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Mikhail Andreevich Draganov

Sven Cal Bayan

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Player name: Orga Sabnak

Character number: 2

Faction: Atlantic Federation




Full name: Mikhail Andreevich Draganov

Nickname: The Black Devil

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Pilot

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia, Eurasian Federation

Citizenship: Russia, Eurasian Federation

Personality: Although he is quiet and usually well behaved, Mikhail has a terrible temper and is easily angered. He is totally dependent on the Earth Forces for his serum, so he is very loyal and disciplined. During combat, Mikhail exhibits sociopathic behavior and has homicidal tendencies due to the testing that was done on him.



Height: 5'10"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: Mikhail has long white hair that he always wear combed over to the right, covering most of his face.

Eye Colour: Pale Blue

Identifying Marks: Many scars from various disciplinary actions. The scars cover most of his body and are especially bad on his back.

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Skinny with a muscular build (not ripped).

Clothing: Mikhail is always seen in his Earth forces uniform.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Father: Andrei Sergeyevich Draganov

Mother: Elena Sergeyevna Asimov

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History: Mikhail Andreevich Draganov was born in Moscow, Russia on February 14, C.E. 58. His parents divorced from each other when he was a couple of months old. He spent his entire early childhood with his father who was a very high ranking member of Blue Cosmos. At the age of four, he and his father moved from Moscow to the city of St. Petersburg. About three months after the move, his father was elected as mayor. Andrei ( Mikhail's father) enrolled him in a school there. Mikhail's schooling was normal, he maintained an average of 98.5 and was very well disciplined. At the age of ten, his father withdrew him from the school and enrolled him in a Blue Cosmos affiliated military school.


The week before he was supposed to leave the public school, Mikhail got into a large fight with several older students. The fight was eventually broken up by a teacher, who sustained minor injuries. There were 3 older students against Mikhail, and but the end of the fight, all but one was unconscious. Mikhail got a broken nose, cut lip, black eye and 2 loose teeth, but other than that, nothing to serious. The other students injuries includes broken noses, black eyes, teeth knocked out and fracture bones. After visiting the hospital and getting fixed up, Mikhail was immediately expelled from the school and sent home. Since his father was the mayor and was raised in a military family, Mikhail was severely disciplined for his actions. The very next day he was sent to the military school.


The military school, Malinovsky Military Academy of Armored Forces, had a strong reputation for turning out well behaved, disciplined youth. His father pulled several favors to get Mikhail under the instruction of one of the best instructors there. Andrei told him that his son wasn't to receive any special treatment and that the instructor was to come down harder on Mikhail than on any of the other recruits. The instructor came down hard on Mikhail, tearing him apart if he made even the smallest error. He had been there for about 4 months, but Mikhail's back was covered in lash marks from the instructors own personal brand of punishment. Mikhail's day consisted of a four a.m. wake up and a five mile run, fifty laps in a pool and running and obstacle course. The rest of his day was made up of basic drills and sitting in front of a monitor watching propaganda films say that coordinators were evil, space monsters that should be wiped off the face of the Earth. If Mikhail even lost focus for a moment, he would receive a very painful jolt of electricity from the monitoring equipment he was wearing. After watching that for seven hours each day, he then had do run another five miles, 50 to 100 laps, depending on how they did during the run, in the pool then strait to bed. By age 13, Mikhail had progressed through the entire basic training, advanced training and was now receiving special forces training with men twice his age.


By this time, the war was in full swing. The Earth forces were starting to win back some areas of the planet that ZAFT had been in control of since the war started. Mikhail was stationed at a facility in Berlin when he was requested for special assignment. Mikhail was ordered to report immediately to the Earth Forces pilot training school in California. Once he got there, Mikhail was giving a crash course in basic avionics and piloting. The war was beginning to wind down by this point with ZAFT destroying the majority of the Alliances space forces. Mikhail was presented with one of two options, he could continue to train at this facility or he could participate in Case Yellow. Given the choices, he natural chose Case Yellow. Mikhail was once again moved, this time to an Atlantic Federation research center in the middle of the Nevada desert. There, Mikhail would learn that Case Yellow was a program that was designed to experiment with a drug that can enhance the abilities of naturals, possibly making them equal to those of coordinators.


On 09/27 of C.E 71, Mikhail received news that the Ptolemaeus lunar base has been destroyed by the ZAFT super weapon, GENESIS. Two days later, Mikhail is then informed that his father was present when the Ptolemaeus lunar base was destroyed, killing him. Mikhail, who had spent his entire life with his father was completely broken. It was then when he decided that he would join the Case Yellow program and use his increased abilities to kill all the coordinators and avenge his father. Three months after the war, Mikhail was fully involved in the testing of the biological CPU implants and serum. He was even considered for testing of the new extended program ( similar to was Sting Oakley, Stella Loussier and Auel Neider went through), but this was later rejected due to the fact that Mikhail was now fully dependent on the Gamma Glipheptin serum.


