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Sakura Kisuke


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Player name: fireminerva

Character number: 003

Faction: Serpent Tail




Full name: Sakura Kisuke

Nickname: Hellgate

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Natural


Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

Citizenship: Republic of East Asia

Personality: Sakura is slightly unbalanced, literally.  Suffering from what can best be described as a dual personality complex Sakura can go from being a kind and loving young woman to a demon of death.  When she is in control Sakura, while understanding the need for battle often cannot bring herself to harm others; instead Sakura prefers to be diplomatic and to resolve her problems peacefully.


Once her other personality surfaces Sakura become a terrifying goddess of death whose vengefulness is kept in check only by her inner kindness.




Height: 5’7

Weight: 135lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Light brown hair cut short so that it ends at the base of her neck.

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks: A red and green ying and yang tattoo on her right shoulder.

Skin Tone: Royal Japanese, very fair with a slight tan.

Build: Sakura has a slight build and is rather tomboyish.  Though she is rather slim Sakura’s build reflects that of an amateur gymnast.

Clothing: When off duty Sakura is quite fond of shorts and a tank top, weather permitting of course; if that plan should fail, or if the occasion calls for it, Sakura has been known to dress in a somewhat more feminine manner.

Handiness: Left-handed





Mother: Mai Kisuke

Father: Asuma Kisuke

Siblings: Hitoro Kisuke



Personal History: Sakura was born into a middle class family on the outskirts of Osaka Japan on a day marked by the first heavy snow in recent memory.  With such strange weather Sakura still wonders why her parents named her as they did, choosing to call her “cherry blossom” instead of honoring the strange weather which occurred at the time of her birth.


With a fairly normal childhood Sakura avoided a great deal of problems until her last year of primary school.  At this point in time Sakura was a little chubby and after the constant stress of being picked on something inside of her snapped.  As one of the ruder, and dumber, boys at her school told her that a blue whale took up less space than she did Sakura’s mind seemingly split in two and her alter ego came out.  While she does remember what happened Sakura realized that at the time she had no control over her body and the decision to push the boy down a flight of stairs was not her own.


After the incident a psychiatrist ruled that Sakura was a danger to others and, after an emotional parting from her family, Sakura was sent into the mountains of Japan to a research clinic.  While there Sakura was probed numerous times as a group of impartial doctors attempted to isolate the cause of her particular problem.  As time passed Sakura began to refer to her alter ego as “Satsu” which is simply Japanese for split.  Around the time of her fifteenth birthday, after many lab experiments, Sakura began to discover that she could choose when and where Satsu could come out.  Often she would release Satsu when it was time for medication, simply for her own amusement of course.  As the next year passed Sakura found that with more practice she could control Satsu almost completely and, after fooling many of the doctors, Sakura was released from the hospital.


Though it of no great consequence Sakura's education did continue after she entered the clinic, this is one of the few examples that demonstrated the semi-goodwill of the doctors at the institution.  Even though Sakura was continuously tested in an attempt to isolate her barring a chance for education seemed cruel to the doctors and so she was educated along with many of the other children.


Having no desire to return to the family that pushed her away Sakura worked several odd jobs until she had earned enough money to travel to the USSA, a new nation seemed like the perfect place for her to make a new life.  After arriving with little money and no sense of direction Sakura ran into a recruiter for Serpent Tail and without hesitation she signed up.

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Not bad. 


I did notice that you really overused commas at several points.

"As one of the ruder and dumber boys at her school told her that a blue whale took up less space than she did Sakura’s mind seemingly split in two and her alter ego came out."


(above was a suggested correction)


Also, the profile doesn't really show what her potential occupation could be among Serpent Tail.  (Not necessarily a bad thing, since it allows a lot of room for development.  I'm just curious about that.)

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My comma usage in the sentence that you mentioned was added to stress the character of the boy who insulted her.  I didn't want to write this, or any of my other character profiles for that matter, without having a little bit of grammatical fun; I live by the rule that sometimes it's okay to mess with the English language so long as you're doing it to communicate a point to your audience that would otherwise be read somewhat mundanely.


I also decided to leave Sakura's history rather open because she is a young character and I'm a little tired of seeing a long list of things that happened to seventeen and eighteen year olds.  Even though her personality disorder makes her unique I thought that I'd create a relatively ordinary character whose problems lay in her future rather than her past.

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I don't know what it is about Serpent Tail, but it seems to attract the oddest women (Kylier, Sakura/Satsu, Brianna) .  No grammatical errors that I can find, not counting some of the tweaking that you already explained  .  The open-end to the profile is nice in that it allows for a good deal of character development, but I would wonder just what position Sakura is applying for, as she seems to have had little scholarly education thanks to her "Incarceration" at the hospital.  Of course, this is more personal curiosity rather than criticism, so its nothing to worry about .


Can't wait to see you in Serpent Tail 

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Well, everything certainly looks good to me, though I think Kaizer's got a point. ST's certainly getting some interesting female characters.


The only concern I have this profile is more an administrative one. Specifically, I don't what you intend for Sakura to do, so I don't know what rank to accept her as. So for the moment, I'll go with basic pilot path, and let you correct me if you want her as a specialist/liaison/ship officer.




[align=center]Serpent Tail[/align]



Sakura Kisuke, your application to join the Serpent Tail mercenary forces has been accepted. You will join with the rank of Recruit Pilot. The Serpent Tail is an old and well-known mercenary group which prides itself on its long record of excellent service to our clients. As a member of the Serpent Tail, you will be expected to contribute toward continuing this tradition.


Please report to the Serpent Tail Central Command at Shesha Colony as soon as possible. When you arrive, you will be assigned to a Serpent Tail team for initial training and initiation.


Good luck and fair sailings to you.


~Michael Sebastian Carlini

Serpent Tail Commander

Shesha Command

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