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My RP:ing.


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I am not really satisfied with my role-play lately, so I am just wondering if you guys think I am doing ok…


I seem to be having some problems with long posts and this is a bit annoying as i just type short posts. I guess it might be that most of the activity on the board is when I am a sleep, because of my timezone. So when I logon and notice that I can reply to a post I am too tired to reply something with a longer text.


Please forgive me .. 

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Length doesn't determine Quality


You don't wanna bore a reader to the point where they will either skim through or skip it completely. Even 3-4 paragraphs are just as fine as 10 small 3 line sentences and will get the job done also.


Introductory may be long and that's fine, just make sure as long as it's good quality work then the length doesn't matter as much.


4-5 paragraphs will do the job done if their big and detailed.

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kct and Ryou are spot on here. As long as you convey the message you want to get across, length really doesn't matter. Speaking personally, the posts I write to introduce myself into a thread are always pretty long, but after that they get shorter pretty quickly. Using the Mustering of the Zenastan thread as an example, only so much really changes at a restaurant during the course of a conversation, so I just say what I have to say and I'm done.


Besides, using Face to Face and Team Okina Assembles as references, I really don't see a problem with length here. You do good work, son.

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