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Kanto Weyth


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Player name: MobileWeaponAce 

Character number: 001

Faction: ZAFT




Full name: Kanto Wyeth

Nickname: Fortune

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: ZAFT Enlistee

Birthplace: Januarius Two

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: Kanto has a cold serious nature and isn't one to do to much joking. Kanto is very methodical in all of his actions not wasting movements in and out of a MS. Having lost all of his family between the two Bloody Valentine wars Kanto doesn't show many emotions anymore and isn't very interested in anything more than finding the person who has the skill to kill him. Kanto believes he is destined for something great because he has, as other people would call it, been so lucky in avoiding death. In battle prefers to fight from afar and gain an understanding of what he is dealing with eventually moving in for melee combat when he deems appropriate. Kanto also while cold and distant when placed in a battle situation becomes very attuned to what is going on and translates his weakness from his past into power to help forge his future.




Height: 5'11”

Weight: 200lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Jet black hair cut short and spiked back.

Eye Colour: Dark Grey

Identifying Marks: wears bandages up both arms to cover burn marks, two scars on left cheek and one across chest.

Skin Tone: Lightly Tanned

Build: Muscular build appears to be bigger due to his broad shoulders but because of his build is not the best of runners.

Clothing: Wears a long sleeve black T-shirt and blue jeans as well as a pair of black leather gloves to hide the bandages. However is eager to finally wear a ZAFT red uniform. 

Handiness: right-handed




Mother: Allis Wyeth ( Deceased )

Father: Warren Wyeth ( Deceased )

Siblings: Joseph Wyeth ( Deceased )

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History:

Born on Januarius two before the outbreak of the first Bloody Valentine War, Kanto's father was a ZAFT soldier who fought in both the first and second Bloody Valentine War. While never achieving any medals Kanto's was a well respected soldier and, unfortunately for Kanto, a dedicated one spending more time on the field or at the base and less time at home. Kanto had a relatively simple life before the first Bloody Valentine War going to grade school and things of that nature. Kanto's mother was a news reporter so her schedule changed constantly but other than that Kanto had a quiet first few years of existence.


At the start of the first Bloody Valentine War however Kanto's mother sent him to live with his grandparents in Orb because she was going off to cover the war. During his stay with his grandparents Kanto was able to practice martial arts with them and quickly gained an expertise in it. After the destruction of Heliopolis however fear began to spread leading up to the invasion by the EA. During the invasion and evacuation as Kanto and his grandparents were running to catch one of the evacuation shuttles an explosion went off behind Kanto and engulfed both of his grandparents in flames. As soon as he was able to see their bodies he ran over to try and help them grabbing both of their still burning bodies and feebly trying to drag them out of the middle of the street  which caused him to get severally burned, though only cosmetic, on both arms. Kanto was eventually dragged away by a member of the Orb military and placed on a shuttle back to the PLANTS and rejoined with his mother at a hospital on Januarius two.


After spending some time in the hospital Kanto returned to live at home with his mother who was pregnant with a baby. Kanto's mother shared some of her stories with Kanto and told him that she was in a base that Kanto's father was stationed at. During the time between the first and second Bloody Valentine War Kanto slowly began to open up again after his traumatic experience in Orb and got to see his new baby brother. During the time between the wars Kanto also got to see his father for a few weeks as he was on leave. But that peace would soon be shattered again during the launch of the second Bloody Valentine War as his father left again for the service. Kanto began to feel resentment towards his father for re-enlisting and leaving Kanto, his mother and younger brother again.


This time instead of being sent off to live with relatives Kanto's mother thought it would be better for him to just live life as normally as possible again on the PLANTS and even enrolled him back into a normal school. For the most part the second war didn't effect his life except on two occasions the first being the first attack on the PLANTS by the EA with nuclear weapons causing everyone to become agitated and drove Kanto to try to enlist but was turned away for being to young. The second occasion happened when Kanto was on a class trip to the Aprilius, during the flight Kanto was staring out the window only to see the beam from the Requiem slice through Januarius two, his home colony, killing all of his family except his Father. For several minutes as the people around him screamed and cried Kanto just stared out of the window as his home was torn to shreds from the vacuum of space. When the ship they were on docked at Aprilius Kanto was once again reunited with his now emotionally shattered Father.


The day of the funeral for his Mother and brother Kanto and his father returned to the base that he was stationed at and they went to bed. That night Kanto was awoken by his father attempting to smother him with a pillow. Kanto was able to pull the pillow away from his face and jumped up fighting with the emotionally distraught man. Eventually Kanto's father  picked up a knife and slashed at Kanto several times catching him in the face twice and the chest once leave large scars with each one. After wrestling around for several minutes Kanto accidentally stabbed his father with the blade. Kanto's father began to get limp and looked at Kanto with a smile on his face and his last words to him was, “Thank you, son.” and with that the last of Kanto's family died.


Shortly after this incident the military police came and after listening to the story didn't charge Kanto with any crimes. Kanto was only housed in a regular orphanage for a few days until the announcement of the Destiny Plan when took Kanto was placed in an orphanage under the direction of ZAFT which turned out to be essentially a training program for children who meet the soldier DNA typeset. Kanto being himself now emotionally scared, from the several traumatic events that happened within such a short time, closed himself off to the world. In the orphanage facility there was several simulators set up and Kanto quickly took a liking to them instead of the other orphans. Kanto immersed himself in them and as able to take out much of the frustrations in his life and translate them into his power behind the controls of a MS. Kanto eventually tried to make friends but after one boy commented about his various scars and burns Kanto broke his nose and left arm making the other orphans leave Kanto alone out of fear.


Even though the Destiny Plan was eventually scrapped the orphanage Kanto was in didn't change at all except that it was no longer “officially” sponsored by ZAFT it still had former ZAFT commanders as teachers and the simulators even got regular updates from ZAFT.  After only a few weeks it was obvious that to the instructors that Kanto began to excel in the simulators advancing faster that any of the others in the program. As Kanto played and gained spectators a pattern began to appear to the people watching that as he played even though he might have lost the mission his unit was never destroyed only disabled plus combined with some of the stories being passed around about the other events in his life earned him the nickname Fortune because he is so lucky to have cheated death so many times.


Several years later when Kanto was 17 a new mission was added into the program Kanto, having completed all of the other missions quickly started the new mission. The mission parameters were to assist in the destruction of the second relay point of the Requiem cannon before it fires at the PLANTS and was an exact recreation of the event that orphaned most of the children in the program. Kanto assumed that the reason this mission was added so late was that they believed it was long ago for the mission not to make the serious ones break down and cry but still fresh enough to give them a sense of urgency. Kanto accepted the mission and was the only student to ever successfully complete that mission however afterwards Kanto turned 18 and was taken out of the orphanage. Forced to live on his own eventually approached by ZAFT to enlist but having trouble forgetting about the last mission Kanto turned them down and dropped off the radar instead he began to study philosophy and trying to understand the meaning of his life.


At the age of 23 Kanto after visiting the memorial for the lost Januarius and December colonies came to the realize that the only thing he was good for now was to be a soldier and is again trying to enroll into ZAFT. Kanto believes that he must be destined to do something great in his life or God wouldn't have gone through the trouble of sparing his life so many times. Kanto waits for the person who can kill him because once it happens it means he will have completed his destiny and will be able to finally rest. Kanto tries not to kill anyone he fights in battle in the hopes that his opponent will desire revenge and improve himself and come back to give Kanto a warriors death.

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