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Coliseum Fanfic project


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After reading through everyone's Combatants' information, I was thinking of writing a brief one-shot fic for my Arena-only character. 


I was wondering if any of you who also has such characters would like to see a one-shot about them written.  Or heck, you could write one yourself.


Anyways, if you'd like a brief fic written about how your Arena character ended up in the Coliseum, just PM me the following:


Arena Character:

Preferred MW:

Personal info: (e.g. age, gender, race, citizenship, military background, etc.)

Basic outline: Basically describe the events that you'd think your character would go through to end up as an Arena combatant.


If you rather write one instead, let me know and I'll put all the fics together in a collaboration.


I'll be working on my own character for now and post it up (hopefully) soon to let people get an idea of the type of fic I'm talking about.

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I'm about to post my fic on Samuel Arkan, so yeah.

I want to have this thread for comments, rather than the other one.  (similar to the IRC pictures thread)


As I mentioned, you can either write your on fic or I can do one based on your character upon request.


@Kaizer/F.A.I.T.H: That'd be great.

And yeah, my one-shot might help to get that spark.

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