By C.E. 73, Mikhail had been experimented on so much that he was completely loyal and totally obedient to the Atlantic Federation. By this time, Case Yellow had been cancelled for almost a year. The main reason was the fact that with all the experimentation, Mikhail had developed some severe medical issues. The most serious of these was coughing up blood. This was a direct result of the experiments that were preformed. These tests caused many of the blood vessels in his body to rupture, causing great pain, but not killing him. As time went on, this problem was addressed, but another one popped up to take its place. Mikhail's lungs were bleeding, the bleeding was very small, but at time progressed, the blood would have to be removed and the blood that was lost would need to be replaced. Every two weeks, Mikhail had ( and still does) to come in to have the blood drained and new blood replace what was lost.


Following the "Break The World" incident, Mikhail was assigned to the 81st Independent Mobile Battalion, more commonly known as "Phantom Pain". At that moment he was stationed on the Daedalus lunar base as part of a nuclear strike force. When the Alliance launched its first nuclear strike against the PLANTs, Mikhail was sent out as part of the diversionary attack, while the rest of his unit attacked the PLANTs. This would prove to be a miracle in disguise since he was the only one from his unit to survive that battle. He was then sent down to the planets surface to join the hunt for the battleship Minerva, although it was never encountered. Mikhail would then participate in the attack on Berlin, claiming many kills and becoming on of the Earth Forces most experienced pilots. After Berlin, Mikhail was sent to Orb along with a small group of phantom pain soldiers to help defend Orb in case of a ZAFT assult. Mikhail would serve the rest of the war with Orb and by the end would be one of the highest score Earth Forces aces with around one hundred kills and earning him the nickname of "The Black Devil" due to his black Slaughter Dagger.


After the war, Mikhail would continue to serve in the Earth forces, joining the special forces. He would participate in several operations which would result in the Earth Forces regaining control of countries that had broken off ties to them. Mikhail is currently stationed on the Deslandres lunar base, waiting for war to break out again.

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Everything looks good already in our Generals and Appearance. But there is a rule that you need to purchase an item for we to able to approve your 2nd char and apparently, you have another char that is being approved...so its either this char becomes your NPC or the other, you have to choose one.


Now for some comments just in-case


Generals: Eurassian federation is just fine for citizenship. Your name...I know were you got this  , don't worry your secret is safe with me.


Appearance: looks good


Bio: Sorry to tell you that Phantom Pain has been disbanded and anyone that is connected with the group would be considered as terrorists. You have to change this for a more appropriate to our storyline.


If you choose this char to be your main char, this would seem to be the first member in the Eurasian Federation. And so, I offer you some assistance for your bio. Just PM me any of your ideas you want and I'll help you decide on a more suitable bio

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Bad...very bad surname....Sergeyevich cannot be surname, 'cause it's so-called "otchestvo" and delivered from name of father (i.e. if your father - Pyotr, you will be Name Pyotr-o-vich Surname). This is common knowledge for any Russian.

I.e. every Russian has three names - name,surname and "otchestvo". And "otchestvo" cannot be surname.

Second - Sergey, not SergAy)))

*I'm still on vacation, sorry, didn't had much time to read profile properly))*

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Heh, if father - Andrei, then his son should be Andreievich.

Second - in mother's case - not Sergey-evich, but Sergey-evna, not Draganov, but Draganov-a (one of rules of russian language))) And maybe you meant Elena, not Rena? 'cause I can't remember such russian name as Rena))

And "otchestvo" more like name and differs between relatives)) I.e. child gets his "otchestvo" from name of father (otchestvo - translate as "name from father")

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Errr, I think I'm more confused you than helped.


For name of character - any Russian name (Andrei, Michail, Pyotr, Sergei etc.)

For otchestvo - Andreievich (tr. *son of Andrei*)

And - try to make otchestvos of his mother and father different. Why? 'cause it's sounds like they have one father (and I don't think that incest is good thing)))

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This is just my opinion and I may not know anything about Russia but I think you need to change that history a little. I doubt the military would let a 10 year old join, no matter how skilled he is or who he is related to. That will most likely have to change as we are still trying to make this realistic.

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Except that you taken that out of context.  That was a special indoctrination program in which Blue Cosmos (yeah, we all know how 'ethical' they are) bring in Natural orphans and rigorously brainwash and train them from childhood on to become specialized soldiers/pilots.  And as you saw in Stargazer, even some of the 'supervisors' weren't too happy with the program.

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