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Coliseum Fanfic Collection


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As mentioned in my Coliseum Fanfic Project proposal, this will be a collection of various one-shot fanfics related to all of your Coliseum combatants.  I would appreciate it if you wish to post comments/criticism/questions/etc. please do so in the Project thread.  I'd like to keep this thread for just the fics, which can be done by yourselves or upon request.  (See other thread: http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,1647.0.html)



(I hope to have a table of contents/index here in the future)

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[align=center]Coliseum Series


Samuel Arkan: Relentless[/align]


“Uh…it should be right here…Hangar Bay 29C,” a thin and wiry man said as he walked alongside a taller, muscular man.  The thin man wore khakis and other casual clothing.  The only item out of place was his jacket, which was light-blue and lined with red stripes as well as an insignia that denoted ‘Coliseum official.’  The muscular man wore dark-green combat fatigues, though his shirt was unbuttoned, showing a white undershirt that was flexed out slightly due to the man’s bulk.


“Fine, as long as I can get a decent machine before my final qualifying match,” the large man grumbled.  The thin man walked up and tediously entered a long code at the console near the massive twin steel doors.  The large man scratched at his scruffy brown hair as his impatience was quite evident. 


“Do not worry.  As an official of the Coliseum, I’m obligated to help potential combatants in any way possible, Mr. Samuel Arkan,” the thin man said as he completed the combination.  The twin doors shuddered and groaned as it slowly opened.  Light slowly illuminated the interior, as if desired to permeate everything.  Lights slowly switched on in the back of the room.  That plus the inbound sunlight began to highlight a large behemoth standing solemnly in the center. 


The massive mobile suit was orange with yellow highlights, almost as if the suit personified an inferno.  Tucked within the heavy leg armor were two knives, one on each leg.  Aside from the numerous thrusters, there were large and flat clamps mounted on each forearm and weapon handles sheathed inside the shoulder armor.  Then two massive swords could be seen mounted on its backpack and a massive rectangular barrel on its chest.  The fearsome suit was accentuated by its sloped head with sharp ‘horns’ at the top.


“The GAT-X133 Sword Calamity.  It took restoration crews about three years to put this big guy back together.  Given your past performance and preferences, as well as the officials allowing this level of mobile suits in the final round, it seems most appropriate,” the official said as he stepped back.  Sam slowly walked forward as if in reverence of the mighty melee megalith. 


“I’ve seen the schematics and read the few vague reports…but this is the first time I’ve seen it in person,” Sam said with quiet amazement. 


Ever since the Strike Dagger was introduced into the Earth Alliance, Samuel had strived to achieve satisfaction by fighting inside these mechanical soldiers.  He started out as a mere tank driver as he constantly fought losing battles against ZAFT’s mobile suits.  When the Strike Dagger was introduced, he was unable to join up in time, which was probably a stroke of luck considering the massacre that was the Battle of Panama.  Instead, he used the improved 105 Dagger just prior to the Battle of Boaz later on.


However, by the second Valentine War, he felt dissatisfaction at the standard combat, which primarily involved circling and shooting numerous enemies.  It wasn’t until he was forced to go up close in melee combat where he found his passion.  It wasn’t much of a coincidence since he became an unarmed combat instructor for OMNI during the interlude between the wars. 


However, the opportunity to engage in melee combat was nearly non-existent, especially after the signing of the PEACE Treaty.  He was able to beat everyone at various postings in melee combat both inside and outside a mobile suit, but he still craved a true challenge.  When the Coliseum opened up, he quickly applied and was able to compete in the qualifying rounds that would make him a regular contender.  This would provide the opportunity to face the best of the best up close and personal.


He was able to defeat two other opponents in one-on-one matches with his own beat up 105 Dagger while relying primarily on his beam sabers.  He was able to acquire and use a Slaughter Dagger with a Sword Striker pack to use on the third match, which was a boon to the veteran.  Now he stood face-to-face with the suit of his dreams.


“Here’s the keycard to start it up.  You have an hour to get ‘acquainted’ with it on the training grounds,” the official said as he quietly handed the keycard to Sam.  Sam nodded his thanks as he turned and looked back up in anticipation. 


On the next day, a series of protected stands were dotted with avid spectators and curious onlookers as the first of many final qualifying matches was about to begin.  A podium elevated up to about twenty meters, with a rather flamboyantly dressed man standing on it holding a microphone. 


“Thank you for your patience, ladies and gentlemen!  We are now prepared to host the first of several final qualifying matches.  The combatants who win these battles will be qualified to compete in the various Leagues offered by the Coliseum and to provide the opportunity to fight with and against the best!  And as such, for these final battles, the Coliseum officials allow the combatants to fight in Gundam-level non-nuclear mobile suits!  For our first match, we have on this corner, Jim Sessen in a ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam and on the other, Samuel Arkan in a GAT-X133 Sword Calamity!” the announcer said as two platforms lifted up to reveal both suits. 


