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Mars Attacks! [not really]


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Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but I really don't think that canon characters rule applies to OOC, or even to some IC comments on them, since they are, in my opinion, rather infamous parts of the CE universe's history. See fireminerva's post in Face-to-Face with the oblique reference to Freedom and Justice to get my context.


Even if the Martian colonies are determined to exist now (not saying they didn't, but the project might have been abandoned and the people brought back to the Earth Sphere), without GENESIS Alpha or a similar system, it would around a year to get there via conventional drive (if I remember my astronomical calculations right). And that's just one way. As such they probably wouldn't be much of a factor in the RP, especially since they probably have a small population compared to the major factions of the Earth Sphere. Although, they could be used as a plot device to funnel some new technology in after the war begins. While it's not that hard to make sure the other factions are staying true to the PEACE Treaty, it's be a lot harder to keep tabs on Martian colonies.

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the only thing that I am aware of on these colonies is


1.) Durandal talks in a manga like there are multiples of them

2.) That one of them uses a system similar the proposed Destiny Plan from GSD.

3.) That two-year round trip sounds about right without using GENSIS Alpha or some similar system.

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I haven't read that far in the manga but I've heard about the Martian colonies. There's even an expedition by peace seekers to set up a colony in orbit of Jupiter or on one of its moons (can't remember which, Valentine took my Astray manga. ).


It's a possibility that we would definitely consider and perhaps explore. However, let's get enough activity going within the current boundaries of the RP

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