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The Literary Works of Darkness


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Seeing as I've started to write a little more often then I use to, I figured I might as well give everyone a chance to read my none-AD pieces. Comments and criticisms are loved - they're the only way I can improve!


Feature Works

Soaring (Poem)

Dark Abyss (Poem)

Tears (Prose)

The Old One (Poetry)


Soluna Chronicles

A plot idea that won't leave me alone, and so deserves it's own space.

1. Introduction (Prose/Writing Challenge Entry)

2. Memories (Prose/Writing Challenge Entry)



Darkness' Deviantart

Darkness' Fanfiction

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I haven't managed to read through the two prose but I did get through the poems.  Very interesting.  Brings a decent amount of questions to mind but I'm probably in no position to ask.  Oh well, still some interesting work.


All this kinda brings back some memories of what I wrote in high school, though I must admit my own work was a little on the depressing side of things.

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I'm glad you like what I've written fireminerva . You're quite welcome to ask any questions you do have - I'm not really a secretive person - but if you're worried that the questions you have are too personal for public viewing, I don't mind a pm about it.


My more depressing works are never published. I figure there's enough of that around already, and it's rarely worth reading anyway... At least my really depressing stuff isn't.

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I guess you could say I am a bit of a non AD writer myself.Overall your workings are good except I would like to see you increase the length of your chronicle chapters as they do seem to be a little short but other than that everything seems fine.Oh and I think I saw a spelling error in one of your chronicles, I think its the introduction however I may have only imagined it.

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