It was a bit of a contrast when comparing both suits.  There was the crimson and sleek Saviour with its transformation capability on the left and the Sword Calamity with its fiery coloration and numerous weapons mounted all over on the right.  Sam sat calmly inside his new acquisition as he ignored all the fanfare.


“Just let me fight already…” he muttered as he tightened his harness.  He ignored what the announcer was blabbing about and waited until the VTOL transports lifted their suits to the starting area.  Smaller VTOLs and cameras mounted throughout the forest would provide the audience with a number of angles in which to view the match. 


As his suit was gently lowered, his communication console beeped as it indicated a transmission coming from the Saviour.


“Jim here, may the best man win.  Hopefully that’d be me, if you know what I mean,” the young pilot said in lighthearted jest. 


“Indeed,” Sam said gruffly before switching the console off except for the main channel. 


After a few minutes, the channel lit up with the announcer shouting, “All right.  This match will start…NOW!”


Samuel quickly kicked his Sword Calamity into gear and rushed toward the deeper part of the forest.  He quickly rerouted about 50% power going to the Trans-Phase system into his thrusters, since the Saviour was equipped with primarily energy weapons.  The only real time his TP armor would come into play would be from flying debris or if the Saviour decided to collide or directly hit him or use its CIWS.  He noticed that the Saviour, as expected, switched to its faster mobile armor mode and soared into the sky. 


As he reached the deep cover of trees, he fired his left Panzer Eisen rocket anchor and made it lodge into a tree about 60 meters to his left.  Then he stood there as he awaited his opponent.  The Saviour dove in but held its fire until it could get close enough.  Sam grinned at the pilot’s control and patience.  Then twin bright red spears of light shot out as it fired its plasma beam cannons.  Samuel quickly lifted his suit up with his thrusters and then winded the left Panzer Eisen in, which caused his suit to laterally shift toward the tree in which the rocket anchor was attached. 


As the Saviour flew by, Sam quickly twisted his Sword Calamity and fired a single burst from his Scylla energy cannon in return.  The beam missed, but it was close enough to force the Saviour’s pilot to barrel roll out of the way.  As it pulled out and circled for another run, Sam detached the rocket anchor from the tree and drew both Schwert Gewehr anti-ship swords.  He put his Sword Calamity into a light run while adding the occasional side-step to throw off the Saviour’s aim. 


The Saviour flew in once more as it let loose a flurry of bullets and beams.  Unlike the direct attack last time, the Saviour carefully spread its salvo to cover a wider area in anticipation of any evasive maneuvers on Sam’s part.  Sam grinned as he jammed his control sticks and pressed down on the left-most foot pedal, causing his suit to boost and side-step the barrage.  As the Savior passed by, Sam quickly aimed his anti-ship swords to use a rather unique feature only available in these swords.  Two pairs of beams shot out in succession from the swords and traveled up at the rising Saviour.  The first pair missed but one of the beams of the second pair nicked the Saviour’s left wing.  The slight hit caused the mobile armor to sway and yaw over as it began a lazy dive downwards. 


“Tch!  Good shot!” the Saviour’s pilot shouted over the open channel as he reacted by converting back to mobile suit mode before drawing his beam rifle.  Three shots rang out as he replied in kind to Sam’s beam attack.  However, after confirming the hit and subsequent instability, Samuel quickly rushed his suit forward in a massive sprint to reach an estimated point, bulling through several trees in the process.  The three beams fell far behind him in the process as Sam finally made his first true offensive attack.  He shifted his control sticks forward and slammed down on both primary foot pedals, causing his suit to take to the skies as he made a directly line toward the hovering Saviour. 


As Sam ignited his swords, the Saviour’s pilot realized the Sword Calamity was about to get into its forte.  The Saviour attempted to pull out of the way as it drew its twin plasma beam cannons forward.  Sam pressed in before the Saviour could fire and then launched a triple flurry of lateral slashes, right-left-right, primarily to keep the Saviour on guard.  He knew that his suit does not have sustained flight capability, so he had to do things quickly before making another leap.  The first slash clashed against the Saviour’s shield, which cracked slightly from the massive weapon.  The Saviour tried to spin his right side away but the second slash was able to clip the rightmost plasma cannon, ruining the barrel.  The third slash impacted the shield again, pushing back the Saviour by several meters.  As the pilot tried to recover as soon as possible, Samuel grunted as his suit descended like a ton of bricks…or closer to eighty plus tons.


He twisted his suit, added random thruster bursts, and kept it from descending in a straight line.  His caution was warded as a plasma beam zipped by and partially melted his rightmost Panzer Eisen anchor.  As he landed with a deep thud, he sprinted for deep cover as the Saviour, shook up or enraged from the sword attacks, pursued the Sword Calamity and fired several shots from its beam rifle.  One shot barely missed as it shot through two trees. 


