after we updated our a lot of the things here at AD, so your characters would have a fresh slate.  Lune's still here, so Ray Katsuki still has a spot as her big brother if you want, and I would be glad to reaccept Keri into the EA if she so chooses  .


Also, Serpent Tail is now an available faction to join, and if you earn enough money (by posting and such), then you can purchase additional characters (NPCs don't cost anything though ).

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As Kaizer noted, we had a storyline reset, so nothing big's happened quite yet. We're still in the Pre-war type phase. Orb was thrown in with NOVA along with the Kingdom of Scandanavia and USSA, so now NOVA is a major faction on par with PLANT and EA. And yes, Serpent Tail will now be a competing mercenary group with SoF (Join ST ).


You should also take note of the revised Pilot Academy, which now only requires a Coliseum battle by the applicant, along with having their faction leader sponsor them, to receive a Basic Pilot License.


As for current RPs, you should definitely take note of liubei's post in the News Area detailing the AF/USSA discussions, as this is the lead-in to the first storyline event. Besides that, most people are in the introduction/training phase. ZAFT in particular is preparing a wargame between the Zenastan Tai and the Okina Tai simulating a terrorist attack on Armory One. REA has liubei and Roromi doing some MS training, while Serpent Tail is getting its myriad characters together in preparation for whatever comes down the road. Those are the big ones I'm paying attention to ATM, aside from the Orb expedition, which was already mentioned.

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