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Heya Guys

Ray Katsuki

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Hi guys


Long time no see guys I hope your all doing well. I am so pleased that the site is still here!


Both Keri and myself are sorry for disappearing but real life as always gets in the way.  Numerous things worthy of a bad soap opera, Not least of which Keri's sister Julia (Some of you may remember from Lost Hope) ending up in a coma for a while and Keri's father passing away.


I just really wanted to say hi and I missed you guys genuinely I did and you cant imagine how sorry I am that I never made it to singapore in december.


For you guys that dont know me I play Ray Katsuki here and I played Bronan Ikaru on the old site.  Looking forward to getting back into the rpg at some point lol if Ray is still alive!


You guys take care and ill speak to you soon.



Rob (New Email: Grandoverlordrob@yahoo.co.uk)


(I know its not my first time here but I figured ive been gone that long I can use the into page)

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Thanks for dropping by, Rob. Say hi to Keri for us


The two of you are missed dearly by us. I hope Keri's doing fine. Keep in touch, via IM or email.


I'm guilty of being occupied with RL to have time to post much here as well. We all understand the pains of RL. We'll still be here for a long long time so drop by when you're free

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Holy smeg! It's Rob!!


Sorry to hear to hear about what's going on with Keri's family, but I hope everything is starting to move into calmer waters now. As Valiant said, give her our best.


At any rate, we'd love love to have you back if you've the time and inclination. As for Ray, you'd just have to modify him as per the new storyline (since he's a ZAFTie, it probably doesn't entail much, if any, effort ) and you're good to go.

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