“I’m taking you down, old man,” Jim said with deadly intent.


Old?  Sam chuckled and grinned maliciously as he quickly placed his left anti-ship sword back in its slot before drawing out his left “Armor Schneider” combat knife.  It was a little tricky, but he managed to hold the knife by its tip as he kept going evasive as the Saviour approached.  At the right moment, Sam threw the combat knife straight at the Saviour.  The knife spun forward with rapidly as the opponent realized the blade was closing in.  Sam knew that the knife would not be immediately detected due to the lack of a lock on most sensors and the gambit paid off.  Surprised, the Saviour quickly boosted to the side to avoid the knife.  Sam quickly boosted in as he drew his left beam boomerang and ignited the thin, pointed blade.   The Saviour reacted by firing another blast from its beam rifle.  The beam zipped in and punctured the left side of the Calamity’s head.  On any other suit, that would’ve destroyed the CIWS and possibly ignited the ammunition.  But the Sword Calamity did not have the traditionally head-mounted CIWS.  Other than getting some visual static on his left-most HUD, Sam took relatively minor damage. 


He closed in and started with a wide vertical sweep of his sword as he slashed downwards.  The Saviour barely dashed out of the way as it quickly switched its beam rifle to a beam saber.  Sam slashed with his beam boomerang and it clashed with the Saviour’s saber.  Sparks flew off in the exchange of potent energy.  Sam launched a quick kick with his suit’s right leg, impacting at the slightly damage shield.  The momentum of the hit caused the Saviour to draw back its shield arm though some TP energy bled off from the solid impact.  Sam twisted his suit’s torso so the opponent’s beam saber was draw outwards to its right as he stabbed his sword at the Saviour’s left arm.  He was rewarded as the blade dug into and cleaved the left arm off. 


The Saviour pulled away as it drew its left plasma beam cannon.  Sam quickly fired his left rocket anchor.  The anchor zipped forward and then clamped onto the Saviour’s right leg.  He drew himself in toward his opponent while letting his thrusters cool down as the cannon fired.  The plasma beam hit and completely slagged his suit’s right arm.  A quick look at diagnostics revealed that he lost 2/3rds of his right arm.  All that remained was his shoulder armor and the rightmost beam boomerang. 


“Damn…I’M TAKING YOU DOWN!” Sam hollered. 


He batted the Saviour’s saber with his left beam boomerang as he closed at point blank range.  Then he began to pummel the crimson suit with several kicks, knees hits, and headbutts mercilessly into the opponent’s machine.  Even though Phase Shift Armor protected the suit from direct damage, it did nothing to ward off the massive impacts that were received.  After he kneed the Saviour in the chest, he realized his “Scylla” beam cannon was pointed straight at the Saviour’s head.  Rather than linger and waste time savoring the moment, he fired without hesitation.  The head of the Saviour was instantly vaporized as the suit’s primary cameras and sensors were wiped out from the high energy blast.


“Destruction of the Saviour’s head confirmed.  Samuel Arkan has won this match,” a quiet voice said over the comm. channel.   Sam said his thanks as he descended while assisting the crippled Saviour.  After they landed, he opened up his cockpit hatch and Jim did the same. 


The young pilot look wearied and devastated by the defeat as he descended from his damaged suit.  Sam followed suit before they walked toward each other.  The veteran grinned slightly but not mockingly as he offered his hand.


“You’re a hot hand with that suit.  You just let me get up close one too many times,” Sam said. 


Jim look at the proffered hand for a moment, sighed for a moment, then smiled as he took the hand as he replied, “And you are quite skilled in close-ranged combat.”


Then they realized several officials were closing in.  One official came up and pushed Jim out of the way as he shook Sam’s hands furiously.


“Congratulations, Samuel Arkan, you are now qualified to become one of many regular contenders of the Coliseum!  Your performance was amazing as it was brutal!  I think some of the fans already came up with your nickname…what was it…oh, Berzerker!”


“…since when?” Sam asked wearily as he grew uncomfortable in the spotlight.  He was glad though that he finally qualified.  Now he could face more challenging opponents.


“Why since your last drive.  I’ve never seen anything so brutal and so definitive in ending a fight like that.  I think it’s a good nickname…” the official droned on as Sam sighed and tried to pry himself away.  He was confronted by a rugged woman wearing mechanic overalls.  She took one glance at the Sword Calamity and then back at Sam.


“Now what the hell did you do to my poor baby?!  You do realize it took THREE MOTHERF**KING YEARS to restore that, right?!”


Sam scratched his head and sighed as he thought, “One challenge at a time…one challenge at a time…”

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