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GS/GSD's most deady villain/villainess!

Alan Beoulve

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I've always wondered who was Gundam SEED/Gundam SEED Destiny's most evil 'bad guy/girl'. There were always evil plots in the series, whether be momentarily, or for a long time. You have to admit, Athrun was the badguy once, and so was Kira. And so, It occured to me, who is the most evil of them all?


Personally, I thought Flay Allster was the worst. The creepy crazy personality, the maneater type air around her, and that oh-so beautiful and innocent face. She's every males worst nightmare! Though, I must admit, Meer (Mira) Campbell was also dreadful, along with Yuuna Roma Seilan. I would normally say Rau Le Creuset is added to the list of scary people, but I actually admire his character. He seemed pretty loosened up when in battle, and he was praised for his technique during his battles in the Nazca-class Vesalius.


So, whether the most evil is an idol copying pink thing, or a male-virginity stealing red haired thing, I'd like to know who it is!


~;;;'|_-_| A.l.a.n.B.e.o.u.l.v.e. |_-_|';;;~

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Meer Campbell and Yuuna Roma Seiran?


I don't know, friend. I have to disagree on these two counts. Meer was simply a tragic character, because she died working for a cause that was unfortunately wrong and even though it would seem as though she finally found Athrun to be correct, eventually she could not shake away the wonders of being a celebrity for the truth.


Yuuna was...Well, pathetic. I won't even place him in the villains' list.


I would say the closest to being the best villain here would be Dullindal and Rau. Dullindal was noteworthy for hiding his intentions (until the series screwed his character upside down) and Rau for the same reason. The madness only amplified on his villainous appeal.


I would prefer the saying that no one in the series is truly a hero or a villain, though. Most of done their fair share of things that would be frowned upon one way or another.

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I'd have to say that Patrick Zala is the evilest of them all, and it was surprising that he wasn't mentioned yet  :D.


I mean, his first action as Supreme Chairman was to throw more than half of ZAFT's forces at the EA's HQ; I'm just surprised that he didn't go for broke and give out Freedom and Justice to the first loyal soldiers he saw, and throw them at the EA right away as well ;).  As well, he shows no mercy to anyone who gets in his path, and is of the opinion that 'if you're not for us, you're against us'.  As well, he didn't seem all too morally opposed to firing GENESIS at the earth itself, regardless of any long term effects it might have caused, we're just lucky that random ZAFT soldier number 3 shot him in the back ;D. (And remember that his ideals helped to bring about the break the world incident, so he even gets away with crazy stuff from beyond the grave :o).


The others are villains in their own way, but they each seemed to have some kind of reasoning behind their actions that I could understand. 


Flay, Rau, Ray -> Abuses others because they weren't there for them.

Meer -> Wants to be noticed/Ish a Lacus-stalker :D

Yuuna -> Ish too much of a wimp, so he hides behind other bad guys

Djibril -> Money!!!!!!!!!!

Muruta -> "Mommy! the mean coordinators beat me up, can I throw a nuclear bomb at them?" <_<

Durandal -> "My world is a perfect one; unfortunately, you have no part in it." 

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