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What's in store?


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Well, I was just wondering, where is the story line of AD going? Is their going to be a major twist and the world will be enveloped in a war where the fate of the universe lies in the hands of whoever posesses the biggest weapon- or something? I mean just playing it out is fine but, if their's no storyline be planned then the everyone in the RP will indulge in their own stories and the joining of new members will be discouraged because everyone will be in their own story... Another thing, at the Zaft dinner dance, (which was very hectic) I think it might have been better to make a a whole subforum for it under which ever colony it was in. That way the stories could be played out without things being so hectic. Hard to keep track of everything going on... Of course this discourages the chatting between other topics... It's hard to organize Rper's because we all have our own agendas so I appreciate the effort, I know I couldn't have made this forum Keep at it.

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We do have a set storyline after a bit of discussion between Valiant and the Narrators.  We're hoping to move things in the direction of the said storyline with the help of Faction/Nation Leaders as well.


As for threads like those, you could start out in the main thread, but then branch out into a new thread with whichever individuals you are interacting with for the sake of avoiding confusion.

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Thats what I was thinking , but then they wouldn't be able to speak with anyone else without interrupting their RP, and I hate it when someone interrupts an rp


So the storyline is already set huh? That's good to hear, because I was wondering how to organize everything. Well, that's my only problem, thanks for answering so fast

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