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It is time for me to disembark....


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It had been a great time roleplaying with everyone here, and over at Seed RPG all that time ago. My interest in Gundam has dwindled to little more than model making, and writing fics. So I'll have to gracefully step down from my position, and retire from the RP.


I'm glad that things are starting up, and I hope that the newcomers, can form bonds that we have in the lengthy period I have served with you all. In closing, I hope that AD lives on with the next generation of role players. I may come back in the future as a role player if my interest peeks once again. Until that time, I'll simply be a observer checking in from time to time. Thanks for the great memories, and farewell all.


Wilhelm, long live Zaft.

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As flaky as this sounds, you were one of the pioneers of this forums, and I greatly admire you for helping the website out together with the admins to make things work as much as they could. We'll be missing your presence sorely, and do drop by once in a while for a short visit for something.


Long live ZAFT indeed. All the best, Wilhelm.

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I am honestly very sad to see you go Wilhelm.  Even though I have only been working with you for a couple weeks I have grown thankful for your timely responses and your guidance as I have grown into the role of a faction leader.


Sometimes this is just the way things go, especially on RPG sites, and I hope that whatever you decide to move onto next will bring you the same amount of happiness that this once did.


Take care.

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