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Earth Alliance Uniforms


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Okay, so as the title suggests, this is about the Earth Alliance's Uniforms.


Lately it's been bugging me - Just why did the volunteers get those colourful blue and pink uniforms? I've been looking, and I don't seem to be able to find any reason.


So, what are your theories? Why did the Helipolis students get different uniforms? Why do the BCPUs and Extendeds wear the same colours?

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I don't particularly have a theory on this, but I just find it quite sexist for the girls to (obviously) wear sh*tty pink

But as a kind of joke, I would think that they get those stupid uniforms so that "real" EA personnel can tell them apart from their own kind, ie, Fruity colours = noobs. And as for the BCPUs and Extended.... It might be their own choice (In this case, at least Mudie wasn't FORCED to wear her "outfit" lol O.o)

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I actually think is random assigment of whatever matches their color....this is my theory, however this is not 100% consistent with the series, this is what make sense for me. 


Theory number I


Those pink and blue are for un elisted personel....which would explain why they got them when they were volunteers in the military and why the extended in the series get them too since they can't be *officially* part of the military. However this is not consisted with the secound half of the series when they all officially get ranks and get in the EA and they don't switch to white.  I think the animators became more lazy and screwed consistensy.  Also I base this that in Stargazer Sven (sp) had a blue uniform and phantom pain was not an "official" part of the EA. 


White- Regular Enlisted officers in the EA.  The thing here that bug me was Ramius had red on he shoulder while everyone had black.  The only explanation that I can think of is that Ramious is infantry rather than the navy of EA.  So red shoulder pads means you are in the EA army, which is inconsistent when ZAFT shoots at tanks and EA sholdiers comes out with their hands up.


Black - Secret Ops or "Special" Branch in the military



Theory II -


Just plug in the ZAFT uniforms....is just whatver the person in charge wants to give you really the uniforms dosen't mean anything the red coats thing would never happen in a military...I mean is a big sign saying I am an elite soldiers in ZAFT, sniper please kill the guy that is wearing RED....screw all the green ones.



Theory III


The Blue and Pink are for non comission officers.  This means everyone that does not hold the rank of Ensign or above.  However, when the Archanger takes off in episode 2 one of the person was a petty officer I believe (please correct me because I have not seen the show in 2 years) which goes against this theory.  Also once they reach Earth Kira gets promoted to Lt. and he still wears the Blue...so this is inconsistent with this theory


The White are reserved for actual officers,


The Black (Neo) - is just he is soo cool that he deserves his own uniform....

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Another issue that is hard to spot is to distinguish between an AF uniform from an EF uniform. They said that AF uniforms have pure white cloth, while the EF have also white but having a bluish tint on them. The only eps. that this is very comparable is during the Archangel was taken into custody in Artemis. During the time when the three head officers of Archangel and the two Artemis head officers talk it out.After that, theres hardly a thing that could distinguish the two. And this also goes through GSD.


As for the pink and blue, I think they're not enlisted soldiers. This also goes for the extendeds as they are not enlisted men nor personnels, they are, to be exact, "Disposable Weapons". The only reason that Kira and the others, didnt got white when they got promoted is that, apparently they forgot to tailor some . But dont forget that Flay got white when she got on the Dominion.


As for the red and black shoulder pads, they could mean that black ones are non-combatants like engineers, mechanics, etc, including officers. Black ones I believe are combatants. But I could go also with @Convicios say about Army Personnel and Navy Personnel.

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Last time I checked I thought that the difference between the AF and EF forces was the colors on the shoulders; AF was red while EF was green (full black shoulders may have something to do with rank or being in space i dunno). As far as the color vs the regular white uniforms i would argue that it is commissioned vs non commissioned (or even volunteered/training/tools vs enlisted). The reason why you don't see Kira and the others get a different uniform is because any promotions they received were field promotions, and as far as the extended goes i doubt that any of them would be allowed to become officers because then they would actually have some real standing.


well there's my two cents worth.

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Thanks for your theories everyone! 


@Asahi: I agree about the pink uniforms - it's totally unfair. There are way better colours they have put the girls in!


@Aures Convicio: You're right about your third theory - There are a couple of non-comissioned officers on the Archangel who wear white.


@konigstiger: Yes, that issue concerning the supposed blue tint bothered me the first time I read about it. I ended up just shrugging it off as laziness on behalf of the designers (understandable given how much work they have as is). At least they were consitent in their inconsistency there 

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